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Rise of woman’s leadership skills must vitalize in every field

Rise of woman’s leadership skills must vitalize in every field

Interview with Ms Tara Uzra Dawood –President, Dawood Global Foundation

PAGE: Tell me something about yourself and your organization, please:

Tara Uzra Dawood: I am the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 786 Investments, a Shariah-compliant asset management company, as well as President of Dawood Global Foundation, which holds the National Awards for Pakistan under its LADIESFUND platform and is educating one million girls globally under its Educate a Girl platform in partnership with Facebook’s internet.org foundation in several languages. I also serve on the board of Pakistan State Oil.

PAGE: What are your views on the decision to have females on the boards of the listed companies?

Tara Uzra Dawood: I think it is important and beneficial for boards to have diversity and inclusion. It is also proven to positive impact on the bottom line.

PAGE: How would you describe the leadership qualities of the females compared to males?

Tara Uzra Dawood: Both men and women have strong leadership qualities. Women are generally excellent communicators and multi-taskers and men excel in focus and action. Women are thought to be more transformational leaders while men excellent transactional ones. However, these are just generalizations and skills can vary from person to person.


PAGE: What is your opinion about the decision-making skills of females?

Tara Uzra Dawood: Women are excellent decision-makers, as men are, and usually take holistic 360 views into account before making decisions.

PAGE: Could you share your experience of the events held on the International Women Day?

Tara Uzra Dawood: Dawood Global Foundation held four events for International Women’s Day – LADIESFUND member Appreciation in partnership with Ocean Mall and TVOne, LADIESFUND launch in Islamabad in partnership with Australian High Commission, LADIESFUND Roundtable discussion with Governor Sindh Imran Ismail, and Educate a Girl International Women’s Day partnership with Avari Towers. Lean in Foundation Pakistan, of which I am the Founder President, also held a special International Women’s Day event for our members and circles. All these events were meaningful, impactful and full of important discussions and recognition.

PAGE: Your views about the less number of females in the profession of accounting, finance, engineering etc. in Pakistan:

Tara Uzra Dawood: These numbers are continually increasing, but my personal view is that we should encourage and celebrate women to work in the fields they wish to excel in. Women who want to be in accounting, finance, engineering, etc., should be encouraged and every resource should be there to help and advance them. Women who wish to be in other fields should be equally applauded and recognized.

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