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Fortifying export should be the top priority to dispel all economic woes

Fortifying export should be the top priority to dispel all economic woes

Imran Khan is a honest person and business community must support him
Interview with Mr S. M. Muneer, leader of the business community of Pakistan


M. Muneer is the Chairman of Din Group of Industries and former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP). His company Din Leather (Pvt) Ltd, is the biggest exporter of leather in Pakistan and he has four textile mills in the name of Din Textile Mills in Lahore.

Position in companies

Chairman: 1) M/s. Din Leather(Pvt) Ltd. : The leading exporting company of Finished Leather in Pakistan having most modern tanning unit in Karachi with last year annual turnover of about Pak. Rs.2.5 Billion. (US$: 25 Million)

Chairman: 2) M/s. Din Textile Mills Ltd. : One of the leading exporters of different types of valued added yarns, having four most modern spinning units in Lahore (total 79,008 spindles) and exporting following very high quality value added yarns. Total annual turnover is about Pak.Rs.10 billion (US$:100 million)

  • 100% Cotton Knitting Yarn Brand “NABEEL”
  • 100% Cotton Melange Yarn Brand “DIN”
  • 100% Cotton Compact Yarn Brand “DINCOM4”
  • Cone Dyed Yarn Brand “DIN”
  • Slub Yarn Brand “DIN”
  • Core Spun Lycra Yarn Brand KOMFORT
  • Combed and Gassed Yarn Brand “DIN”
  • -P/C Melange Yarn Brand “DIN”

The above units are equipped with most modern imported machinery and are producing finest quality yarn in different varities.

Holding position in other concerns
  • Vice Chairman: I) MUSLIM COMMERCIAL BANK LTD. (Since 08/04/1991- 05/06/1995 and 30/08/2000 to date)
  • Member: ii) Board of Governors College of Business Management Karachi (CBM), Since 1997 (About 400 students)
  • Member: iii) Board of Governors University of Management & Technology (UMT), Lahore since 1996. (About 4300 Students)
  • Member: iv) Board of governors Greenwich University, Karachi since 30/06/1998.(About 750 Students)
  • Trustee: v) Fatimid Blood Foundation, Karachi, Since 29-05-2000
  • Chairman: vi) Board of Governors Din College, Chiniot Since 12/01/2004. (About 500 Students)
  • Member: vii) Board of Governor Institute of Behavioral Sciences (IBS) Karachi Since 2003. (Hospital)
  • Member: viii) Board of Governors ShaukatKhanum Memorial Trust, lahore (SKMT) SINCE 12/12/2004.(Cancer Hospital)
  • Patron-In-Chief: XI) Korangi Association of Trade & Industry karachi Since 1996.
  • President IPCCI: XII) elected as president of india-pakistan chamber of commerce & industry (IPCCI) on 12/11/2008 in new delhi (India).
  • Member: XIII) member iba advisory council since 16/12/2009
  • Member: XIV) member board of governors of the kidney centre post graduate training institute since 20/10/2011
  • Member: XV) Board Of Governors Nazeer Husain University Karachi since 8th Sept.,2011
  • Member: XVI) Nominated as Member of Pakistan-India Joint business Forum (PIJBF) by Ministry of Commerce, Govt., of Pakistan on 13th March, 2013. The aims and objectives of this forum are to promote business and bilateral relations between Pakistan and India. This Forum is constituted with prominent businessmen from each country.
  • Chairman: XVII) Muneer Husain foundation since 21.10.2013 for the improvement of cricket in pakistan.
  • Chief Executive Officer: XVIII) appointed as chief executive officer of trade development authority of pakistan (tdap) by the prime minister of pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz sharif vide notification no.I/60/2008-E-6 dated 12th march, 2014.
  • Justice of peace: XIX) appointed justice of peace karachi division on 11/3/2014 by government of sindh.
Trophies and awards
  • DIN LEATHER (Pvt.) LTD. received various Best Export Performance Trophies from the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Karachi, for highest exports
  • DIN LEATHER (Pvt.) LTD. have also been awarded the best award “GOLD MEDALLION AWARD” in recognition to its exports achievements by The International Export Association, U.K.
  • S. M. Muneer (Chairman) has been Awarded the “BEST BUSINESS MAN OF THE YEAR AWARD” by The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Karachi, which is the highest award given by F.P.C.C.I.(In presence of General Zia-ul-Haq, President of Pakistan)
  • DIN TEXTILE MILLS LTD. Has been awarded twice “The Top 25 Companies Award” by the Karachi Stock Exchange.

a) In 2000 and Award was given by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shaukat Aziz.
b) In 2001 and Award was given by the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Mir ZafarullahJamali.

  • President of Pakistan Gen. Pervez Musharraf has conferred “SITARA-I-ISAAR” Award to S. M. Muneer (Chairman) on 30-06-2006 in recognition of his outstanding services for the cause of humanity.
  • President of Pakistan Gen. Pervez Musharraf has conferred biggest Award of “SITARA-I-IMTIAZ” to S. M. Muneer (Chairman) on 14-08-2007 in recognition of his outstanding public services for the cause of humanity.This Award was given in a special ceremony by Governor of Sindh Dr.Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan on 23/03/2008 at Governor House, Karachi.
  • After approval by the Governor of Sindh, Institute of Business & Technology (BIZTEC) has conferred Honorary PHD degree of Doctorate of Philosophy at its convocation held on 30th May, 2008 at Hotel Marriott in Karachi.
  • Second time again after approval by the Governor of Sindh, Indus Institute of Higher Education has conferred Degree of Doctorate of Philosophy at its convocation held on 19th January, 2009.
  • S. M. Muneer was awarded Life Time Achievement Award on 29/01/2012 in the City of Markham (Canada) by the Mayor Mr. Frank Scarpitti in the presence of members of parliament, advisor to Prime Minister and Pakistani Community. The Award was given for his services to act as the bridge between Canada and Pakistan in promoting business and friendship.
  • S. M. Muneer was awarded “Life Time Achievement Award” by the President of Pakistan,
  • Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, in the President House on 27/08/2012.
  • Mr. S. M. Muneer was awarded ” FPCCI 1ST GOLD MEDAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” for the year 2012 by Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan on 22nd June, 2013.
  • Din Textile Mills Ltd., have been awarded “TOP 25 KARACHI STOCK EXCHANGE COMPANIES AWARD.” This AWARD is presented to Mr. S. M. Muneer (Chairman) Din Group of Industries on 26.03.2015 by Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  • S.M.Muneer has also been awarded “LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” by Federal Minister for Planning Development & Reform, Professor Ahsan Iqbal on April 05, 2015 at Marriot Hotel Karachi.
Foreign visits
  • Travelled abroad extensively in the last 46 years to various countries for the promotion of export orders for more than 450 times.
  • Visited following countries as the Leader of Pakistan’s’ Official Trade Delegation of Government of Pakistan.

India 1982
New Zealand & Fiji Island 1984
Japan/Korea 1985
Turkey 1991

  • Visited Turkey and Iraq as the Member of Govt. Official Delegation led by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto in1989.
  • Visited Turkey as Member of Govt. Official Delegation with Senator Sartaj Aziz Federal Finance Minister in 1991
  • Visited Muscat, as the Member of Govt. Official Delegation led by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and signed “Cooperation Agreement” between FPCCI and Oman Chamber in 1994
  • Visited Germany as President F.P.C.C.I. with official delegation led by Prime Minister of Pakistan Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and signed “Cooperation Agreement” between F.P.C.C.I. & DIHT (German Federation) from April 18th to 20th April 1994.
  • Visited Turkministan with Prime Minister Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto from 25th to 28th October, 1994.
  • Visited Japan with Prime Minister Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto from 16th to 21st January, 1996.
  • Visited Indonesia and Brunei with Prime Minister Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto from 5-10 March,1996.
  • Visited Bahrain & Syria with Prime Minister Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto from 22-25 April,1996.
  • Visited Korea with Prime Minister Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto from 21st July to 24th July 1996.
  • Visited with Mr. Shaukat Aziz, Prime Minister of Pakistan as the member of official delegation to the following countries.

Date Country.

21-24 November, 2004. Sri Lanka, Maldiveand India.
31st May, 2005 Lebanan
31st May to 3rd June, 2005 Turkey
8th to 11th August, 2005 Japan
11th to 13th August, 2005 Hong Kong.
28th Sep. to 3rd Oct. 2005 Korea & Malaysia

  • Visited Turkey with Chief Minister Punjab, MianShahbaz Sharif from 12th Jan to 16th January, 2010.
  • Visited India with Pakistan official delegation head by Mr, Mukhdoom Amin Fahim, Federal Commerce Minister from 26/9/2011 to 1/10/2011.
Positions held in the past
  • Chairman of All Pakistan Tanners Association (Central Zone ) in the following years:
  • 1969-70, 1981-82, 1982-83, 1983-84, 1984-85, 1985-86 and 1993-94.(seven times). Organized “Pakistan Leather Show” since 1979.
  • Member of Federal Parliament (Government of Pakistan) in 1984-85. (Majlis-e-Shura)
  • Vice Chairman/Senior Vice Chairman of S.I.T.E. Association of Industry, Karachi, for Two years which is one of the biggest Industrial Association of Pakistan in 1985-86.
  • Chairman of Export Promotion Committee for Leather and Leather Garments from 1981 to 1986.
  • Senior Vice President of Faran Club (International) 1986-87
  • President of Faran Club (International) 1987-88.
  • Trustee in Karachi Port Trust for 1986-87.
  • Vice Chairman of Karachi Port Trust for 1987-88 & remained acting Chairman many times.
  • Chairman, Korangi Association of Trade & Industry which is the biggest Industrial Association of Pakistan for 1988-89 & 1990-91. (Two times)
  • Member of Managing Committee of Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry in 1985-1987 & 1990-91. (Two times)
  • Member of Managing Committee of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Karachi, 1988-1990.
  • Vice President of The Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Karachi, for 1990-91 and was Acting President, many times during 1990-91.
  • President, Karachi Gymkhana Club for the year 1991-92.
  • Vice Chairman of Muslim Commercial Bank Limited during since 08-04-1991 to 04-06-1995
  • President, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce& Industry during Jan-94 to Mar-1996.
  • Federal Minister of State & Chairman Pakistan Trade Fair Corporation in 1997
  • Appointed Minister of State and Chairman Pakistan Trade Fair Corporation as technocrate (as he is not a member of any political party). Not taken any benefit that is any salary, car, petrol, driver or any travelling charges and everything was paid personally and have given the services to the business community completely free with pleasure without any burden of any sort on national exchequer.
  • Chairman of Muslim Commercial bank Ltd. from 05-06-1995 to 27-06-1997.
  • Vice President of Pakistan Red Crescent Society (Sindh Provincial Branch) from 23-07-1998 till 09-10-2002.
  • Director Investment Corporation of Pakistan from 12/3/1997 till 21/03/2001
  • Director State Cement Corporation of Pakistan from 27/10/2003 to 13/04/2004.
  • Chairman of Aiwan-e-Tijarat-o-Sanat Hospital Trust, Karachi. 1997-1998
  • Director, Corporate & Industrial Restucturing Corporation (CIRC) Govt. of Pakistan Since 06-01-2001 till 22/09/2006 ( Mr.Shaukat Aziz, Prime Minister of Pakistan was the Chairman, of this CIRC.)
  • Vice Chairman ChiniotAnjuman-e-Islamia from 24/01/2001 till 19/05/2007.
  • Director National Industrial Parks Development and Management Company (NIP) from 18/4/2006 till 8/4/2008.
  • Director Pakistan Textile City (Pvt) Ltd. Karachi from 10/11/2004 till 15/09/2008.
  • Member Board of Governors Police Hospital Karachi & Hyderabad from 13/3/2006 till 29/1/2009
  • Pak-Canada Business Council of FPCCI for 2009/2010 & 2012/2014
Welfare Projects
  • An Active Member and Chairman of ChiniotAnjuman-e-Islamia, a social welfare society running many dispensaries, maternity homes, schools and hospitals in Karachi, Faisalabad and Chiniot. Recently the Trust has completed a big hospital of about 150 beds in Korangi Area.
  • Convenor, Quaid Foundation (Mohammad Ali Jinnah, To spread Quaids’ message)
  • Founder Life Member of Pakistan Hypertension League Karachi.
  • Member of World hypertension League
  • Member Board of Governors “Professional Education Foundation” since 14/04/2010, (PEF) is a registered trust giving scholarships to brilliant students whose parents cannot finance the expenses of their education, currently 700 students on role and studying leading universities of Pakistan with a targeted increase of 150-200 students every year.
  • Recently constructed a very modern girls College in the name of “Din College” in Chiniot and the college is working under the auspices of Chiniot Anjuman Islamia. This College was inaugurated in September, 2004 by Governor of Punjab Lt.Gen.(R) Khalid Maqbool.
  • Din Group through its Chairman Mr.S.M.Muneer donated Rupees One Crores in the President Relief
  • Fund after earth quake on 8th Oct.,2006 and also donated Rs.One Crore for Flood Relief in 2010.
  • Director of “Make-A-Wish Foundation International – USA since 18th Sept., 2008.
  • Patron-In-Chief “Friends of Burns Centre” Civil Hospital Karachi since 8/10/2004.
  • Trustee of “The Legend Trust” under chairmanship of Governor of Sindh since 7/11/2006
  • The job of this Trust is to help the renowned artists for their grievances.
  • Founder Member of “Trust for Vaccines & Immunization” (TVI) since Dec., 2009.
Social Activities
  • Member: Karachi Gymkhana Club Since 10/08/1972
  • Member: Karachi Club Since 14/04/1992
  • Member: Karachi Golf Club Since 24/12/1987
  • Member: Defence Authority Marina Club, Karachi Since 25/08/1992
  • Member: Faran Club International – Karachi Since 19/07/1986
  • Member: Bath Island Lions Club, Karachi Since May, 1994
  • Member: Muslim Gymkhana Karachi, Since 02-10-1998
  • Member / Director: Arabian Sea Country Club, Karachi Since 01/07/1997
  • Member: ACACIA Country & Golf Club Since 24/01/2008
  • President: Karachi New MJF Lions Club Since 17/10/2006

PAGE: How would you comment on the challenges being faced by the government?

M. Muneer: Our new government has serious challenges and problems which they have inherited particularly export refunds are pending for more than Rs400 billion for last four years and many small industry units are closed because of the lack of funds and I am sure if the government pays these refunds to the exporters our export will increase by two to three billion dollars. In addition to this, the serious challenges are tackling current account deficit, budget deficit, trade deficit, high inflationary pressures, burgeoning unemployment, poverty and street crime specifically in Karachi.


PAGE: What must be the priorities of the government at present?

M. Muneer: Top priority of the government should be export as without foreign exchange we are and would be in serious trouble. Export-oriented countries never face economic trouble since they not only get the foreign exchange but also generate revenue consequently improving infrastructure. One of the best methods for poverty alleviation is to strengthen manufacturing and exports. The new government needs to ensure that the top priority and the remedy of all economic ills is to bolster export of Pakistan which would ultimately dissipate all economic woes.

PAGE: Should the government opt for IMF or not?

M. Muneer: Government should opt for IMF if the money is not received from our friendly countries.

PAGE: How do you see the economic growth by the end of this fiscal?

M. Muneer: Economic growth by the end of this fiscal year will be very robust as our Prime Minister, Imran Khan, is very honest person and is working very hard to improve the economy and the business community must give full support to him for the successful economy.

PAGE: Your views on the friendly trade relations with the neighboring countries:

M. Muneer: Pakistan must have very good friendly relations with all the neighboring countries. It is imperative to enhance trade activities with our all neighboring countries, which would be quite helpful for the economic progress. Neighbors cannot be changed. It is for the benefit of all neighbors to maintain peaceful environment for the betterment of the people living in the region hence boosting economic activities.

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