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Economic Indicator Of Pakistan

An economic indicator is a statistic about an economic activity. Economic indicators allow analysis of economic performance and predictions of future performance. Economic indicators include various indices, earnings reports, and economic summaries.


Economic indicators of Pakistan
Employed Persons62230 ThousandDec/1758530
Unemployed Persons3620 ThousandDec/153580
Population200 MillionDec/17208
Living Wage Family29700 PKR/MonthDec/1829500
Living Wage Individual13500 PKR/MonthDec/1813400
Wages High Skilled51400 PKR/MonthDec/1849200
Wages Low Skilled28700 PKR/MonthDec/1821700
Interest Rate8.5 %Oct/188.5
Interbank Rate7.85 %Jul/186.83
Money Supply M05419477 PKR MillionSep/185561476
Money Supply M113071186 PKR MillionSep/1813199292
Money Supply M215791356 PKR MillionSep/1815792086
Money Supply M319494228 PKR MillionSep/1819459457
Deposit Interest Rate4.48 %Dec/174.83
Foreign Exchange Reserves14016 USD MillionOct/1814921
Loans To Private Sector4801760 PKR MillionOct/184747588
Foreign Direct Investment3435 USD MillionDec/173165
Terrorism Index8.4Dec/168.61
Government Debt to GDP67.2 %Dec/1766.5
Government Budget-5.8 % of GDPDec/17-4.6
Government Budget Value-1864 PKR BillionDec/17-1349
Government Spending1587677 PKR MillionDec/171405639
Government Revenues4937 PKR BillionDec/174447
Credit Rating19.09
Fiscal Expenditure6800 PKR BillionDec/175796
Government Debt24732 PKR BillionSep/1824732
Military Expenditure10378 USD MillionDec/179974
Industrial Production1.92 %Sep/18-3.21
Manufacturing Production1.83 %Sep/18-3.33
Changes in Inventories209611 PKR MillionDec/17188442
Internet Speed2327 KBpsMar/172436
IP Addresses2921934 IPMar/172917426
Cement Production3144 Thousands of TonnesSep/182942
Competitiveness Index51.08 PointsDec/1849.77
Competitiveness Rank107Dec/18106
Corruption Index32 PointsDec/1732
Corruption Rank117Dec/17116
Ease of Doing Business136Dec/18147
Electricity Production14647 Gigawatt-hourJun/1814475
Industrial Production Mom2.6 %Sep/18-5.38
Consumer Confidence55.97 Index PointsSep/1844.81
Consumer Spending10626857 PKR MillionDec/179167259
Consumer Credit626141 PKR MillionOct/18622752
Gasoline Prices0.73 USD/LiterNov/180.7
Private Sector Credit5704635 PKR MillionOct/185645628
Corporate Tax Rate31 %Dec/1831
Personal Income Tax Rate20 %Dec/1820
Sales Tax Rate17 %Dec/1817
Precipitation6.35 mmDec/158.79
Temperature10.83 celsiusDec/1516.09

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