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IBA upholds top spot in management and business administration schooling

International studies revealed that the internationalization is the integration of intercultural and global dimensions into education. The internationalization of teaching and research is one of the chief strategies adopted through many higher education institutes. The experts mentioned that this is attributed to the need to attract the best students and staff, to raise the quality standards of education and to generate additional revenues. Also, the rise in tertiary enrollments internationally has led to an increase in the need of internationalization.

In Pakistan, the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi is proud to have academic linkages with international-renowned institutions of higher education as part of its overall objective to offer a worldwide perspective to its students. No doubt, IBA is an intellectual hub, comprising a team of industrious academicians and researchers. The management’s objective is to become the backbone of Pakistan’s policy makers through offering sound academic expertise in the decision-making process. The management also wants to set a standard of excellence and outline new frontiers in research and development as well. The management also works hard to provide a culture, infrastructure and environment that encourages and supports people.

The official website of IBA shows that historically, IBA is the oldest business school outside North America. It was organized during 1955 with initial technical support offered by the world famous Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania; later, the University of Southern California set up many facilities at the Institute and various prominent American professors were assigned to the IBA.

The course contents, the curriculum, the pedagogical tools and the assessment and testing methods were developed under the guidance of reputed scholars from these two institutions. IBA-management has zealously guarded the high standards and academic traditions it had inherited from Wharton and USC while adapting and adjusting them with the passage of time.

Till 1994, the official also showed that the University of Karachi (UoK) awarded degrees to the graduates. In that year, the Sindh Assembly elevated the institute’s status to that of a degree-awarding institution.

Despite a rapid increase in the number of business schools, the IBA has maintained its position as the premier institute of higher learning in the field of Management and Business Administration. The IBA originally offered its MBA program only for day scholars. During 1957, an Evening program was commenced to cater to the needs of the various working executives and managers who were interested in furthering their careers through part-time business studies.

During 1982, a 3-year BBA (Honors) program was launched which has now been upgraded to a 4-year BBA program. The Faculty of Computer Science was initially organized as the Center for Computer Studies during 1983 with the collaboration of IBM, Pakistan. It is also mentioned that it initially offered a diploma in System Analysis to overcome a shortage of software professionals in Pakistan.

It presently offers BS (Computer Science), MS (Computer Science), and PhD programs. The PhD degree is being offered in the areas of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Operations Research, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography, Numerical Analysis and Numerical Computing. Official website of IBA also recorded that during 2009, IBA launched its first weekend Executive MBA Program (EMBA), focusing on the needs of the mid-career professionals, serving in the Corporate Sector, Banks and Government departments.


IBA has presently launched new BS degree programs in Economics and Mathematics (Double Major), Social Sciences, Accounting and Finance and also MS/ Ph.D. programs in Economics and Mathematics. IBA-website also recorded that the Center for Executive Education (CEE) organizes customized courses for corporate clients and holds short courses on emerging challenges and themes for those engaged in business.

The Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance has been organized at IBA with the objective of offering a platform for discovery, enhancement and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Islamic Finance. The newly established Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) at the IBA is a breeding ground for new business startups by the students.

Iba-Ihsan Trust national talent hunt program

The IBA Ihsan Trust National Talent Hunt Program (IBA-IT NTHP) is a completely financed Orientation Training program jointly funded through Ihsan Trust and IBA Karachi which selects grooms and prepare talented students from Balochistan, KPK & FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan, Punjab, Sindh and Azad Kashmir for the comprehensive admission process of BBA and BS degree programs in IBA Karachi.

IBA Center For Entrepreneurial Development (CED)

The official website of the institute also recorded that IBA CED introduced a series of Women Entrepreneurship Programs in the past few years with an aim to reach the common Pakistani women irrespective of their educational background and experience. Up till now, more than 600 women entrepreneurs have gone through the entrepreneurial mindset training which assisted them discover their entrepreneurial potential.

Certificate in Procurement Management

CEE is also organizing five days’ workshop on understanding generally Procurement Management and specifically Public Procurement Framework and Regulations in Sindh. The workshop is not only beneficial for professionals from public sector but also from private sector, as more and more private companies are offering goods and services to the public sector. All faculty involved in this program are certified by SPPRA for the procurement management.

Directors’ Training Program (DTP)

The Director Training Program offered by Center for CEE, is an approved by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and Supplemented by Institute of Directors, UK. This program provides guidance on targeted areas to make sure that directors of cataloged firms with specific requirements remain up to date.

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