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Pakistan Railways to Launch Wi-Fi and Online Tracking System:

Pakistan Railways will provide Wi-Fi and tracking system facility to the passengers as well as to freight trains within a 100 days. Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, stated that overseas Pakistanis are offering free of cost services for providing wi-fi and tracking facilities for passenger trains.

Facebook Adds New Tools to Prevent Harassment and Bullying:

Facebook is adding new features to protect its users from cyber harassment and bullying, which is a common occurrence on social media platforms. Users will now have more tools on Facebook to deal with comments and harassers online. One of the new changes is that you can select multiple comments that you think are hurtful to you and hide or delete them altogether.

LG’s V40 ThinQ is the First Phone with 5 Cameras:

LG V40 ThinQ is finally live, and is the first three-camera phone from LG whose camera set up is significantly different from Huawei’s P20 Pro. It has a total of five cameras – two on the front and three on the rear. It’s also the first LG V-series phone to have a notched display, though the cutout is much smaller than other phones, and the upper bezel has been made slightly thicker to keep the notch less noticeable.

Microsoft Upgrades Surface Studio 2 With High-End Hardware:

Microsoft is bringing another update to its collaboration-centered Surface Studio. Like the more mobile Surface Laptop 2 and Pro 6, the new Surface Studio 2 features more improvements under the hood than on the outside, which is expected given the first Surface Studio was announced way back in October 2016. At the top still sits a large 28-inch touchscreen, with a crisp 4500 x 3000 resolution. However, the panel now has individual transistors controlling each pixel this time around.

Huawei Adds Aima Baig as Brand Ambassador and Launches a New Pearl Color:

Huawei has two exciting announcements to make with the unveiling of their brand ambassador for the Huawei nova 3 series, Aima Baig, with an upbeat track called the Nova Song. The company is also opening pre-orders for the Pearl White version of Huawei nova 3i, which can be pre-booked from October 01 – 05, 2018 for PKR 39,999.

FIA Arrest ATM Hacker in Islamabad:

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested a suspect involved in hacking Automated teller machines (ATM) through fake ATM cards. According to FIA suspect, Amir Ghafoor has been arrested in Islamabad. The Cyber Crime Wing of FIA recovered fake ATM cards, chips used in hacking from the suspect. The suspect is an important member of hackers group involved in ATM hacking in Punjab province of Pakistan.

Xiaomi is Launching an Eco-friendly Jacket That Never Needs to be Washed:

Xiaomi, a big name in the tech industry, has introduced a unique Dupont Jacket under its Uleemark subsidiary. Among many, the most interesting feature of this jacket is that it does not need to be washed at all. This jacket is currently up for crowdfunding for 459 yuan ($66). What makes it special is that it can survive temperatures between -73°C and 100°C, all the while maintaining an ideal thermal temperature.

Microsoft’s Latest Surface Pro 6 Starts at a Lower Price Than Before:

Last night saw Microsoft update its Surface lineup of machines, with an emphasis on consistency and build-up over past features. Nothing typified this approach more than the latest iteration of the Surface Pro convertible. It seems obvious that Microsoft is sticking with the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach in its case.

HP’s Spectre Folio is a Leather Clad Ultrabook with 18 Hours of Battery Life:

HP is looking to alter the definition of the high-end PC with its new Spectre Folio. For the Spectre, being high-end doesn’t just mean good performance, but also a premium build, this time with a leather (!) build. This finish is available in Cognac Brown and Bordeaux color variants.

FIA Receives List of 3,550 Pakistanis with Properties in Dubai:

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has confirmed that it has received a list of 3,550 Pakistanis having properties in Dubai from Emaar Properties, a renowned construction company and land developer in the emirate. As per the available details, the company has issued lists of 34,000 property-owners, with 3,550 among those who are of Pakistani nationality. Many of those Pakistanis reside in Pakistan or Dubai currently, as disclosed by the addresses provided in the list.



Russia GRU claims: UK points finger at Kremlin’s military intelligence:

The UK government has accused Russia’s military intelligence service of being behind four high-profile cyber-attacks. The National Cyber Security Centre says targets included firms in Russia and Ukraine; the US Democratic Party; and a small TV network in the UK. A Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman described the accusation as a “rich fantasy of our colleagues from Britain”.

Pre-schoolers are watching more online video:

Three out of four children under-five now has access to a tablet, smartphone or computer, according to a study. Market researcher Childwise asked more than 1,000 UK parents about their pre-schooler offspring’s media habits. It said three-quarters of the children had access to a connected device and most of the three- and four-year-olds had their own tablet or PC.

Meet Moxi: the hospital robot helping nurses:

Moxi is a “socially intelligent” hospital robot that can autonomously pick up and deliver medical supplies. The robot, developed by Diligent Robotics has gone into service at three hospitals in Texas as part of pilot programme. Moxi takes on non-patient-facing logistical tasks and by reducing trips by nurses to supply rooms, Diligent believes Moxi can free up nursing staff for other duties.

Presidential alert: US mobile phones get test message:

More than 200 million US mobile phones have received a test “Presidential Alert” notification. The trial is designed to check that a previously unused emergency communications system works properly. Unlike other alerts – such as natural disaster warnings – there was no way to opt out, except switching a device off or otherwise blocking its connection.

UberEats workers join fast food strike:

UberEats riders and a small number of workers from JD Wetherspoon, McDonald’s and TGI Fridays are striking over pay on Thursday. Walkouts will be held in several UK cities, along with a rally in London. The industrial action is being taken in tandem with strikes by fast food workers on four continents.

Facebook data breach probe launched by Irish watchdog:

The Irish Data Protection Commission has formally begun an investigation into Facebook’s recent data breach. It will now decide whether the firm should be fined for failing to prevent hackers from being able to access up to 50 million users’ accounts. Earlier this year, the social network picked the regulator to be its “one-stop shop” for oversight of its compliance with EU privacy rules.

Wikipedia’s broken links fixed by the Internet Archive:

Nine million broken Wikipedia links have been fixed thanks to an alliance with the Internet Archive. The online encyclopedia’s editors have long been encouraged to provide links to web-based sources. But the details can be lost if the third-party sites close or update their pages. To address this, visitors are now pointed to snapshots of what the sites used to show, when required.

Disney ‘graffiti drone’ tags walls:

Disney is known for its clean and tidy theme parks so it may come as a surprise to see it has developed a graffiti-spraying drone. Its research and development division has been working on a drone equipped with a spray-paint gun that can tag walls and even paint 3D objects. The researchers hope the idea will result in drones that can paint walls quickly and accurately.

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