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Where The EU’s Prices Are Higher & Lower Than Average

by Niall McCarthy

Across the European Union, price levels for consumer goods vary hugely. According to Eurostat, Denmark and Luxembourg had the highest price levels in the EU last year, with both countries 141 percent more expensive than average. Sweden, (134.7 percent), Ireland (127.8 percent) and Finland (123.3 percent) rounded off the top-five. The situation is better for shoppers in Europe’s major economic powerhouses with France and Germany 106.7 and 104.4 percent higher than average respectively. Poland, (53.2 percent), Romania (43.4 percent) and Bulgaria (44 percent) were the three countries with the lowest average prices for consumer goods in the EU in 2017.


Infographic: Where The EU's Prices Are Higher & Lower Than Average | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

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