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ASIA Tokyo’s 4G speed lags behind other Asian cities

by Yuki Kono

Japan, one of the first movers to adopt fourth generation mobile networks, has recently proven a surprise with comparatively low mobile internet speeds. According to an analysis of 4G download speeds in major Asian cities by OpenSignal, Tokyo only ranked fifth, even surpassed by Yangon and Taipei.

As Japan’s high mobile device penetration rate and use of 4G service plans contribute to the speed declines, the country has started preparing its telecommunications networks for the future. In addition to increasing the availability of free Wi-Fi, the government and the three main mobile services providers have been taking initiatives to implement next generation 5G cellular data services by the 2020 Summer Olympics. While offering internet speeds from 10 to 100 gigabytes per second and providing an ultra low latency rate, 5G enables end-users to watch live streams of sports matches. Pushing the evolution of LTE networks is crucial not only in view of the Olympics but also for the domestic ICT market, since demand for more advanced smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices requiring high speed internet will further increase.


Infographic: Tokyo's 4G speed lags behind other Asian cities | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

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