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LG Launches the World’s First 1ms Response Time IPS Monitor:

At E3 2019, LG unveiled the world’s first ever IPS gaming monitor with a response time of only 1ms. These monitors are available in 27-inch and 36-inch sizes, and both the variants have extremely thin bezels. This is significant as IPS technology usually means that monitors have a high response time (around 3-5ms or higher) and they’re normally used for non-competitive gaming. With a low response time of 1ms, these monitors will not only have vivid colors and great viewing angles, but they will also be ideal for competitive MOBA or FPS games, getting the best of both worlds.

Essential Might be Launching a New Phone Soon:

When is the last time you heard about the Essential Phone? It’s been quite a while, almost a year. For those who don’t know, Essential is an American tech company that has been valued as a unicorn (or a private startup valued over $1 billion). The company has halted its sales and operations for a long time and hasn’t released any other phone after the Essential Phone.

Google Pixel 4 Live Leak Shows Punch Hole Display and Thinner Bezels:

Leaks on Google’s upcoming Pixel phone have been circulating the internet for a few days now. Renders and mock-ups of the device revealed that the Pixel 4 will come with 5 cameras and probably a notch as well. After several leaks and rumors, we now have live images of the actual phone which disclose some more features. These images appeared on GSMArena, showing the device in bulky cases which are meant to obscure as much of its design as possible. But from what’s visible, we can tell that the phone has a right aligned punch holecutout for two front camera sensors, a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S10+ released a few months ago. Note that the punch hole has been hidden in some of the images.

Facebook’s New Study App Pays You for Your Data:

Facebook has launched a new app that tracks your user data and will pay you money for it. The app, ‘Study From Facebook’ will track its users’ data as to how they use their phone and will pay them in return. This app is a new marketing research tool that will track broad usage behavior including the installed apps, location, usage times, network, and device. Facebook claims that it will use this metadata in pinpointing the apps preferred by users with a goal of improving its own products.

Samsung Launches Galaxy M40 With Triple Cameras at a Reasonable Price:

Even though Samsung is the top smartphone maker globally, it was losing the mid-range market to various Chinese brands. Thus, at the start of this year, Samsung streamlined its objectives to tackle a more price-effective smartphone lineup and launched the online-only M-series. The line-up has been a huge success and now Samsung has decided to capitalize on it with the fourth M-series smartphone Galaxy M40.

Amazon Replaces Apple as the Most Valuable Brand in the World:

According to a recent report by BrandZ, Amazon has just become the most valuable brand in the world. Amazon was the third most valuable brand in 2018, behind Apple and Google, but rose to the top thanks to a 52% year-on-year increase in value. Amazon’s brand value is now worth $315 billion, leaving Apple ($309.5 billion) and Google ($309 billion) neck and neck at second and third place. Microsoft sits firmly at fourth place with a total value of $251 billion.

Huawei Launches Kid-Friendly HonorPad 5 Tablets:

Huawei’s subsidiary Honor has unveiled two Android tablets at a launch event in India. These new tablets, Honor Pad 5 (8-inch) and Honor Pad 5 (10.1-inch), are made primarily for media consumption and will be available for sale next month. Both tablets are made kid friendly with a few dedicated features that make them easy to use and handle. The launch of these tablets was accompanied by the launch of Honor 20, 20 Pro and 20i in India.

AMD Announces New Radeon RX 5700 Graphics Cards:

AMD has just announced its much-awaited RX 5700 series graphics cards. These cards are based on AMD’s new Navi architecture which they had been teasing for years. The two mid-range cards, namely the RX 5700 XT and the RX 5700, aim to take on Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2060 and RTX 2070 respectively. This news from AMD’s Next Horizon Gaming event at E3, where the company went into detail about what we can expect from these new cards.

Samsung’s Galaxy XCover 4s Has Modest Specs and a Rugged Design:

Samsung, under its XCover lineup, recently announced its new rugged smartphone XCover 4s. The smartphones released in this series are specifically designed to withstand conditions normal smartphones cannot. The XCover 4s is built according to the needs of US military personnel and comes with IP68 certification for water and dust resistance. Specification wise, the phone is a mid-ranger.

Oppo’s Foldable Phone to Come With a Pop-up Selfie Camera:

This year started with a lot of talk about foldable smartphones, especially since Samsung and Huawei were all about the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X respectively. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to. Galaxy Fold faced a massive setback with its hinge and display malfunctioning thus, causing Samsung to delay the launch indefinitely. On the other hand, we have no word from Huawei regarding the launch of Mate X, it was due to launch in mid-2019 but we are still waiting for news from the Chinese phone maker.

Samsung to Produce Snapdragon 865 Processors for Qualcomm:

In 2017, reports from South Korea stated that Qualcomm had found a new partner in the Taiwanese Semiconductor manufacturing company (TSMC) for its future 7nm SoC. Earlier, Samsung had produced Snapdragon 845 for Qualcomm using the 10nm process but last year, it was not able to secure orders for the 7nm process as Qualcomm approached TSMC for the job. TSMC is responsible for the current Snapdragon 855 chipsets being used in all flagships.

Xiaomi Launches Affordable Amazfit Smartwatches With Better Builds, ECG, PPG & More:

Xiaomi’s sub-brand Huami has unveiled two all new smartwatches, namely the Amazfit Health Watch and the Amazfit Verge 2. The flagship smartwatch that Huami unveiled was the Amazfit Verge 2. It is the next generation model of the Verge smartwatch with refreshed looks and several new features. It has a 1.39-inch AMOLED touch screen with Microcrystalline Zirconium Ceramic Frame with Gorilla Glass 3 on top for protection.


Facebook lets deepfake Zuckerberg video stay on Instagram:

Facebook has said it will not remove a manipulated video of its chief Mark Zuckerberg from Instagram, in which he appears to credit a secretive organisation for his success.The clip is a “deepfake”, made by AI software that uses photos of a person to create a video of them in action. Facebook had previously been criticised for not removing a doctored clip of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

We’re Putting Our Main Goal on Hold: Huawei Executive:

Huawei stepped into the smartphone market with the aim to topple Samsung and become the largest smartphone maker in the world. If we look at their commendable progress since last year (reaching 2nd place), the goal looked more realistic then ever. However, there was an unfortunate turn of events and Huawei had to step down from its goal for a while. The Chinese tech giant was barred from doing any kind of business with US companies as a result of an on-going feud with the US government.

5G sign-ups outpace 4G’s launch in South Korea:

More than one million people have subscribed to a 5G mobile contact in South Korea, meaning demand for the high-speed technology has easily outpaced the country’s adoption of 4G. The government has said it took 69 days for the landmark to be reached. That is much faster than the 80 days it took the last-generation, 4G, service to hit the same figure, in 2011.The country’s networks claim to be the world’s first to have commercially launched 5G mobile phone networks.

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Hands-on with Dynamax power:

New Pokemon games are among the highlights at Nintendo’s E3 booth this year. Pokemon Sword and Shield introduce the Dynamax transformation, which allows trainers to grow their pocket monsters to giant size. Chris Fox tested how the innovation affects gameplay at the Los Angeles expo.

Huawei cancels laptop launch:

Huawei has ditched a product launch for the first time since the US placed it on a trade blacklist. It was reported that the Chinese tech firm had intended to unveil a new laptop as early as this week. However, its consumer device chief Richard Yu told CNBC that it had become “unable to supply the PC”.”[It’s] unfortunate,” he added via a WeChat message to the business news network. He added that the product itself might have to be scrapped.

Uber takes its flying taxi ambitions to Australia:

Uber has said Australia will become the first international market for its flying taxi service Uber Air. The firm has selected Melbourne as the third pilot city for its air taxi programme, joining Dallas and Los Angeles. Test flights are due to start from 2020, with the aim of launching commercial operations from 2023.Several companies are developing flying taxis as a future mode of transportation.

Chernobyl selfies lead to warning from show’s writer:

Tourists visiting Chernobyl must be respectful, the creator of the HBO show about the nuclear disaster there says. Some people visiting the site in Ukraine, where the world’s worst nuclear accident happened in 1986, have been taking pictures smiling at the abandoned power plant – one person posted a semi-naked picture. Craig Mazin said it’s “wonderful” that a “wave” of people have been visiting. But he’s asked people to remember “that a terrible tragedy occurred there”. Estimates of the number of people affected vary hugely – the Chernobyl Forum says fewer than 50 died following exposure to radiation, but there could eventually be up to 9,000 deaths linked to the disaster.

Tens of thousands of images stolen in US border hack:

Images of tens of thousands of people crossing the US border with Mexico have been stolen in a major hack, the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has said. The breach, which affected the network of a sub-contractor, also saw photos of vehicle licence plates stolen, said the CBP. It said fewer than 100,000 people were affected based on “initial reports” It also contradicted claims that image data had been shared on the dark web.”CBP has alerted Members of Congress and is working closely with other law enforcement agencies and cyber-security entities… to actively investigate the incident,” it added.

Huawei: UK warned over sending ‘bad signal’ to China:

China’s ambassador to the UK has warned that excluding Huawei from Britain’s 5G network “sends a very bad signal”. Speaking to BBC’s Newsnight, Liu Xiaoming said Chinese businesses planning to invest in Britain may be put off dealing with the UK if Huawei’s equipment is not used for the network. It comes after Britain’s mobile operators urged the government for clarity on the issue.

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