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A Robot May Take Your Job Sooner Than You Think

by Martin Armstrong

The World Economic Forum has just published its report “The Future of Jobs 2018” on the future of the world of work. According to the foundation, 52% of current job tasks will be performed by robots from 2025. The study was conducted in 20 countries around the world and from companies operating in 12 different sectors.

Our chart shows the ratio of man-machine work time in 2018 as well as the forecast for 2022 for a number of work tasks. For each task, the share of the machine hours is predicted to experience a significant increase of between 32% and 59%. In addition to research-intensive tasks, the identification and evaluation of information, activities related to administration, management and consulting are set to also undergo a significant transformation alongside developments in automation and artificial intelligence.

According to the study, 75 million jobs could be eliminated by 2022 in sectors such as customer management centers, accounting, postal services or assembly plants. Nevertheless, the World Economic Forum estimates that the ‘robot revolution’ could create a net 58 million new jobs over the next five years.


Infographic: A Robot May Take Your Job Sooner Than You Think | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

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