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The on-going energy crisis & an update on CPEC (facts & Figures)

China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)
CPEC-energy priority projects
Project Name MW Estimated Cost (US$ M)
2×660MW Coal-fired Power Plants at Port Qasim Karachi 1320 1912.2
Suki Kinari Hydropower Station, Naran,Khyber Pukhtunkhwa 870 1956
Sahiwal 2x660MW Coal-fired Power Plant, Punjab 1320 1912.2
Engro Thar Block II 2×330MW Coal fired Power Plant 660 2,000
TEL 1×330MW Mine Mouth Lignite Fired Power Project at Thar Block-II, Sindh, Pakistan 330
ThalNova 1×330MW Mine Mouth Lignite Fired Power Project at Thar Block-II, Sindh, Pakistan 330
Surface mine in block II of Thar Coal field, 3.8 million tons/year 1,470
Hydro China Dawood Wind Farm(Gharo, Thatta) 49.5 112.65
300MW Imported Coal Based Power Project at Gwadar, Pakistan 300 Yet to be determined
Quaid-e-Azam 1000 MW Solar Park (Bahawalpur) Quaid-e-Azam 300 1,302
UEP Wind Farm (Jhimpir, Thatta) 99 250
Sachal Wind Farm (Jhimpir, Thatta) 49.5 134
SSRL Thar Coal Block-I 6.8 mtpa &SEC Mine Mouth Power Plant(2×660MW) 1320 2,000 + 1,300
Karot Hydropower Station 720 1698
Three Gorges Second Wind Power Project 49.5 150
Three Gorges Third Wind Power Project 49.5
CPHGC 1,320MW Coal-fired Power Plant, Hub,Balochistan 1320 1912.2
Matiari to Lahore ±660kV HVDC Transmission Line Project 1658.34
Matiari (Port Qasim) —Faisalabad Transmission Line Project 1,500
Thar Mine Mouth Oracle Power Plant ( 1320MW) & surface mine 1320 Yet to be determined
CPEC-energy actively promoted projects
Project Name MW Estimated Cost(US$ M)
Kohala Hydel Project, AJK 1100 2355
Rahimyar khan imported fuel Power Plant 1320 MW 1320 1,600
Cacho 50MW Wind Power Project 50
Western Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. 50MW Wind Power Project 50
CPEC-potential energy projects
Project Name MW Estimated Cost(US$ M)
Phandar Hydropower Station 80
Gilgit KIU Hydropower 100


CPEC infrastructure projects
Project Name Length (KM) Estimated Cost(US$ M)
KKH Phase II (Thakot -Havelian Section) 118 1,366
Peshawar-Karachi Motorway (Multan-Sukkur Section) 392 2,980
Khuzdar-Basima Road N-30 (110 km) 110 80
Upgradation of D.I.Khan (Yarik) – Zhob, N-50 Phase-I (210 km) 210 195
KKH Thakot-Raikot N35 remaining portion (136 Km) 136 719.8
Expansion and reconstruction of existing Line ML-1 1,830 8,172
Havelian Dry port (450 M. Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units) 65
Capacity Development of Pakistan Railways
CPEC Gwadar projects
S.No Project Name Estimated Cost(US$ M)
1 Gwadar East-Bay Expressway 140.6
2 New Gwadar International Airport 230
3 Construction of Breakwaters 123
4 Dredging of berthing areas & channels 27
5 Development of Free Zone 32
6 Necessary facilities of fresh water treatment, water supply and distribution 130
7 Pak China Friendship Hospital 100
8 Pak-China Technical and Vocational Institute at Gwadar 10
9 Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan 4
10 Bao Steel Park, petrochemicals, stainless steel and other industries in Gwadar
11 Development of Gwadar University (Social Sector Development)
12 Gwadar Livelihood Project
CPEC Others Projects
S.No Project Name Estimated Cost (US$ M)
1 Cross Border Optical Fiber Cable 44
2 Pilot Project of Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcast (DTMB)
3 Early Warning System (EWS), Pakistan Meteorological Department

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