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Economic Indicator Of Pakistan

An economic indicator is a statistic about an economic activity. Economic indicators allow analysis of economic performance and predictions of future performance. Economic indicators include various indices, earnings reports, and economic summaries.


Gross Fixed Capital Formation1975936 PKR MillionDec/171647268
GDP per capita1182 USDDec/161140
GDP per capita PPP4866 USDDec/164695
GDP From Agriculture2284561 PKR MillionDec/172208087
GDP From Construction320769 PKR MillionDec/17294154
GDP From Manufacturing1572948 PKR MillionDec/171494169
GDP From Mining339747 PKR MillionDec/17335241
GDP From Services6970204 PKR MillionDec/176577139
GDP From Transport1551714 PKR MillionDec/171492876
Unemployment Rate5.9 %Dec/165.9
Employed Persons57420 ThousandDec/1556520
Unemployed Persons3620 ThousandDec/153580
Population200 MillionDec/17208
Living Wage Family28800 PKR/MonthDec/1729000
Living Wage Individual14400 PKR/MonthDec/1714500
Wages High Skilled49800 PKR/MonthDec/1741100
Wages Low Skilled20700 PKR/MonthDec/1717000
Inflation Rate5.21 %Jun/184.19
Consumer Price Index CPI225 Index PointsMay/18224
Core Inflation Rate7 %May/187
Food Inflation2.07 %May/180.72
Inflation Rate Mom0.57 %Jun/180.51
Producer Prices Change7.6 %Jun/185.6
Interest Rate6.5 %Jun/186.5
Interbank Rate6.35 %Apr/186.01
Money Supply M05101949 PKR MillionApr/185037101
Money Supply M112565330 PKR MillionApr/1812452092
Money Supply M215148618 PKR MillionApr/1815100078
Money Supply M318716342 PKR MillionApr/1818664536
Deposit Interest Rate4.48 %Dec/174.83
Foreign Exchange Reserves15976 USD MillionMay/1817540
Current Account to GDP-5.3 %Mar/18-5.4
External Debt91761 USD MillionMar/1888891
Terms of Trade59.2 Index PointsDec/1758.8
Remittances4862 USD MillionMar/184955
Gold Reserves64.6 TonnesJun/1864.6
Capital Flows-1100 USD MillionMar/18-3832
Crude Oil Production92 BBL/D/1KMar/1891
Foreign Direct Investment3435 USD MillionDec/173165
Terrorism Index8.4Dec/168.61

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