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Youtube’s Update Has Made It Slower on All Browsers Except Chrome:

Mozilla claims that Google has made YouTube load slower on other platforms like Firefox and Microsoft’s Edge browser, compared to Google Chrome. Mozilla’s Technical Program Manager Chris Peterson, says that the recent design refresh of YouTube, which uses Google’s polymer technology is causing it to load 5 times slower on Edge and Firefox.

Samsung Announced an Unbreakable Flexible Display for Smartphones:

Samsung has just prepared an “unbreakable” flexible OLED display panel that is going to be used in a foldable smartphone. The company says that the new display is ready to be shipped in consumer-ready devices, as it has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories. According to Samsung, the new panel is not just reserved for smartphones but has application in other markets such as gaming consoles, mobile military devices, and even automobiles.

Qualcomm to Launch Adreno Turbo for Phones Soon:

Qualcomm, a US-based smartphone chipmaker, has hinted about “Adreno Turbo”, a similar approach as Huawei, that will boost your phone’s performance. A while ago, Huawei introduced its GPU Turbo Technology, which optimizes the SoC to bump up gaming performance by 60% and can save the battery by as much as 30%. Qualcomm also seems to be following suit with its own Adreno Turbo.

Sony’s Xperia XZ3 Could Feature a Single 48 MP Camera Sensor:

Sony recently announced a 48-megapixel smartphone camera called the IMX586 that possessed the highest ever pixel count on a phone camera. The sensor is also capable of shooting resolutions greater than 4K at 60 FPS. Now, a benchmark listing has surfaced online related to the Xperia XZ3 – Sony’s future flagship – which will be unveiled next year. Unlike most flagships, the company is expected to fit a single 47 MP sensor in the XZ3 instead of a dual or triple camera combination.

NUST’s NEED is Helping Hundreds of Needy Students and is a Model for Others to Follow:

Most universities today offer a need-based scholarship program for deserving students. NUST’s NEED, launched three years ago, has continued to help out hundreds of students each year and stands out, especially because its transparency and commitment to grow bigger.

Oreo is Now Installed on 12.1% of Android Phones:

Google has unveiled the latest numbers for Android, showing the popularity of each version of the OS. The distribution graph is used by developers to get useful data and infographics on Android usage. Other than that, Google also lets developers know how many devices are immediately able to upgrade to the latest version of Android Oreo.

NSpire’s Event Highlights Entrepreneurs and Their Success Stories:

NSPIRE organized an event “Tales of Thrust & Crust” at DaftarKhawn on Saturday, 21st July 2018. The event revolved around “How to convert failures into success”, with many entrepreneurs telling it all. The event featured a host of self-made entrepreneurs who all shared their journeys; from the shaky first steps to their need of strategic planning, and how they eventually achieved success, building from their failed ventures.

Xiaomi Launches Budget Friendly Mi A2 Lite:

At a launch event in Madrid, Spain, Xiaomi launched their latest Android One smartphone the Mi A2. They also launched its slightly more affordable sibling, called the Mi A2 Lite, with different hardware. Like the Mi A2, Xiaomi didn’t announce an official launch date or price for the phone for Pakistan. We’ll update you as soon as we get any info about it.


Swann’s home security camera recordings could be hijacked:

A popular wireless security camera designed to safeguard businesses and homes was vulnerable to a spying hack. The flaw meant it was possible to hijack video and audio streamed from other people’s properties by making a minor tweak to Swann Security’s app.Researchers found the problem after the Media reported a case where one customer had received another’s recordings.

YouTube removes ‘hate speech’ videos from InfoWars:

YouTube has taken down four videos posted by the conspiracy theory channel Infowars. In the videos, the host of the channel, Alex Jones, criticises Muslim immigrants to Europe and also denounces a transgender cartoon. One of the clips shows a man pushing a child to the floor.

Segway electric skates face ‘hoverboard ban’:

Self-balancing electric roller skates developed by personal transportation company Segway-Ninebot are to be banned on the UK’s public pavements and roads. The Department for Transport (DfT) told the Media the skates fell under the same rules as powered rideables such as electric scooters and “hoverboards”. Segway-Ninebot said its new skates had a top speed of 12 km/h (7.5mph).

Drone Bill may ban children from owning larger aircraft:

Children could be banned from owning drones weighing more than 250g (0.55lb) under a new proposal from the Department for Transport. They would only be allowed to fly devices heavier than that if they were owned and registered by an adult. It is the latest in a series of proposals designed to crack down on snooping fears and near-collisions with manned aircraft.

Google cars self-drive to Walmart supermarket in trial:

Google’s sister-company Waymo has announced a trial in which its self-driving cars will ferry shoppers to and from a nearby Walmart store to pick up their groceries. For now, the pilot is being restricted to 400-plus members of its early rider programme in Phoenix, Arizona. However, it indicates how the tech giant thinks the autonomous vehicles could be deployed if and when they exit the experimental stage.

Facebook’s shares tumble as growth disappoints:

Facebook shares tumbled by more than 20% on Wednesday after the social media network’s revenue and user growth fell short of investor expectations. The firm, which is facing backlash for its handling of fake news and privacy, said it had 2.23 billion monthly active users at the end of June. This was up 11% on June 2017, the slowest growth in more than two years.

Kuri the cute home robot gets canned by Bosch:

A home robot that had a high profile at recent events has been cancelled before going on sale to the wider public. Kuri was designed to play with children, respond to voice commands and patrol properties while filming videos and taking photos. Its control app was released last month ahead of its anticipated launch, but its maker said parent company Bosch had decided it was “not a business fit”.

Jobseekers ‘more likely to deactivate Facebook’:

Being young, single or a jobseeker makes Facebook users more likely to have deactivated their accounts or at least considered it, a study suggests. Researchers from Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, looked at eight factors predicting whether people had left or thought about leaving Facebook. They also said that users who weighed more were less likely to have considered deactivating their accounts.

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