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Economic Indicator Of Pakistan

An economic indicator is a statistic about an economic activity. Economic indicators allow analysis of economic performance and predictions of future performance. Economic indicators include various indices, earnings reports, and economic summaries.


Deposit Distributed By Category Of Deposit Holders* (Million Rupees)
Description Feb-19 Mar-19 Apr-19 P
1. Non Resident Deposits 207,977 216,952 219,089
2. Resident (I+II+III+IV+V+VI+VII) 12,642,761 12,908,274 12,826,260
I. Government (Including Federal, Provincial & Local) 1,849,707 1,884,864 1,973,797
II. Non-Financial Public Sector Enterprises (NFPSE) 791,228 767,538 782,066
III. Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) 352,839 436,554 396,943
IV. Private Sector (Business) 2,723,442 2,797,184 2,733,887
Agriculture, hunting and forestry228,741222,111216,386
Manufacturing 607,704 617,309 612,269
Food products and beverages111,872112,420115,792
Tobacco products7,3077,0127,943
Wearing apparel, readymade garments19,93719,07322,297
Tanning and dressing of leather; manufacture of luggage and footwear9,5189,8349,360
Jewellery and related articles1,0601,025948
Sports goods6,6747,0496,829
Other manufacturing n.e.c.27,55527,97630,163
Ship breaking and waste / scrape (junk) etc.3,5903,9373,334
Electricity, gas and water supply106,724120,496115,302
Commerce and Trade395,006398,221397,136
Hotels, restaurants and clubs etc20,47117,24316,688
Transport, storage and communications201,133193,234193,758
Real estate, renting and business activities327,933363,881335,208
V. Trust Funds & Non Profit Organizations 375,414 366,397 383,592
VI. Personal 6,489,268 6,593,200 6,490,987
Salaried Persons1,607,3481,649,2421,631,379
Self Employed2,796,8412,859,4702,790,302
Other Personal (House-wives, students etc.)2,085,0802,084,4882,069,306
VII. Other 60,863 62,537 64,988
Total (1+2) 12,850,738 13,125,226 13,045,348
Source: SBP, *Outstanding Position at the end of the month

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