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Asia To Lead Pilot Demand Over The Next Two Decades

by Niall McCarthy

If you’re keen on becoming a commercial pilot, it might be a good idea to start searching for a job in Asia. A forecast from Boeing says that over the next two decades, the Asia-Pacific region will need 261,000 new pilots and 317,000 new cabin crew members with half of the positions materializing in China. That’s going to occur due to continuing economic growth and rising wealth levels, both of which will contribute to higher numbers of people traveling. That increase in wealth is also going to see a considerable expansion of the business aviation sector, especially private jets and helicopters.

In total, China is expected to need 128,000 pilots between now and 2037 while Boeing estimated that 40 percent of its new aircraft deliveries will go to customers across Asia. Demand for pilots will also continue to be strong in North America with the retirement of older pilots expected to contribute to a need for 206,000 new positions up to 2037. Elsewhere, Europe is expected to need 146,000 while the Middle East will require 64,000. Globally, total demand over the coming two decades will be 790,000, of which 635,000 will be in commercial aviation, 96,000 in business aviation and 59,000 in the helicopter sector.


Infographic: Asia To Lead Pilot Demand Over The Next Two Decades | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

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