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Maison consulting: delivering solutions with continuous innovation

Maison consulting: delivering solutions with continuous innovation

Interview with Mr Sultan Hamdani – Partner, MaisonConsulting.com

Profile: MaisonConsulting.com was founded with the theme of owned and run by professionals and soon it became a synonym of a seasoned group of experts working on modern business utensils such as ERP, CRM and Security. With strong team of professionals having vast experience in fields of Information Systems locally and abroad, the Company is set to give consultancy and implement mission critical information projects for local organization. Over the years we have developed our repute as an On-Time and In-Budget Goal Achievers. With contracts in the local as well as global market, it provides consultancy and project development for Complex Enterprise-wide projects. MaisonConsulting.com, with team of 135 professionals and growing, is ambitious, experienced, tenacious and technically skilled to provide range of professional services which includes ERP, CRM, SharePoint and many other services.

Following are excerpts from an exclusive interview with Sultan Hamdani, Partner, MaisonConsulting.com. He is also a CEC Member, Pasha.org.pk, Member, IT Committee FPCCI and Director, Pakistan Children Heart Foundation (www.chhri.com).

PAGE: How Maison Consulting is different from its competitor?

Sultan Hamdani: Since the inception of MaisonConsulting.com, our core vision is to be a center of excellence with specialization of delivering business solutions with continuous innovation comply with global technology needs and that is the legacy still we are maintaining. Due to this super specialty, we have a customer retention rate of 98% since last 15 years with global presence of 250+ customers of 50+ vertical industries and managing all top of the line accreditations with Microsoft.

PAGE: Which are the key areas of focus of Maison Consulting?

Sultan Hamdani: MaisonConsulting.com key focus area is to provide the digital transformation to valued customers as a trusted advisor by engaging their customers, empowering employees, optimize business and transforming products. Our main focus from day one has been the strong strategic partnership with Microsoft to implement its business solutions for Financials, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Retail, Sales & Marketing solutions in 50 + vertical industries so far. Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies CRM and ERP capabilities into applications that work seamlessly together across the organization. Starting from SMEs to larger enterprises, Microsoft platform helps in digital transformation. By with Microsoft’s productivity applications, organizations get a connected view of data intelligence on customer records, transactions, behaviors and preferences, along with information about orders, inventory and shipping, and in addition to predictive insight tools for decision-makers.

PAGE: Why Cloud has been chosen as preferred area of working?

Sultan Hamdani: Yes, it’s a million dollar question that almost every prospects and customers ask us or think before opting the Cloud solutions. In recent years, there has been a trend in business software towards a software as a service (SaaS) model. Most major business software vendors, ERP or otherwise, have begun offering their locally installed products in a Cloud hosted version to provide additional flexibility. When deploying a Cloud based software, there is no need for a local server or other network hardware, as data is managed and processed on a secure off-site server. Depending on the size of the deployment, this can significantly reduce the initial cost. This can make a Cloud solution a better choice for small and medium size businesses with less capital, well-maintained secure environments and easy to scale.


PAGE: How does the cost compare with other possible options?

Sultan Hamdani: MaisonConsulting.com with Microsoft offers a number of licensing and professional services options for standard and industry vertical solutions that gives us the cutting edge over our competitors in opting the functionality that customer needs, and which apps they want to use. After many years of experience, we learned that most expensive solution is the one which has not been used effectively. So, start with the right fit solution for business & grow at your own pace in the Cloud with empowering employees using productivity tools surfaced in context of processes is the ultimate edge that makes us more cost competitive.

PAGE: How receptive has been Pakistan market to Cloud?

Sultan Hamdani: Although, MaisonConsulting.com is delivering many customer in cloud but still we believe Pakistan market is not getting the pace of adopting cloud like it has been done in Middle East or our neighboring countries. I personally believe that there are many myths or I should say misperceptions about the security of data, internet bandwidth. MaisonConsulting.com is putting a lot of efforts in advocating cloud hosted solutions across all national ICT forums.

PAGE: Does the technological infrastructure present in Pakistan fully support Cloud?

Sultan Hamdani: The good news is that we have world class bandwidth provider across every major cities in Pakistan along with the state of the art data centers even in public sectors.

PAGE: Which types of businesses have chosen Cloud in Pakistan?

Sultan Hamdani: All major industries sectors are moving towards Cloud gradually. We have also globally recognized multinationals in FMCG, Healthcare, Distribution and Manufacturing customers using our cloud solutions to manage their financial and respective operations across organization.

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