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Economic Indicator Of Pakistan

An economic indicator is a statistic about an economic activity. Economic indicators allow analysis of economic performance and predictions of future performance. Economic indicators include various indices, earnings reports, and economic summaries.


Pakistan – Economic Indicators
Unemployment Rate5.9 %Dec/165.9
Employed Persons57420 ThousandDec/1556520
Unemployed Persons3620 ThousandDec/153580
Population200 MillionDec/17208
Living Wage Family28800 PKR/MonthDec/1729000
Living Wage Individual14400 PKR/MonthDec/1714500
Wages High Skilled49800 PKR/MonthDec/1741100
Wages Low Skilled20700 PKR/MonthDec/1717000
Foreign Exchange Reserves16407 USD MillionJun/1815913
Loans To Private Sector4642438 PKR MillionJul/184674536
Remittances5017 USD MillionJun/184862
Gold Reserves64.6 TonesJun/1864.6
Capital Flows-3913 USD MillionJun/18-1100
Crude Oil Production88 BBL/D/1KMay/1890
Foreign Direct Investment3435 USD MillionDec/173165
Terrorism Index8.4Dec/168.61
Government Debt to GDP67.2 %Dec/1766.5
Government Budget-5.8 % of GDPDec/17-4.6
Government Budget Value-1864 PKR BillionDec/17-1349
Government Spending1587677 PKR MillionDec/171405639
Government Revenues4937 PKR BillionDec/174447
Credit Rating19.09
Fiscal Expenditure6800 PKR BillionDec/175796
Government Debt24211 PKR BillionJun/1823770
Military Expenditure10378 USD MillionDec/179974
Industrial Production0.78 %Jun/182.86
Manufacturing Production0.5 %Jun/182.8
Changes in Inventories209611 PKR MillionDec/17188442
Internet Speed2327 KBpsMar/172436
IP Addresses2921934 IPMar/172917426
Cement Production2639 Thousands of TonnesJun/183498
Competitiveness Index3.67 PointsDec/183.49
Competitiveness Rank115Dec/18122
Corruption Index32 PointsDec/1732
Corruption Rank117Dec/17116
Ease of Doing Business147Dec/17144
Electricity Production7976 Gigawatt-hourDec/178052
Industrial Production Mom-4.33 %Jun/18-2.1
Consumer Confidence44.81 Index PointsJul/1847.61
Consumer Spending10626857 PKR MillionDec/179167259
Consumer Credit612329 PKR MillionJul/18606233
Gasoline Prices0.77 USD/LiterAug/180.74
Private Sector Credit5537753 PKR MillionJul/185561769
Corporate Tax Rate31 %Dec/1831
Personal Income Tax Rate20 %Dec/1820
Sales Tax Rate17 %Dec/1817
Precipitation6.35 mmDec/158.79
Temperature10.83 celsiusDec/1516.09

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