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PTA & ICANN Hold a Workshop on DNS Abuse and Misuse:

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), in collaboration with Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), organized a workshop on “Domain Name System (DNS) Abuse and Misuse” at PTA Headquarters Islamabad, to build capacity and skills of senior technical officials from PTA, telecom sector and other stakeholders.The participants were introduced to strategies, techniques and tools that information security professionals use to identify abuses of DNS, and malicious registrations of domain names or hosting.

China to Sell an Aircraft Carrier to Pakistan:

China plans to sell its first aircraft carrier, “Liaoning”, to Pakistan, in order to allow it to compete with India. This sale is expected to boost Pakistan Navy’s strength, help match the Indian counterpart and improve Pakistan’s military relations with China. According to the media reports, China plans to carry out a “large-scale upgrade” of China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, and “sell it to Pakistan to compete with India.”

Zong 4G and Huawei Partner to Use AI & Big Data to Improve Network Connectivity:

Zong 4G and Huawei have announced a partnership for digital transformation. The partnership will see the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data to enable Zong 4G in offering seamless connectivity and digitally enhanced solutions for its customers.The collaboration will ensure the development of a state of the art system to utilize the new technologies in optimizing processes for network expansion through higher levels of efficiency.

Google’s New Chrome Extension Tells You If Your Password is Stolen:

Google is celebrating the “Safer Internet” Day by introducing two new safety measures, that can actually make the internet a safer place.These two updates seek to protect the usernames and passwords among other details. They will be a sigh of relief for many, as compromised passwords are often used for data theft.The other is an extension called “Password Checkup” for the desktop version of Chrome that can check if your password has been compromised or not. As per the details, Google has gathered a set of 4 billion compromised accounts’ details for this purpose.

Daraz.pk ‘Mi Day Sale’ Extended:

Mi Pakistan has once again evinced itself as the company which cares about its fans and customers’ needs. On Mi Fans’ immense demand, Mi Pakistan has decided to extend the Mi Day sale on Daraz.pk till 8th February 2019. Mi Pakistan and Daraz came forward to put up a festival of their own: Mi Day.

Vivo Launches a New Visual Brand Identity:

Vivo has unveiled its new visual brand identity to signify the company’s innovation and appeal to the global audience. The new visual identity includes a new company logo, a unique Vivo brand color and exclusive Vivo fonts.”Vivo has evolved from a follower to a leader in the tech and lifestyle industry,” said Spark Ni, Senior Vice President of Vivo.

USF Awards Rs. 192 Million Contract to Jazz for Telecom Services in North Waziristan:

Jazz has been awarded a contract worth Rs. 192 Million by Universal Service Fund (USF). This contract has been awarded by USF under its Broadband for Sustainable Development Programme.The total cost of the project is Rs, 258 million where government subsidy will be around Rs 192 million.

PTCL Champions Program Rewards 7,500 Employees for Exceptional Performance:

To achieve excellence in organizational culture, a company needs to provide a healthy & engaging work environment that motivates and encourages its employees by providing a platform that shows its appreciation for their hard work. A great example of this is the Champions Program, an in-house initiative taken by PTCL. The PTCL Champions Program was launched at the beginning of 2018 to acknowledge the hard work of those front-line employees, who have shown exceptional performance in their respective fields.

JazzCash Achieves 5 Million Monthly Active Mobile Account Subscribers:

JazzCash announced that it has achieved the milestone of five million monthly active mobile account subscribers. This signals Pakistan’s steady rise towards financial inclusion and upward economic mobility of communities. This would not have been possible without the customer’s trust who have processed nearly half a billion transactions approximately amounting to PKR 1 trillion in 2018, a growth of 59% in transactions and 75% in value compared to 2017.

You Can Now Secure WhatsApp With TouchID or FaceID:

WhatsApp now has a new feature for iPhone users that lets you lock/unlock the app using FaceID or TouchID.The feature lets you add another layer of protection to the messaging app through your iPhone’s biometric security. Depending on which iPhone you’re using, you can either choose to lock WhatsApp and its contents using either FaceID or TouchID. Meaning, even if your phone is unlocked, you’ll still have to unlock the app once again using either of the sign-in methods of your choosing.


Facebook ordered by Germany to gather and mix less data:

Germany’s competition regulator has told Facebook to substantially restrict how it collects and combines data about its users unless they give it explicit consent. The watchdog has carried out a probe into the social network following concerns that members were unaware of the extent of the firm’s activities.It covered data gathered from third-party sources as well as via Facebook’s other apps, including Instagram.

EE data breach ‘led to stalking’:

An EE customer has said she was stalked by an ex-partner who worked at the firm, after he accessed her personal data without permission. Francesca Bonafede’s number was switched to a new handset and her address and bank details were accessed. She said the company failed to take the data breach seriously and she had to involve police.EE “sincerely apologised” to Ms Bonafede, and said the employee no longer worked for the company.

Instagram vows to remove all graphic self-harm images from site:

All graphic images of self-harm will be removed from Instagram, the head of the social media platform has told the Media. The move comes after the father of 14-year-old Molly Russell, who took her own life in 2017, said Instagram had “helped kill” his daughter. Molly’s family found she had been viewing graphic images of self-harm on the site prior to her death.

Huawei and 5G: Decision time:

It’s called the Supply Chain Review and sounds very dull but it could determine the UK’s hi-tech future. As the political temperature around Huawei’s role in the UK rises, mobile phone operators await a decision from the government on whether they can continue to use the Chinese giant’s equipment. They expect that ruling to come in late March or early April, when the review of the supply chain of UK telecoms networks to ensure their security and resilience is due to be published.

Inside Ocado’s burning robotic warehouse:

Walking into the first chamber of Ocado’s robot warehouse system in May, I was immediately struck by three things: how cold it was, how enormous it was, and how quiet.No shouts from warehouse staff, or tinny radios playing pop hits. No beeps from reversing forklift trucks.Just the swoosh of wheels from 1,100 waist-high cuboid swarm robots, zipping along a grid system the size of several football pitches.

Deaths put e-scooters in spotlight:

There are calls to re-examine the safety of electric scooters, following another death and a series of severe injuries in US cities. Irish exchange student Mark Sands, 21, died after a collision with an Uber car in Texas, in the early hours of Friday. A study by watchdog Consumer Reports suggested this month there had been at least 1,545 scooter-related accidents in the US since 2017.

Twitter shares drop 10% as revenue outlook disappoints:

Shares in Twitter have fallen 10% after the social media company’s revenue forecast fell short of expectations.Revenue for the first quarter of 2019 is now expected to be between $715m and $775m, below analysts’ forecasts. Twitter also warned that its operating costs could rise 20% in 2019.The share fall came despite the company reporting profits of $255m (£197m) for the final quarter of 2018, more than double the $91m profit it made a year earlier, as advertising revenues grew.

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