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Pvt Ltd is introducing their services in Pakistan post accomplishing a successful and remarkable decade in United Arab Emirates. It did not take them long to win their client’s trust in an international market due to their uncompromised high standards of services and impeccable quality. Considering the history, it will not be a challenge for them to bring the best practices in their home ground. They provide aid to sectors in fiscal domain and also cater to survey companies, telco, automobiles, valuations and any other industry which has thrive to improve their processes and standard of their services to remedy the hassle of turnaround time of production. They hold the pride of performance in process automation with the use of latest technologies due to their research and development unit which is engaged 24/7 with strong motive and clear guidelines.Based on current challenges of financial industry on fields and remote areas coverage in Pakistan, CLOUD DATA is now introducing smart External Verification Solutions in Pakistan out of the list of their services in UAE. This service and its technology is tested water and high in demand in both the regions, UAE & Pakistan. The best use of existing technology in the development of this product gained the attention of risk departments of the financial institutes due to several institutes to mitigate the existing risks as well as business appreciates this product due to massive improvement in their Turnaround time with an easy paperless environment. This product has the journey of 10 years where it went through several rounds of improvement with the invention of various IT & banking experts in collaboration with their R&D team.

CLOUD DATA Introducing Saaqib Malik as CEO Pakistan


Malik holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing along numerous trainings from various countries. He has over 19 years of diversified experience in Consumer, Retail, Priority banking & Wealth Management in foreign banks like American Express, ABN AMRO and RBS coupled with leading local banks like United Bank, Faysal Bank & Bank Alfalah. In his carrier, he contributed in key revenue driving projects in Sales, Product, Portfolio management and Wealth management in various senior positions. He is brining vast expertise and experience of Pakistan market in an international standard based company to make it a successful equation.

CLOUD DATA is the nth degree, unaided and entirely managed by the owners themselves. They perform all the work in-house and directly interact with their clients, thus adding the personal touch in the services they provide. Combination of tactful thinking and advanced technology provides great security and faster service. Their operations are already live in Pakistan and they also provide a real-time walk through of their technology based services.

You can always write them at info@clouddata.pk to know how their services can benefit you.


Info@clouddata.pk                             www.clouddata.pk

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