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VIP flags working for the honor and dignity of the country

VIP flags working for the honor and dignity of the country

Interview with Shaikh Nisar Ahmed Perchamwala — Managing Director, VIP FLAGS

PAGE: Tell me something about yourself and your organization, please:

Shaikh Nisar Ahmed Perchamwala: I am popularly known as Babae Percham. My family background is related with textile manufacturing. In 1984, I was the first to produce Pakistan National Flag with latest rotary printing machine on the finest quality fabric. I was very much stunned to see that our nation till that time did not know the correct color and proportions of our National Flag. I wrote a letter to the Interior Ministry and they sent me the booklet in which I found the original color and specification of the Pakistani Flag. At that time, I found the company titled VIP FLAGS and started the flag business professionally. In 2004, Shell Pakistan ordered our company to produce the world’s largest Pakistan flag. It is still an honor for being the manufacturer of the world’s largest Pakistani flag measuring 173,400 square feet and it is an honor that Pakistan name is in Guinness Book of World Record.

PAGE: There is a common perception that China-made Pakistani flags and related accessories have captured a huge market share. Your views:

Shaikh Nisar Ahmed Perchamwala: VIP FLAGS is proud for being the first and the biggest flag manufacturing firm. We are making and exporting quality flags to almost all parts of the world. China-made Pakistani flags cater to a big part of the market due to the wrong perception that China-made Pakistani flags are cheaper in price. Not everything coming from China is cheaper. Pakistan is one of the leading textile manufacturing countries of the world and we are competing with the China-made flags in UAE and in the rest of the Gulf market also. Yes, the accessories and other items like badges, masks, caps and other decorative items made by China are cheaper in prices comparatively. However, China-made Pakistani flags are definitely not better than VIP FLAGS.


PAGE: Kindly tell us about the technology being used for the manufacturing of flags:

Shaikh Nisar Ahmed Perchamwala: Adopting latest technology always plays vital role for the survival of every business. VIP FLAGS uses every latest technology of printing from screen printing to rotary printing and from flat belt printing to sublimation printing. Use of heat-cutting technology does not require stitched edges and thread ends do not come out due to sealed edges in heavy winds.

PAGE: Kindly give details about the orders of Pakistani flags from overseas Pakistanis:

Shaikh Nisar Ahmed Perchamwala: Since 1984, continuous use of latest technology and delivering finest quality of flags on time, VIP FLAGS has got the loyalty of its customers and every year we get huge orders for the Independence Day from within Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis also particularly from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United Kingdom (UK).

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