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mycart.pk Named ‘Best Online Grocery’ at 13th Consumer Choice Awards:

mycart.pk, the leading Pakistani grocery store, has been honored with the Best Online Grocery Store award at the 13th Consumer Choice Awards 2018. The event was held in Karachi at Pearl Continental Hotel. Waqas Pervez – Head of Marketing, Mycart.pk, received the award on behalf of the company. mycart.pk provides a one-stop, enhanced shopping experience to consumers online, for their daily grocery needs and planned purchases of housewares, home textiles, toys, gifts, etc.

PTA will block all illegal and unregistered phones after October 20:

Millions of illegal mobile handsets are at the risk of being blocked by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) after October 20 as part of a massive drive against fake IMEIs throughout the country. According to the PTA, illegal mobile handsets that don’t come with a valid IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number will be blocked after the expiry of the deadline. In this regard, the telecom watchdog formally circulated an SMS recently, asking people to get their handsets verified and check if it possesses a valid IMEI number. Otherwise, it will be blocked after October 20.

Razer Phone 2 Sets New Benchmarks for Gaming Smartphones:

Razer is launching its second flagship gaming phone, the Razer Phone 2, that is meant to be a complete package for your gaming needs on the mini screen. This time the company isn’t missing out on anything. It has cutting-edge internals, a 120 Hz screen, great dual cameras, oh and even RGB lighting.

Teradata Unveils New Approach to Analytics Market, Starts ‘Investing in Answers’:

In the nearly 40 years since it was founded inside a Brentwood, California garage in 1979, Teradata has grown to become the dominant cloud-based data and analytics company, serving the largest and most visionary enterprises in the world. Meanwhile, ‘analytics’ has become a $200 billion industry, fueled by speed, scale, and competition within the rising digital economy.

NAB Approves Investigation Against Former Minister IT, Chairman PTA and Others in 3G, 4G Auction Case:

After initial inquiry and findings, the National Accountability Court (NAB) Chairman, Justice retired Javed Iqbal, has approved an investigation against Anusha Rahman, former Minister for Information Technology (IT), Ishaq Dar, former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and other Pakistan Telecommunication Authority higher management.

Lenovo Secures Top Spot in Global PC Market:

Lenovo has secured the top spot in the global PC market with a market share of 23.6% in the third quarter of 2018, as per the preliminary estimates released by Gartner, a market research firm. Gartner has recently issued the Preliminary Worldwide PC Vendor Unit Shipment Estimates for Q3 2018. These estimates are preliminary and subject to change, so take them with a grain of salt.

Parliament Opposes Adding Pornography & Blasphemy to Cyber Crime Law:

Parliamentarians, on Wednesday, opposed the proposed amendment to the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA), 2016, by bringing blasphemy and pornography within the ambit of the cybercrime law. However, they recommended the inclusion of extradition clauses for bringing those who are involved in blasphemy online i.e. by using the internet, social media, phone, etc, to book and proceed against them as allowed in the UN Charter.

Pakistan Improves its Ranking in Global Anti-Money Laundering Index:

Pakistan has improved its ranking in the global anti-money laundering index, as per the Basel Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Report 2018 released a day ago. According to the Basel AML Index, Pakistan has improved exactly by 0.08 points and scored 6.49 on the index. However, the score is still above 5, which implies that the country is among the most vulnerable countries regarding terrorist financing and money laundering.

Google Unveils Home Hub With a Screen and a New Chromecast:

With Amazon launching the updated Echo Show and Facebook introducing its new Portal System, Google has joined the fad of the smart displays by launching its Home Hub, which, in a manner of speaking, is Google Assistant with a smart screen. Other than the Home Hub, Google has also launched an updated Chromecast. Both developments have their own unique features.

5 Reasons Why the Huawei Mate 20 Pro Could be the Best Smartphone of 2018:

The smartphone market is one of the most volatile segments of the electronics industry, seeing major changes in the span of a single year. Some companies struggle in keeping up with the pace, but some define the trends and set the direction for everyone else to follow. Previously, a lot of phone makers looked towards Samsung or Apple for inspiration (or imitation in some extreme cases). However, that all changed when a few Chinese companies stepped forward with their own fresh ideas on what the ideal smartphone should be.


Apple hires engineers from UK company Dialog:

Apple is adding 300 computer chip engineers to its team after striking a deal to hire them from one of its British suppliers. It is paying Dialog Semiconductor $300m (£227m) for the acquisition, which also includes some of the Reading-based company’s patents and facilities.

Apple has long used Dialog’s products to monitor and control power consumption in its iPhones and iPads.

BBC News disrupted by software glitch:

The Media had to replace live broadcasts with recorded material on its TV news channels for about an hour on Wednesday following a technical glitch. The News at Six and News at Ten were also presented from the BBC’s Millbank studio instead of the usual facilities at New Broadcasting House. The issue affected OpenMedia, a new computer system rolled out across BBC News outlets over the past six months.

Virtual lives: Could VR change how we think of others?:

Researchers are studying whether ‘embodiment’ — where you can see and control a virtual reality body — has effects in the real world. Some experiments have suggested that giving people a virtual body can improve cognitive abilities and enhance their interest in a particular subject or reduce racial bias and domestic violence.

Amazon scrapped ‘sexist AI’ tool:

An algorithm that was being tested as a recruitment tool by online giant Amazon was sexist and had to be scrapped, according to a Reuters report. The artificial intelligence system was trained on data submitted by applicants over a 10-year period, much of which came from men, it claimed. Reuters was told by members of the team working on it that the system effectively taught itself that male candidates were preferable

Fibre island: How Jersey went ultra-fast:

Full-fibre broadband for everyone — right to the door. That was the new standard set by the UK government back in the summer. Just 5% of homes can get that right now, so making it available nationwide will take years of work and billions of pounds of investment. But in Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, things look very different. It has just completed the rollout of its full-fibre network to 40,000 homes and business premises.

German satellites sense Earth’s lumps and bumps:

The German space agency (DLR) has released a spectacular 3D map of Earth.

Built from images acquired by two radar satellites, it traces the variations in height across all land surfaces – an area totalling more than 148 million sq km.

DLR is making the map free and open, enabling any scientist to download and use it.

There will be myriad applications, from forecasting where flood waters flow to planning big infrastructure projects.

Walmart planning net-connected trolley:

US retail giant Walmart has applied for a patent for a smart shopping trolley that can track a shopper’s heart rate, temperature, grip and walking speed.

Such a system would provide valuable information about how shoppers respond to different stores, it said. The patent, submitted in February, would see trolleys fitted with sensors which in turn send data over the internet to Walmart’s servers.

Google Pixel 3 phones launch during privacy storm:

Google has launched its latest smartphones under the shadow of a data exposure scandal. The Pixel 3 handsets introduce new photography features including a much higher-quality digital zoom than before.

The company suggests the innovation shows it has no need to place more than one camera on the handsets’ rear.

Countdown on for world’s longest non-stop flight:

The battle to offer the world’s longest non-stop flight steps up a gear on Thursday, when a new Singapore-to-New York service takes off. Singapore Airlines is relaunching the service five years after they withdrew it because it had become too expensive. It will cover more than 15,000km and is scheduled to take just under 19 hours.

James Murdoch tipped to lead Tesla board:

James Murdoch could become the next head of Tesla’s board of directors. He is “the favourite” to replace Elon Musk, who currently serves as both board chairman and chief executive, the Financial Times has reported. However, Mr Musk said on Twitter that the FT report was ‘incorrect’ without providing any further detail.

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