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Make Your Key Financial Decisions With The Help Of ‘Smartchoice.Pk’

Startups in Pakistan have created an air of buzz and excitement around them; reason being is that they are the new engines in the Pakistani economy and can take the country forward in making Pakistan ‘startup hub of Asia’. While startups have been a part of its economic fabric for decades, they have recently ascended the hype curve with unprecedented acceleration. Entrepreneurs create opportunity; find needs that they want to satisfy through there innovation and idea which they foster to create something to benefit the society, to overcome the vacuum they feel present in the society, they don’t give up even if the current solution is not right, they keep on trying till they get it right which is the key to their existence.

Another trait which an entrepreneur possess is of self-learning, they are born self-learners and they are not afraid to do and fail but rather than not doing it all and not taking chances. There have recently been many startups that have contributed to add more colors to the economic fabric of Pakistan and have actually set a benchmark for others to follow some of the notable ones are: Slide — Pakistan first lock-screen application; Beauty Hooked — Pakistan’s first women funded and managed startup; Finja — a fin-tech aims to digitize financial services in the country; Investors Lounge — a fin-tech startup where people can get information on financial instruments and gain insights in stock markets to make better investment.

As it is said that need is the mother of all inventions, Smartchoice.pk has also been the birth of one, as making any monetary decision is complicated for any individual be it car loan, buying insurance or making investment, there are so many options to choose from which requires time and effort. If you rush into it without knowing all the terms and conditions there is a high risk of committing to something that can have negative impact on your financial goals.

Talking in the layman’s terms it is the same as when elections are held we are presented with so many choices to put a stamp on, and make decision about the future as who we want to elect, that’s the power a vote holds, being one of the very important decision of our life that has long time consequences. The need for platforms like Smartchoice.pk arises when we see state of affairs around us like insurance, which is not understood to be a beneficial nor considered a need of the person, one of the major reason for that thought to prevail is the lack of awareness and the stigmas attached to it, Smartchoice.pk is making efforts to break the generalized perception and to create understanding about the importance of insurance for an individual and how it makes life easy for people as at certain time when you need money at critical situations and don’t have the needed cash in your hand insurance works as your magic wand.

Smartchoice.pk features itself as a financial adviser platform where the buyer visits and finds multiple products of same category with little-altered characteristics, which a person picks according to its needs. You can even consult their financial advisers to guide through their whole process and working to their best of capacities to help you make a decision best tailored to your needs.

Users can compare interest rates, credit card features and perks, and insurance quotations–and apply on the spot for their product of choice. Through the years, Smartchoice.pk has expanded its reach and directory by partnering with major financial institutions in the Pakistan including Adamjee, EFU, Jubilee, UIC whereas banks include Bank Alfalah, JS Bank, Bank Al-Habib and etc. These banks and companies have been committed to serve the public as it needs a certain degree of face-the-music-kind of attitude to be up for comparison on a certain platform.

Filling in the void by being the field experts, Smartchoice.pk is overcoming the gap and is functioning as a bridge and mediator to make people more relax by making the process more knowledgeable towards the intricate fiscal decisions.

Smartchoice.pk strives to become the premier online financial supermarket in Pakistan, and aims to serve people with exceptional customer service making their experience at the platform user friendly and completely informed. One key example is the launch of new service “Travel insurance within 60 minutes”, which has helped over 1500 travelers get their policy instantly since its launch 9 months back. This service enables user to compare all travel insurance options, provide their details and make payment via credit card and within 60 minutes an official policy is emailed to the user which can be verified on the respective insurance website.

Up-till now Smartchoice.pk through its platform has insured assets approximately worth PKR 300 million and disbursed car loans worth PKR 27 million through its partner insurance companies and bank, the traffic on the website is growing exponentially every month, and more people every month are gaining information from Smarthoice.pk platform and are making key financial decision after thorough comparison and acquiring all information.

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