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Pakistanis living in Hong Kong celebrate Independence Day wholeheartedly with fanfare

Pakistanis living in Hong Kong celebrate Independence Day wholeheartedly with fanfare

Interview with Mr. Lal Dino Mari Baloch — an Honorary Investment Counsellor in Hong Kong

Mr. Lal Dino Mari Baloch is the Chief Executive of Baloch Holdings (UK) Limited. He is the Chief Executive of BASO Technologies in Hong Kong, which provides Hi-Tech services to various Governments across Asia. He is the Chief Executive of Bizz & Trade International Ltd (BTI) and few other companies. Under his leadership, BTI has been successfully providing consultancy services besides trading natural resources, energy products, agriculture commodities and electronic products between Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, United Kingdom and the Middle East. Mr. Lal Dino Mari Baloch was born in Khairpur Mirs in a political/landlord family. He got involved in business rather than joining politics. Mr. Baloch has 29 years business experience in various fields. Mr. Baloch was recommended by the Government of Pakistan and it was sponsored by the Netherlands government in 1991 and was the youngest representative among 116 delegates from 56 countries. Mr. Baloch has led various delegations from China mainland and Hong Kong to Pakistan especially to solve the energy crisis in Pakistan. Mr. Baloch has tremendous record to encourage overseas investment to Pakistan. Mr. Baloch is currently serving as an Honourary Investment Counsellor, Government of Pakistan in Hong Kong to encourage overseas investment into Pakistan.

PAGE: How do the Pakistanis living in Hong Kong celebrate Independence Day?

Lal Dino Mari Baloch: The Pakistanis living in Hong Kong always celebrate the Independence Day with their deep emotions for the homeland. The Pakistani flag hoisting ceremony takes places in Pakistan Club in Hong Kong and every Pakistani along with their families attend the ceremony and later on they greet each other and reminisce about the historic Independence of the great nation. The Pakistanis living in Hong Kong love Pakistan from the core of their hearts and celebrate the Independence Day with fanfare.

PAGE: What kind of questions do the Pakistani kids living in Hong Kong ask to their parents about Pakistan?

Lal Dino Mari Baloch: The kids of the Pakistanis families are brought up with their affection towards their homeland. Most of the kids get their education in local schools but their cultural education is being imparted by their parents. I have observed that during school holidays, the first choice of kids is to go to Pakistan to meet their friends and relatives. Culturally, the Pakistani kids are too much close to Pakistan. Mostly, they ask the questions regarding the history of Independence and the sacrifices of their elders for this noble cause.


PAGE: Are the Pakistani flags and Independence Day celebration accessories easily available in Hong Kong? Kindly tell us about the purchase of Pakistani flags by the Pakistanis living in Hong Kong:

Lal Dino Mari Baloch: Hong Kong is a multi-cultural city, hence the flags and other accessories are easily available to celebrate the Independence Day of Pakistan. Moreover, some top officials from Hong Kong also participate in the event. The Pakistanis with their families and kids love to buy the national flags and other accessories related to event. Pakistan Association of Hong Kong organizes all the events such as National Defence Day, 23rd March and 14thAugust, where all Pakistanis ensure their presence with their families to pay tribute to the struggle and the sacrifice made by the heroes of the Independence.

PAGE: Your views on the current Independence Day celebrations in Naya Pakistan:

Lal Dino Mari Baloch: The current Independence Day has been celebrated very warmly. The flag hoisting ceremony took place in Pakistan Club and the Chief Guest Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon delivered his speech during the event. Everywhere and all corners of the club were decorated with the national flags. Kids, families and elderly Pakistanis had a great smiling faces which was showing their eternal affiliation with Naya (new) Pakistan. Everyone has big hopes that country will be out of all problems in new Pakistan, which is promised by the new winning party after the current general election.

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