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Pakistan: structural compulsion

Humanity on the planet earth is the creature of experiences, symbols, identities, struggle and intelligence to observe. Nature, as an omnipotent phenomenon, is never a paradox for any individual or nation, since the cause and effect circle never ceases to exist, and the facts of eternal cycle of possibilities ever beget the expected and unexpected in human life. The intrinsic realities are the cementing intricacies that cause unlimited events to come off in the realm of possibilities. Pakistan has always been a victim of intrinsic dynamics that have been clouded by the haunting symbolism in all aspects of national life since 1947 – a relatively long span to learn from grave mistakes.

All nations in the world are the products of either a compulsive passivity as non-learning national behavior or a time dominated learning process as an aging component of maturity sans any anomalies. Geography, socio-economics, visions, leadership, education and intelligent ideas can be deemed as the cardinal realities of transformation of nation from a large group of morons into a colossus of intellectual progress. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s intrinsic components of a nation were never savvied as tangible realities to be assessed for future stability in the community of nations.

A spot on reality of Pakistan’s national analysis is the vicious structural flaws that are more an eye opener for the world than awareness for the policy makers and planners in Pakistan’s power wielders. Pakistan’s national image has always been suffering from its structural defects more than the character of its nationhood. All nations of the world have been affected by their vicious past, but in this modern age they have eradicated their compulsive flaws experienced by themselves as wrecked nations. The time heeled their wounds with a rapid progress in human intelligence with a hope to rise and shine.

France, Germany, Japan, China, UK, USA, Malaysia, Singapore and other progressive countries have grasped at the vigorous evolution of human intellect based on a modern scientific education that jolted the human consciousness from a dismal and barren past to an enlightened horizon of mind boggling possibilities on the earth and in the skies. Man has met his destiny of endless research in the unexplored. Nations must learn from their faltering past attitude in order to progress in an arduous world that’s open for all yet favours none. Pakistan with its structural anomalies was an easy prey in the darkness of ignorance about its own existence — a profound case study of self rejection. Pakistan is a paradox of ambiguous medley of inharmonious defects.

Human learning process is endless and overpowering in all fronts of life- but Pakistan is a passive observer of its own deterioration without daring to halt the obsessive journey toward an anticipated disaster in near future. My incessant usage of the term Pakistan’s structural defects has certainly bewildered many avid readers of mine, for I have yet to elaborate what structural defects mean. Pakistan’s predestined retrogression started when British Empire was unsuccessful in controlling Afghanistan as a British colony as an honour to its own magnificence in the world history. It’s rightly expounded that if a country is not colonized by British Empire, so that country never progressed.


Afghanistan, as the Western neighbor of Pakistan, has always been in a great demand of modern education, development and human social progress to be called a civilized member of the community of nations. Pakistan is an unfortunate nation neighboring a warring Afghanistan that subsists on violence, religious extremism and untamed arrogance that is the direct effect of an ever permeating ignorance in Afghan society. India is relatively peaceful in its national life having no Afghanistan in its neighborhood. In today’s sophisticated and highly civilized world, tribalism is a dreadful peril that can easily deformed the face of humanity as it’s happening in Pakistan where its provincial structure is based on ethnic and linguistic identities rather than administrative facilitation. Pakistan’s structural flaws imply its provincial system that is unique in the whole world. No country in the world is as tribal as Pakistan is; with a few exceptions of some African countries where the same unstable political situation persist.

Pakistan’s rising population, aggravating literacy level, permeating poverty in most strata of society have marred the overall face of this country as a failed state. This unfortunate nation calls for a colossal transformation from its structural defects to social evils, toward a new society of enlightened nationhood with a tangible future ahead. Pakistan needs a remarkable visionary as a leader to spread hope, wisdom, intellect, civilized attitude and unmatched leadership. Pakistan’s innate plight is a nightmarish scenario for the future generation that has lost all hopes in their country’s tomorrow. Pakistan must halt its downfall forthwith, for an eminent ruin is at a yonder.

Every human being is bound to learn if he hankers to change his destiny in an earnest way. The concept of a multifarious training for all is inevitable to opt for pragmatism in life. Pakistan never experienced an educated approach to resolve its conflicts and dilemmas. Symbolism is an unreal human aspect that has destroyed many nations such as Japan and Germany in the World War II, because national symbolism leads people to a natural gloom and doom that also destroyed the above mentioned leading countries that learned after a horrible experience. Pakistan must get rid of its symbolism of national greatness without any. Pakistan is supposed to follow the footsteps of those countries that realized their elusive symbolism of national pride. Pakistan can never survive without eliminating the cancer of politics that has sucked in its blood arteries to bring death for its existence.

An evil circle of politics is the outcome of Pakistan’s malicious tribal system that wishes to extirpate the very roots of this fragile country. In my opinion it’s almost impossible to halt Pakistan’s downfall trend. In all aspects of nationhood, since no change of high magnitude is in proximity of my observation. Whatever is happening is merely a smoke screen. There is a grave need to train the high ups in Pakistan including the Prime Minister of Pakistan to make them learn the realities of 21st century that is more technical in nature than symbolic in attitude. There is no place for symbolism in the whole universe let alone in Pakistan that is noted for mismanagement and illusions.

The writer is an educationist and free lance contributor.

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