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YouTube Kids Now Lets Parents Control What Content their Children Can View:

YouTube Kids has added a new feature that now lets parents whitelist videos and channels that their children can access. The feature has been rolled out to the Android platform in all regions currently. iOS users will have to wait a bit for the update to the YouTube Kids app for now.

Huawei is Going to Launch a Foldable Phone Within 1 Year:

Huawei just confirmed that it will launch its first, and probably the world’s first foldable smartphone (if Samsung doesn’t beat them to the punch) within a year. As the Chinese giant already gave us a deadline for when it’ll unveil the supposedly “next big thing” in the smartphone market, Samsung already laid arms and said that its foldable smartphone won’t be launching this year.

Playing Dirty: Windows 10 Now Warns Users Against Firefox and Chrome:

Addressing users which use its pre-installed browser to install Chrome or Firefox, Microsoft will show a new warning in future updates that directs users toward using Edge. The warning was noted by testers in the upcoming Windows 10 October Update, which is pretty much in its final stages now. It hasn’t been confirmed that the final version of the OS will come with it, though, chances of that are on the slimmer side.

Uber Launches New Look in a Major Rebrand:

Uber is going for a new look and just changed its logo to have a simpler, more recognizable font while using a similar black and white color scheme. As part of its rebranding efforts, that are being rolled out in the coming months, the popular ride-hailing company updated its website and mobile app with the new logo. Inside the app, there are no changes in the interface other than the main icon and the company logo.

Huawei Mate 20 Leak Shows a Tablet Sized 6.9-Inch AMOLED Display:

In the same vein as the recent iPhones, rumors are swirling for the upcoming Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro phones. The latest such leak comes courtesy of SlashLeaks, which obtained a shot of Mate 20 Pro’s front panel. The phone looks like pretty much any other 2018 flagship, with minimum bezels and a sizable notch at the top of the display panel. The expansive notch makes the 3D facial recognition capabilities possible on the phone, thanks to additional IR sensors alongside the 24 MP selfie shooter.

Apple Discontinues iPhone X, 6S, and SE:

Apple has officially discontinued the iPhone X, iPhone 6S, and iPhone SE following the launch of three new iPhone’s recently. It’s quite unusual for Apple to get rid of three previous models at the same time. Usually, the company announces a price decrease or other discounts for its earlier phones when a new iPhone comes out.

Use of Facebook for Checking News is Declining:

After numerous fake news scandals, privacy concerns, and other irregularities, people’s trust on Facebook is at a record low. According to the latest study, people are relying less on Facebook to check the latest news. This research was conducted by Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ) and Kantar Media, a data company, as they studied the latest trends of user activity on various social networks.

New Exploit Lets Hackers Bypass Encryption on Macs and PCs:

If you thought disk encryption was completely impervious to attacks from outside, you may need to reconsider. According to a new report by the security firm F-Secure, findings of which were published by TechCrunch, nearly all encryption methods are vulnerable to attacks during startup. During its testing, the company found a new exploit using the good-old cold boot. When your PC or laptop is turned off, it overwrites the memory so it can’t be read.

Careem Announces Promo Codes for Multiple Ride Types in Islamabad:

It’s Thursday and well, everything feels absolutely terrific! How many of you out there love Careem and love to use is it on a regular basis? I guess everyone. I mean, is there anything that beats the convenience and affordability which Careem has brought to public transport. You really can’t disagree here! Not only that but they keep coming out with those much-coveted promo codes every now and then. Who doesn’t love them?! This time they’re here with another super duper promo.

Huawei Thanks Apple for “Keeping Things the Same”:

Apple launched its latest, most powerful trio of iPhones – including iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR – yesterday with the exact same designs as the older iPhone X, and pretty much similar features.

This was an important launch for smartphone companies, media channels, and other related entities, as Apple has remained one of the dominant figures in the smartphone market. Huawei, another smartphone-maker that has a significant presence in the market, decided to troll Apple over Twitter.



Nintendo announces raft of new games for Switch console:

Several Final Fantasy games, including VII, IX and X will arrive on the Switch console next year, Nintendo has announced. The Japanese firm also revealed a number of new Switch games, such as Animal Crossing and the latest in the Luigi’s Mansion series. These would also launch in 2019, according to the company.

EU network charges could revive roaming fees:

“Put back those roaming charges we’ve just scrapped? We wouldn’t dream of it!” That’s the public message coming from the UK mobile phone operators about the threat of higher costs for travellers from a “no deal” Brexit. But off the record there is a subtler message – it all depends on what our continental colleagues do.

Amazon chief Jeff Bezos gives $2bn to help the homeless:

Amazon chief Jeff Bezos is putting $2bn (£1.5bn) into a charitable fund he has established to help the homeless and set up a new network of schools.

The world’s richest man announced the move in a tweet, saying the charity would be called the Day One Fund. Mr Bezos – reportedly worth more than $164 billion – has faced criticism for not doing more philanthropic work. And US Senator Bernie Sanders has criticised working conditions in Amazon warehouses.

Edward Snowden surveillance powers ruled unlawful:

The UK’s bulk interception powers, exposed by the whistleblower Edward Snowden, have been found to be illegal by the European Court of Human Rights. In a landmark judgement, the court ruled agencies had violated rights as there were no proper safeguards. The court crucially said bulk interception was legitimate and it had seen no evidence it had been abused.

Apple iPhone XS unveiled alongside fall-detecting Watch:

Apple has updated its iPhone X handset with three more powerful models, two of which are larger than before.

The iPhone XS Max has a 6.5in (16.5cm) display. The iPhone XS has the same 5.8in-sized component as the original. The iPhone XR’s screen is 6.1in but is lower quality. A new smartwatch was also launched with an added fall-detection function.

Fear book: Amazon glitch mixes in L Ron Hubbard novel reviews:

Amazon placed reviews for a novel by the founder of scientology on to the page for a new book on Donald Trump, according to tech news site Gizmodo. “I found Fear to be the biggest piece of garbage I have ever read,” one reviewer of L Ron Hubbard’s Fear had written in 2000. This and other reviews of the novel were briefly linked to Fear: Trump in the White House, by Bob Woodward.

BBC solves World Cup streaming delay:

The BBC says it has worked out how to eliminate “streaming lag”, which causes live TV to be delayed by several seconds when watched online.

Many online viewers of football’s World Cup in the summer heard neighbours cheering goals they had not yet seen happen, because the online stream was a few seconds behind the TV broadcast. BBC Research & Development said it has now managed to “eliminate” the delay. However, its software is not ready to be rolled out to the public yet.

Google defends Trump election reaction:

Google has defended the way its bosses greeted the election of Donald Trump, after criticism by right-wing media.

A video published on Wednesday by the Breitbart website shows senior executives commenting the morning after the 2016 election. During the 60-minute presentation, Google co-founder Sergey Brin said he found the election “deeply offensive”.

Microsoft tests rival browser ‘warnings’:

Microsoft is testing pop-up warnings that trigger when users start to install the Chrome or Firefox web browsers.

The warnings appear on Windows 10 and remind people they already have Microsoft’s Edge browser installed. Text in the pop-up claims that Edge is a “faster, safer” browser for the Windows 10 operating system. The prompts are included in versions of Windows 10 that trial novel future features.

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