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Mission of Ali Hajvery Free Drug Bank

Since 2012 Ali Hajvery Free Drug Bank has restored 700,000 lives by providing free of cost medicines to deserving patients. In addition to providing medicines, Ali Hajvery is committed to serving patients with kidney disorders through its Free Dialysis Center located at Mian Munshi Hospital. Every month more than 500 patients getting free dialysis services.


For most patients, medicine remains as a major cost of their treatment. Every month more than 30,000 patients do not have to worry about this burden because of support of people like you. Ali Hajvery is also providing insulin to 500 diabetic patients monthly and life changing and life saving medicines to people suffering from Cancer, Thalassemia and Hepatitis.

At Mian Munshi Hospital, Ali Hajvery has 12 dialysis machines through which we are providing free dialysis services to 36 patients on a daily basis.


Public hospitals remain one of the busiest destinations for the bulk of the patient population. These hospitals welcome patients from not only nearby cities but from virtually all over Pakistan. Health facilities are sparse in rural areas. There is very limited access to quality diagnostic services and trained medical staff. Patients are willing to cover huge distances to access to quality institutes in major cities such as Lahore. In the year 2014-15 Mayo Hospital admitted more than 450,000 patients and more than 1 million were treated in its out-patient department (OPD). Due to growing demand of quality health care, public hospitals face scarcity of resources. This is where non-profits such as Ali Hajvery Free Drug Bank come into play. By establishing health centers in existing hospitals diverse number of patients can be catered to.

For more information: www.freedrugbank.com
OR CONTACT AT 03444100064

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