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Overseas Pakistanis observe independence day with zeal and fervor; welcome new leadership

Overseas Pakistanis observe independence day with zeal and fervor; welcome new leadership

Interview with Mr. Barkatullah Lone – Chairman GB International Economic Forum, a Saudi Arabia-based Pakistani

Barkatullah Lone is Chairman of GB International Economic Forum. He is a renowned young economist of Pakistan and is associated with a FMCG Group as CFO in a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country. He is a Chartered Management Accountant and Chartered Certified Accountant from UK, Chartered Global Management Accountant from the USA, Gold Medalist Management Accountant and Public Finance Accountant from Pakistan plus he holds Masters Degree in Economics and Law from Karachi University. He has been associated with the corporate sector in Finance and Audit profession at various positions for the last many years. Simultaneously with his job career, he has been appearing at various local and international TV channels as Economic & Financial Analyst for the last seven years. His analysis is telecast by various Pakistani and European TV channels telephonically since he is settled in a GCC country at the moment. His articles on economy and finance are also published in various reputed magazines.

PAGE had an exclusive conversation with Mr. Barkatullah Lone, a Saudi Arabia-based Pakistani, regarding Independence Day celebrations by the overseas Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia. The excerpts of the conversation are as follows:

Independence Day, though, is very joyful for all Pakistanis but this day is very fascinating for the overseas Pakistanis just because they miss their country from the core of their heart. Therefore, the celebration of Independence Day by overseas Pakistanis is much more appealing. What we do to celebrate this very day is that we gather at a central venue usually a hotel in the city that we live in. Children are the ones to make the program lively by singing national anthem and paying tribute to the Founder of the Nation. In this very gathering, the speakers highlight the ongoing issues of Pakistan and present the solutions. We discuss the ways and means to support Pakistan as overseas Pakistanis and make the minutes of the same that are circulated to all the participants. Thus, the day is celebrated as Happy Independence Day as well as a formal meeting of the overseas Pakistanis. All the participants vow to work for the welfare and prosperity of Pakistan. The gathering ends up with the prayers for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.


Kids ask the question as to how so many buildings were constructed at the time of independence as they feel that all Pakistan buildings were built in one day. We, the parents, spend quite much time with kids explaining the reality of the 14th August and the way the Muslims of the sub-continent got independence from Britain after spending years under their rule. The children get surprised when we tell them that around two hundred fifty million Muslims still live in India and around one hundred eighty five million Muslims live in Bangladesh after getting separated in 1971. As they hear much of Disputed Kashmir on TV therefore their questions on Kashmir are always eye-opening. It is good to share that Pakistani Flags are available here quite easily at Pakistani retail stores, book shops etc.

I happened to visit one of the shops in the evening of the 13th August to buy flags and badges for my both kids (Barirah Barkat and Muhammad Aaraiz Barkat) and was happy to see the Pakistani crowd there buying flags and other stuff related to the Independence Day with great zeal and fervor. The only point I noted was that the prices of Pakistani flags and other related stuff were too high. The reason of high prices could be the fact that the demand of it is very high and the Pakistanis buy it at whatever price since the love for the country supersedes the price factor.

All overseas Pakistanis have welcomed the great Imran Khan as the Prime Minister of the new Pakistan and all are expecting a lot from him. Every overseas Pakistani was frustrated and disappointed seeing the misery of their country made by the corrupt rulers and were praying for the success of Imran Khan. Allah Almighty has listened to our prayers and the dynamic leader has got the power. We are very optimist that Imran Khan will do all what is needed for the uplift of Naya (new) Pakistan as he has done all what he committed throughout his life. He is not a traditional politician that he will bow to the luxuries of power rather he will definitely overpower all corrupt and bring a big change Insha Allah.

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