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Squeeze in agri investment and exports centre of attention

Squeeze in agri investment and exports center of attention

Interview with Mr Anis Majeed – Chairman, Karachi Wholesale Grocers Association (KWGA)

Mr Anis Majeed
is Chairman of Bombi’s Group and Karachi Wholesale Grocers Association (KWGA). He is the Board Member of International Memon Organization (IMO) and Chairman, Employment and Training Committee. In the past, he also served as managing committee member of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and ex-chairman Taxation subcommittee. He is also a member of Memon Professional Forum.
Mr Anis Majeed has been in the commodities business for more than 35 years. He along with his brothers took over pulses processing unit established by his father more than 50 years ago. With the passage of time, the company grew and started indenting, importing and exporting of various commodities globally.

PAGE: How would you comment on the import of pulses?

Anis Majeed: Pakistan is an agro-based country, but Pakistan imports around 50% of pulses consumed in the country from Canada, Australia, Myanmar, Russia, Ukraine etc. These countries are focused on producing pulses especially for Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Our annual consumption of pulses is about 1.4 million tons out of which 600,000-700,000 million tons is being imported in Pakistan.

Pakistan needs to focus and invest in agriculture in the form of Research and Development, educate farmers, introduce modernized machinery for farming and storage and handle solutions to improve the local production and become self-sufficient at least in pulses as it is poor man’s diet in Pakistan.

PAGE: Could you tell us about the wholesale and retail business in Karachi?

Anis Majeed: Wholesale and retail business dynamics have changed very rapidly in the recent past. There are now about 4 wholesale markets in Karachi, where earlier there was only one Jodia Bazar, hence wholesale business has been divided into Gole market, Water Pump, Landi Market and Babar Market. As the population of Karachi is increasing, so actually it is good to have more than one wholesale market in Karachi. The retail business has also changed with the introduction of new super stores being established in Karachi and catering masses with one window solutions. And day-by-day consumers are moving towards them due to ease of shopping and variety under one roof.


PAGE: Your views on the current economic condition of Pakistan:

Anis Majeed: Current economic condition of Pakistan is weak. We need to improve it collectively as soon as possible. The new government is trying but still need to take concrete steps for betterment of the economy. The government should focus and fulfill the promises which they made during election campaigns. Good technocrat teams are required to run this country.

PAGE: Your views on the facilitation to the business community by the incumbent government:

Anis Majeed: So far, the government is not in a position to tackle its own problems. Until now the government has not been able to touch every aspect of the economy. The government is new to many dimensions in the economy and interaction with every business community is still pending. It will take some time before they can understand how the country works.

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