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EFU General – The largest and the oldest company of Pakistan

Today, with over 85 years of winning the customers’ trust, EFU General Insurance Limited is Pakistan’s largest and the oldest general insurer, always ready to go an extra mile to serve better. The Company has been providing the full range of insurance services to fulfill the needs of all of its customers, whether they are commercial or individual. EFU has built a diversified customer base, enhanced its expertise and stood by its promises always. EFU has been rated by both the credit rating agencies, JCR-VIS and PACRA, who have assigned AA+ rating to the Company that denotes stable outlook. EFU is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

EFU underwrites risks related to property, marine, aviation and transport, motor, miscellaneous services as well as provides Takaful covers. An important aspect of EFU’s operations is segregation of risk management team from engineering group but both the groups work closely with clients for identifying different types of risk exposure and then providing the most appropriate insurance covers. This synergy helps in containing losses as well as reducing the premium cost. EFU’s endeavor is not only to mitigate risk, but to also help its clients in developing risk mitigation capacity to minimize the adverse impact of major perils and calamities.

EFU’s market-driven team of inspired and technically qualified insurance personnel, specializing in civil, mechanical, metallurgy, electronics and having overseas linkages, is on-call for necessary professional advice at all times. It is EFU’s policy not only to provide protection and risk reduction but help clients to develop preventive capabilities to avert major perils and calamities.


EFU is protected by the strongest top rated global reinsurers, giving it a competitive edge over other insurers. EFU has been in the forefront in providing risk covers to the mainstream industries like fertilizer manufacturers, refineries and petrochemical complexes, textiles, sugar mills and cement plants. EFU is Pakistan’s only insurance company that has been issuing insurance covers to all the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) that commenced operations in Pakistan in early nineties. To date, EFU has also been providing risk cover for all the major projects funded by the World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Asian Development Bank (ADB).

During the year 2017, the Premium (including Takaful contribution) of EFU General exceeded of Rs.20 billion. It is the first general insurance company in the history of Pakistan to achieve this milestone.efugen

EFU also enjoys the distinction of being the insurer of mega projects being constructed under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The range of CPEC projects insured includes coal power plants, hydro power plants, wind power plants and solar energy plants as well as the longest highway projects spread over 500 kilometers. EFU has become the preferred choice of all the Chinese customers operating in Pakistan due to the highest quality standard of services, expertise and technical support that the Company has been rendering over the past decades.

EFU is rated by JCR-VIS and PACRA. Both the rating agencies have assigned ratings of AA+ with stable outlook. EFU is also ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Regarding the recognition of EFU’s services to the industry and the economy of Pakistan, it has also received various awards including Corporate Excellence Award of Management Association of Pakistan, Best Corporate Report Award of Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan (ICAP) and Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP), Achievement Award & Gold Medal of the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), SAFA Best Presented Annual Report (Certificate of Merit) of South Asian Federation of Accountants (An apex body of SAARC), Brands of the year Award of Brands Foundation and Consumers Choice Award of Consumers Association of Pakistan.

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