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KSBL – Redefining leadership

Education is one of the most crucial factors for socio-economic development of any country. Many resources play a part in the progress of any nation’s economy, but the most prominent one is the human capital. This is the prospective workforce of country and if handled meticulously and effectively, it can lead economy towards growth and prosperity. For that reason, quality education is an integral part of every government’s policy that plays a vital role in shaping young minds to work for sustainable economic growth.

In this era of potential economy, the prominent business leaders of country felt the need of a progressive business school in business and commercial hub. They envisioned Karachi School of Business and Leadership (KSBL)to be the graduate management school that would offer high-quality leading-edge programs to many talented young men and women, who can contribute in improving socio-economic landscape of Pakistan.

Ever since its inception in 2012, KSBL emerged as a leading educational institute to enhance business acumen of the students. Established under the Non-governmental Profit Organization, Karachi Education Initiative (KEI). Moreover Judge Business School, University of Cambridge was taken onboard as the partner under strategic collaboration for initial set up.

KSBL as a campus is spread over the area of 63,200 sq. ft. The main aim behind its foundation was to create a meaningful impact on the educational and business leadership landscape of Pakistan. Adhering to its vision, over these years this institute has played a significant role in establishment of socio-economic prerequisites, for economic development and sustainability of the country.

KSBL – Redefining leadershipChartered by the Government of Sindh and recognized by the HEC Pakistan, KSBL is the leading business school that is committedly providing global-standard higher education to talented students across the region. The aspect that gives this institute an edge is the presence of renowned business leaders onboard, such as our respected Chairman Mr. Hussain Dawood (Chairman, KEI), Mr. Muneer Kamal (CEO, KEI) and many others. Moreover our cutting-edge curriculum, experiential learning programs and the internationally renowned faculty members also make us stand out in the competitive market.

The outstanding team of faculty which is the backbone of this institute include Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed (Dean), Dr. Jawaid Ghani (Professor of Strategy & Marketing Research), Dr. Muhammad Athar Siddiqui (Associate Dean), Dr. Shoaib Ul Haq (Assistant Professor Digital Economy) and Dr. Muhammad Nadeem Javaid (Ex-Chief Economist & Existing Professor of Practice).They not only focus on cultivating business management skills but also on character-building of students, to produce young leaders with an exemplary character.

KSBL – Redefining leadershipOver the span of 6 years KSBL’s students’ body has expanded to threefold. The students enrolled in our MBA program are placed at reputable organizations like Mc-Kinsey, Engro, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Unilever, ICI, Imtiaz Super Market, Metro and many other MNCs and prominent large corporates. While most of the Alumni are well positioned across the business landscape, the most notable achievements are of Adnan Shaffi, the KSBL Alumnus of 2015. He got featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia List of 2018, for his exclusive tech venture and also won the 18th Asia Pacific ICT Award 2018 in Guangzhou, China.

In terms of teaching methodology the top notch curriculum at KSBL is designed to cultivate leadership and management skills in students. The curriculum encompasses all the essential components required to enhance the business management skills and analytical thinking of students. With advanced teaching methodology practiced here students become capable of efficiently handling the most complicated situations and persistently emerging challenges. From contemporary state-of-art classrooms to technology intensive campus facilities, the campus covers all the essentials for offering the comprehensive learning experience to students. The faculty here focuses on concept-based and experiential learning so that students are acquainted with the latest knowledge and technical tools, to be able to compete internationally. At KSBL we believe in producing opportunists that are exposed to multiple prospects of employment and social integration, on the national as well as international levels.

KSBL – Redefining leadership
Our action plan is constantly evolving to combat constantly emerging economical challenges. The Executive Education Services at KSBL offers different courses to escalate the performance level of individuals from corporate sector. Moreover in future we also plan to launch customized MBA programs which will be designed on the basis of strategic and operational requirements of different organizations.

KSBL offers its students an unmatchable learning experience by means of its exclusive CEO Mentorship Programs, Eminent Speaker Series, DEC (Developing Executive Capabilities) Sessions and Competency Assessments. In these activities and events iconic personalities from esteemed organizations come to the institute to develop myriad number of skills in participants, in the light of their own success stories and experiences for the professional development of students.

Moreover the institute also provides an opportunity to its students to participate in business competitions, which they have been continuously winning. In these competitions our students are given a chance to compete with top business schools of the country and showcase their true potential.

KSBL – Redefining leadershipKSBL is the only place where students besides leading-edge curriculum are also introduced to simulations and case-based pedagogy in MBA program. Apart from experiential exercises students are also assigned real time situations group projects, so that they learn to take smart decisions and recognize their weak spots, before entering into the competitive market. Every year there is also a simulation led business competition held here, by the name of SIMERGE, in which students are divided into teams and are given different case studies to work on. To cultivate the values of morality, ethics and discipline in students there is also a course on Personal Excellence taught in KSBL’s MBA program.

To ensure that talented students enrolled at KSBL do not experience any sort of budgetary constraints a need-blind admissions policy has been adopted. Apart from that generous need-based financial assistance and merit-based scholarships are offered.

To bridge the gap between corporate sector and academia and encourage the dissemination of knowledge, KSBL has also started off its Keynote Initiative. Besides conducting brief trainings and information sessions to escalate the performance level of individuals from the corporate sector, the initiative also focuses on inculcating leadership skills in them. The topics discussed in the sessions involve Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Business Ethics, Personal Excellence, Enhancing Leadership Capabilities and many more.

Ever since its establishment the institute has nurtured and developed young leaders, all settled in reputable organizations within the country as well as abroad.

Considering the rapid growth of Digital Economy in Pakistan, its innovation and application in economic sectors, KSBL has come up with its own initiative of KIDE (KSBL Initiative of Digital Economy).

This initiative is solely focused on institute’s contribution in offering key areas for development and cooperation, for the betterment of country’s digital landscape and its sustainable growth.

KSBL – Redefining leadershipAt the moment, Pakistan’s digital economy is experiencing high growth along with its broad application in distinctive economic sectors. It is not only an accelerator of global economic growth but also plays a significant role in the advancement of economic development and enhancement of productivity of existing industries. With aim to enable a thriving and dynamic digital economy, that accelerates global growth and recognition of country, KIDE is established to address opportunities and challenges present in the digital sector of Pakistan. It promotes communication and cooperation between the areas of academia and industries, to ensure that a strong, vibrant and connected economy is emerged, offering utmost convenience to all.

Besides focusing on academia, sports and games have equal importance in the education sector. Sound physique and stamina play a crucial role in the development of individuals with strong mind and body. Our students actively participate in playing football, cricket and table tennis. Apart from that there is also a sports week held at campus, so that students take a break from their studies and take part in extra-curricular activities.

There is no denying in the fact that ever since its establishment, KSBL has not only elevated the system of education in Pakistan, but has also contributed to improve the socio-economic state of the country. With its experiential learning programs and advanced curriculum it has not just reformed the old existing teaching methodology but has also broken ample of stereotypes, positively shaping mindsets of the younger generation, so that they can soar on the ladder of career with all the skills and knowledge, vigilantly overcoming any sort of obstacle that comes in the way.

The writer, Afreen Jaffery is a Content Specialist at Karachi School of Business & Leadership

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