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Marketing in an Islamic economy

When we talk about implementation and practice of Islamic economic system as a whole, we must look at every aspect of Islam as well. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of economics having a wide meaning and sense. Marketing involves each and every action that one performs during the time of production to selling or offering goods and services to the people. Therefore, the concept of marketing is the integral part of economy and without the concept of marketing; the economic practice cannot be performed. Marketing involves the process of attraction and awareness of certain product or service among the public and target market. In this respect, we should analyze and consider the concept of marketing with very deep thinking keeping in view the injunctions and ethical standards of Islam.

If we talk about the concept of marketing in an Islamic economy, the first stage is the consideration and thinking of launching regarding the certain product or service in the market. We must keep in mind the injunctions of Islam here and consider the nature of the certain good and service with respect to Halal and Haram. At this stage, anything that is prohibited by Islam and has no value according to Islam must not be chosen for marketing or selling as the earning would be prohibited in this regard. Any business transaction that is based upon interest or gambling must not be considered for marketing. In case of leisure, any game or activity based upon gambling is not allowed therefore casinos or other these types of activities must not present in an Islamic society. In case of educational courses, any course or education that has any contradiction with the injunctions of Islam and leading to the implementation and practice of activities that have contradiction with Islam must not be promoted or marketed among public. In case of any confusion or ignorance about something, the Shariah scholars might be consulted in this respect.


If certain product or service is Halal then the next step is the production, branding and packaging of the product or service. At this step, various things must be considered according to different products or services. In this respect, every product or service must be produced with appropriate standards or instructions as provided by the law of the land and Islam. For example, in case of food business, the food must not be injurious to health. In this way, healthy and Halal ingredients must be used while cooking.

After the finalization of branding or packaging, the role of advertising or publicity arises. Advertising or Publicity is the most important activity of marketing, after the finalization of certain product or service, in this age of competition. This process must not be included any such activity that is against the injunctions of Islam. Advertising and Publicity of goods and services must be performed in an ethical manner without any vulgarity or obscenity. In this respect, the proper code of conduct must be designed keeping in view the injunctions of Islam. The process of advertising and publicity must be free from any obscenity and vulgarity as the Muslim must not choose obscenity as a marketing tool to attract people. The promotion and publication of obscenity and immorality is not allowed. Allah warns, in Surah Noor in Qura’n, of painful punishment in this world and hereafter to those who involve in immorality.

While advertising, the product must be portrayed towards the positive advantage and benefit to the society and must not be portrayed the negative or prohibited use as some things might be used for prohibited things and prohibited works as well therefore, the Muslim producer must also think in this respect that the Halal thing must be used for Halal means rather than for Haram means.

While offering certain product or service, one must not tell a lie while doing promotional campaign of goods and services and tell the truth about the certain product or service with exposing and exhibiting those qualities that are present in the relevant good or service. In case of offering certain good or service, any hidden condition must be expressed clearly either it is published or conveyed verbally. Therefore, any aspect of cheating must be abolished.


In advertising, the advertisement media i.e. electronic, print or otherwise has also the duty to investigate about the genuineness of certain product or service and must not disseminate wrong information in any respect. It must not advertise or publicize the product or service that is prohibited by Islam and must also not advertise or publicize the product or service in a manner that is prohibited by Islam

In an Islamic economy, every type of economic activity must be stopped after Jumua’h adhan. Therefore any type of marketing and selling activity must be stopped. This restriction has been stated in Surah Jumua’h in Qur’an.

It is evident from the above discussion that if the people follow strictly the commandments of Allah, many curses and evils might be removed from this world. One might observe from the above mentioned discussion that if every person seriously thinks about the concept of marketing in an Islamic economy or in an Islamic State, the thinking chain in this respect can be made. Due to this thinking chain, any step, which would be taken for any type of marketing, automatically excludes all such activities that are declared as prohibited in Islam.

It is also the duty of the people of Islamic society that oppose any kind of marketing activity that is against the injunctions of Islam and stand boycott of such products and services. In this way, such marketing activities might be abolished. If all people will perform and follow the commandments of Allah in their individual capacities, the desired economic system of Islam can be implemented. The code of conduct must be enforced in an Islamic economy that might define boundaries within which marketing can be performed.

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