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Facebook Launches Instagram Lite For Emerging Markets:

Facebook has introduced a stripped-down version of the social photo-sharing app Instagram. Instagram Lite is going to be lighter and would be able to run on devices with small amounts of storage and processing power. It would consume only 573 kB while running and the main app’s APK consumes about 33 MB.

95% Of E-Commerce Transactions In Pakistan Are Cash On Delivery:

The unavailability of e-payment options means a large proportion of e-commerce transactions remain cash on delivery (COD) — over 95% in Pakistan, says a report launched jointly by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. The report “Embracing the E-commerce Revolution in Asia and the Pacific” ranked Pakistan at 120 when it comes to e-commerce readiness in the region, one of the lowest rankings only slightly above Myanmar and Afghanistan as of 2017.

Taxes On Mobile Cards Are Not Coming Back:

After a landmark decision by Supreme Court of Pakistan earlier this month, mobile phone users in Pakistan have been enjoying tax-free mobile loads and calls for all cellular networks in Pakistan for past two weeks now. This tax suspension was supposed to remain in place for 15 days but now we are getting reports that taxes on mobile phones will remain suspended for another few days until a new order is passed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

JazzCash And NBP Partner Tot Provide Fee Collection Services For Bureau Of Emigration & Overseas Employment:

JazzCash has collaborated with National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) to provide fee collection service to Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment. From now onwards, all Pakistani citizens pursuing overseas employment can pay the application fee through the JazzCash Mobile Account or any of the nationwide JazzCash retailers.

Apple And Samsung Settle Long-Running Dispute Out Of Court:

After years of courtroom battles all around the world, Apple and Samsung are finally bringing an end to the infamous lawsuit which was triggered back in the Steve Jobs era in 2011. The lawsuit, which originally started with Apple threatening to go “thermonuclear” on its Android rivals on the charge of copying the iPhone, ended after the two giants agreed to a settlement, the details of which were not revealed. The case spanned four continents, cost the companies billions of dollars and went as high as the US Supreme Court.

Samsung Confirms Galaxy Note 9’s Release Date:

People looking for a new phone can book their calendars now, with the launch date of Samsung’s next flagship phone finally confirmed. The Galaxy Note 9, Samsung’s traditional mid-of-the-year flagship, will be launched at its Unpacked event on August 9th in New York City, as revealed in a teaser trailer posted on the company’s YouTube channel.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Could Come With A 6.44- Inch Screen:

The Galaxy S10+ will be much bigger than the S9+ and might come with a significantly larger display .A noted Korean publisher, called The Bell, says that Samsung’s upcoming flagship will feature a screen size larger than the current Note 8 phablet, measuring at 6.44-inch (S9+ has a 6.2-inch panel, and Note 8’s panel measures 6.3-inch).

Vivio Says Its 3d Face Scanning Is 10 Times More Accurate Than Apple:

Vivo unveiled a new 3D sensing technology during MWC in China that might be coming to real-world devices other than smartphones. For smartphones, it will be used for facial recognition. Vivo’s iteration promises 10 times more accuracy as compared to Apple’s Face ID, which might open up applications other than just smartphones.

Avoid Tv, Movie Spoilers (And More) With Facebook’s New Feature:

In the wake of spoilers following the release of Avengers: Infinity War, Westworld and Game of Thrones before that, Facebook has decided to launch a feature to help people avoid certain keywords entirely in News Feeds. The social media giant introduced a new “Snooze” option last year that allowed its users to mute a friend for 30 days on your News Feed. But now the users will have more control over what to hide and ignore as users would be able to filter out specific keywords for 30 days.

Take Your First Look At The Google Pixel 3:

Google’s upcoming 2018 flagship, the Pixel 3 duo, is nearing its debut somewhere near October. The lineup is quite popular in the smartphone world mainly due to its brilliant cameras and premium build. We don’t need to wait for its launch to get a look at it, CAD renders have already emerged on the web as well as 360-degree videos that show the upcoming Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL’s design. The larger Pixel 3 XL has a notched display this time, while the Pixel 3 stays notch free with slightly smaller, but still chunky, bezels.

Cryptocurrency Ads Return To Facebook After A Brief Ban:

Despite being on the business end of a gun every now and then, cryptocurrencies are getting a respite in the form of Facebook allowing crypto ads after a ban. Just earlier this year, the social network banned all ads related to the crypto universe, in a bid to prevent users from getting scammed by con artists. As it happens, the network has changed its stance less than 4 months later and will eventually allow some ads to run on its servers.

Facebook Kills Its Internet Drone Program:

Facebook is scrapping its ambitious four-year-old project, which involved making drones that provided internet access to the developing world and remote areas. The company will shut its facility in the UK and has fired 16 employees who were working on the project. It hasn’t been long since Facebook’s solar-powered “Aquila” drone completed its first successful test flights in Arizona.



Pokemon Go: Hiding Pikachu May Hold Key To Ar’s Future:

Pokemon Go was the first mainstream success for augmented reality – the overlaying of computer graphics over the real world, viewed, in this case, with a smartphone. Since its launch in July 2016, players of the game have collectively walked 12 billion miles on the hunt for the little monsters.

Elon Musk Accused Of Stealing Farting Unicorn Image:

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk has been accused of using an image of a farting unicorn for his business without permission or compensation. Last year, Mr Musk tweeted the original image, which featured on a mug by Colorado potter Tom Edwards.

Fortnite Playground Mode Quickly Taken Offline:

A new mode that let novices practise playing the hugely popular video game Fortnite has been taken offline for repairs after fewer than two hours. Some newcomers are finding it difficult to compete with more experienced Fortnite players. The firm behind Fortnite, Epic Games, has said Playground mode will be reinstated and that “multiple teams” are working on fixing it.

Facebook And Google Use ‘Dark Patterns’ Around Privacy Settings:

Facebook, Google and Microsoft push users away from privacy-friendly options on their services in an “unethical” way, according to a report by the Norwegian Consumer Council. It studied the privacy settings of the firms and found a series of “dark patterns”, including intrusive default settings and misleading wording.

‘Dancing Baby’ Youtube Copyright Case Settled After 11 Years:

An 11-year legal action over a YouTube video of a baby dancing to Prince’s hit Let’s Go Crazy has been settled. Stephanie Lenz posted the clip of her son Holden, now aged 12, in February 2007. And it has since been viewed more than 1.9 million times. Last week the US Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from Universal, which owns the rights to Prince’s music, over a previous ruling by the Ninth Circuit.

Amazon Deal Shakes Healthcare Sector:

Amazon has said it is buying online pharmacy PillPack, sending shares in rival healthcare firms tumbling over fears of competition from the online retail giant. Shares in pharmacy chains CVS Health and Walgreens Boots Alliance plunged more than 8% in early trade. The announcement confirmed earlier speculation that Amazon was interested in expanding into healthcare.

Ticketmaster ‘Warned Of Hack Attack In April By Monzo’:

Ticketmaster was warned in April that it had been the victim of a hack attack, digital bank Monzo has claimed. Ticketmaster had previously said it did not know about the breach until June and had then acted quickly to inform “all relevant authorities”. It has been contacted for comment.

Babylon Claims Its Chatbot Beats Gps At Medical Exam:

Claims that a chatbot can diagnose medical conditions as accurately as a GP have sparked a row between the software’s creators and UK doctors. Babylon, the company behind the NHS GP at Hand app, says its follow-up software achieves medical exam scores that are on-par with human doctors. It revealed the artificial intelligence bot at an event held at the Royal College of Physicians.

Google Home Speakers Complain Of ‘Glitch’:

Google’s internet-connected speakers are apologising for being somewhat less “smart” than normal. The Home devices are responding to queries by saying “there was a glitch” or “sorry, something went wrong”. Users worldwide are being instructed to “try again in a few seconds”, only to face a repeat of the problem.

Swann Home Security Camera Sends Video To Wrong User:

A leading security camera-maker has sent footage from inside a family’s home to the wrong person’s app. Swann Security has blamed a factory error for the data breach – which was brought to its attention by the Media – and said it was a “one-off” incident. However, last month another customer reported a similar problem saying his version of the same app had received footage from a pub’s CCTV system.

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