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A kingpin in making Malka superior in taste and quality

A kingpin in making Malka superior in taste and quality

Interview with Mr Faisal Mubin Ganatra – CEO and Director, Malka Foods

Profile – Faisal Mubin Ganatra

Mr. Faisal Mubin Ganatra, CEO and Director of Malka Foods, is a bright, dynamic, and visionary member of the society who has been a game-changer in every field that has been fortunate to have him. By sharing his success story, we hope to inspire others to lead from the front as well.

Faisal Ganatra is one of those people who has defied and turned on its head, the saying, ‘jack of all, master of none.’ Not only has he been involved in prominent sectors like energy, food, beverages, shipping, real estate, logistic solutions, auditing and consultancy services, he has also played key roles in carving a successful path for the companies he has been a part of. The many feathers in his cap are a testament to his highly impressive list of accomplishments. Before beginning his entrepreneurial journey, he had been associated with Deloitte & Touch, Grant Thornton, AES Thermal Power, Pepsi Cola, Shan Foods and Mega & Forbes companies in various capacities as Group CEO, COO, and CFO.

His two decades of experience covers vast areas of industry sectors; general management, global sales and marketing leadership, strategic planning and visioning, corporate and strategic finance, taxation, accounting, and management consultancy. This level of diversity combined with his self-starter attitude has now led him to venture confidently into entrepreneurial waters.

He decided to promote entrepreneurship based on the teachings and Sunnah of Holy Prophet (PBUH). He is now engaged in two business ventures as Chief Executive Officer & Director of Malka Foods (Pvt) Limited, (FMCG) & TMH Enterprise (motorcycle spare parts).

Despite having achieved so much at a young age, Faisal Ganatra has remained remarkably humble and down to earth. He credits all his success and hard work to Allah SWT. He firmly believes that everything happens with the will of Allah SWT and one should be good in his intentions so as to get the blessings of our creator.

Apart from his expertise in professional arena, Ganatra is also an avowed humanist and a committed philanthropist. He is a director of Pakistan Indonesia Business Council — FPCCI and also an active member of Institute Chartered Accountant of Pakistan (ICAP), Institute of Public Finance Accountant, Supply Chain Association of Pakistan, Marketing Association of Pakistan, Okhai Memon Youth Services and Memon Professional Forum.

A keen book reader, curious traveler and socially active young man, Faisal Mubin is all geared up to inspire the society towards a positive change!

Short Introduction

A visionary leader and an avowed philanthropist, Faisal Mubin Ganatra is the brains behind Malka Foods Ltd. He is the CEO and Director. He has previously been involved with top rung MNCs where he has left an indelible mark through his work. He humbly credits all his success to Allah SWT. Besides his entrepreneurial ventures, he is also an active member of various social services groups.


Malka Foods is an upcoming FMCG brand, which promises innovative product line and recipe mixes with superior taste, health and quality. We spoke to Mr. Faisal Mubin Ganatra, CEO and director of Malka Foods, to learn more about his company and what kind of innovation are they bringing to the table.

PAGE: Thank you for meeting with us, Mr. Mubin. To start off with, can you give us a brief overview of what your brand Malka Foods is all about?

Faisal Mubin Ganatra: Malka Foods is a global food company which wants to become the market leader in culinary kitchen brand category. For us, Pakistan is synonymous with diversity and we want to cater to all kinds of customers and their taste buds through our out-of-the-box Recipe Mixes. Our diverse product range which also includes spices, pulses, dry fruits and tomato ketchup among others.

PAGE:. Why did you decide to get into business? Where did you get the inspiration from?

Faisal Mubin Ganatra: See, over the course of my career, I have been a key part of many reputable multi-national corporations as their CEO. After accomplishing significant milestones, I realised it was time to start my own food business, which would be based on the idea of providing safe and healthy food for all consumers without compromising on taste and quality. I have studied and done thorough research on the food industry and I know the market inside out. It was my dream to head a global food company and I feel immensely grateful to say that the dream has finally come to fruition thanks to Allah SWT.

PAGE: What does Malka’s diverse product range offer?

Faisal Mubin Ganatra: We believe in versatility and as a holistic food company, our product range includes Plain Spices, Recipe Mixes, Premium Pulses, Salt, Fried Onions, Dry Fruits and Tomato Ketchup. Inshallah, very soon we will also expand to include Premium Rice and Frozen Food items in our list as well. All of our products are sourced from the best raw materials and processed naturally which makes Malka far superior in taste and quality.

PAGE: You mentioned commitment to safe and healthy food as one of the core brand values of Malka. What steps have you taken to practically achieve this?

Faisal Mubin Ganatra: We at Malka prioritise food that is wholesome and of high quality which is why all the ingredients utilized in our products are 100% authentic and pure. Our products contain no addition of MSG and is completely gluten free. It poses absolutely no dietary risk. We take our customer health and food safety very seriously and only offer top quality, organic products unmatched by any other brand in the market.

PAGE: What makes Malka uniquely different from other brands in the same category?

Faisal Mubin Ganatra: It’s pretty simple actually. We have combined innovation with convenience. We have introduced a new product line of Recipe Mixes, offering a range of flavours from all regions of Pakistan and beyond. From Hyderabadi Achaar Gosht to Lucknowi Biryani, these masala mixes bring the signature dishes into the limelight and has taken convenience to a whole new level by offering our consumers what was not available in the market before. This view is also reflected in our thematic campaign tagline; ‘Kuch Naya Pakao.’


PAGE: How have you made your brand values resonate with your customers? What would make them want to buy Malka products?

Faisal Mubin Ganatra: As a culinary kitchen brand, we aim to become our valued customers preferred choice. With our innovative, convenient and affordable product range, we are committed to offering the best we can. We will never compromise on health, quality and taste because at the end of the day, we are all answerable to Allah SWT. Also, we have a keen understanding of local norms and cultural traditions, and we highly encourage men and women to be able to prepare delicious home cooked meals.

PAGE: What does brand ‘Malka’ mean to the consumers?  If it were a human being, what kind of a person would Malka be?  Does it have a unique identity?  Is it relevant and is it authentic?

Faisal Mubin Ganatra: Malka embodies the perfect combination of quality, taste and convenience. It is a modern day choice since innovation is at its peak and the tastebuds are being more open to new flavours, they practically demand it.

Malka is a person who experiments, wants to bring something of her own on the table. She has a progressive outlook and constantly looks to improve and re-vitalize itself through innovative and most modern product offerings. She is young and energetic who sets herself high benchmarks willing to inspire and lead its consumers towards achieving newer heights in quality and taste. This personality can be easily reflected in the customer feedback about the brand Malka based on brand equity studies. Customers refer to Malka as a reliable, trustworthy partner who provides convenience, peace of mind and innovative products.

PAGE: Will the consumers allow the brand ‘Malka’ the license to extend its appeal beyond masalas?

Faisal Mubin Ganatra: Malka’s brand essence is taste. The brand stands for providing the best tasting meals which always delight consumers. Staying within this realm Malka can innovate and expand its product line beyond masalas into other related categories such as basic spices and ingredients, salt and accompaniments. Infact, we are hopeful that our customers will enjoy the uniqueness and quality that Malka offers in its spices in all our other product categories.

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PAGE: What are your future plans for Malka?

Faisal Mubin Ganatra: In terms of marketing, packaging, and advertising, Malka already stands out as a brand. We aim to make premium affordable and quality reachable. We will be expanding our product portfolio to include Premium Rice and Frozen Food very soon. With the grace of Almighty Allah, we will soon become the best performing and trusted consumer products company and we look forward to everyone’s continued support.

Facebook: Malka foods, Website: malkafoods.com.pk

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