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Asus Unveils Zenbook S Ultra-Portable With A Unique Hinge Design:

Apart from announcing laptops with touchscreens instead of touchpads, Asus also unveiled another line of machines aimed at a more mainstream crowd. The main attraction here is in the form of the new ErgoLift Hinge, which raises the base of the laptop when it is open, in order to give the user a better view of the keyboard, while also protecting the user’s lap from unwanted heat.

E-Commerce Sector Still Holds A Lot Of Untapped Potential:

In recent years, Pakistan’s e-commerce market has experienced exponential growth, with registered e-commerce merchant numbers rising by more than 2.6 times. This is primarily because of the introduction of 3G/4G services and availability of cheaper smartphones. At 72% Pakistan has one of the highest rates of mobile and Internet penetration in South Asia, with 40 million Internet subscribers and 20 million Facebook users. This visible growth has encouraged many retailers to operate their own websites or use online marketplaces to sell their products.

In Spirit Of Ramazan, Jazz Introduces Saudi Bundle:

To share the blessings of the holy month with its subscribers, Jazz has introduced a Saudi Bundle for the first time in Pakistan. Now, those making the journey to perform Umrah and Hajj can use this new bundle offer to connect with their loved ones back home through 200 MBs of data.

Google Pixel 3 Xl Leaks With A Notch:

An alleged Google Pixel 3 XL prototype has emerged on a popular Android forum. The new prototype has a large cutout on its display and seems to come with a similar single-camera set up on the rear. Its images have surfaced on XDA-Developers, posted by a senior member who believes its a Pixel 3 XL. Now we can’t say for sure, but the new Pixel phone might be going aboard the notch train as well.

Samsung Unveils “Buy One Get One Free” Offer For Its Tv Lineup:

They say there’s no substitute for actually being there in the stadium, with the sights and the sounds of the action all around you. But Samsung TVs enriches you with the same experience in the comfort of your own living room. Samsung Electronics Pakistan has announced its new offer on TVs, to allow its consumers to have more thrilling football games experience.

Xiaomi’s Miui 10 Uses Ai To Improve Camera & System Performance For All Phones:

Xiaomi’s homemade firmware, MIUI, has just received its latest update and has been overhauled with numerous AI features, performance optimizations, and exclusive support for bigger, bezel-less displays. This is a major update as the company went for a complete UI change, the new MIUI also comes with redesigned Mi Apps. Xiaomi’s version of Android is pretty famous for being light and well-optimized, unlike Samsung’s TouchWiz, and is able to deliver a speedy experience without draining any extra resources, on top of being battery efficient.

Blackberry Key2 Is Why Keyboards Should Be A Thing A Smartphones:

BlackBerry, or more-precisely TCL, is back with the second generation of its keyboard-touting Key device, called the Key2. And while the keyboard is still a major, unmissable attraction, it is the privacy features which will really attract users in the modern age.

AMD Threadripper 2 Rips Apart Intel’s Latest Chip With Its 32 Cores:

AMD might have looked on the verge of bringing a sword to a gunfight after Intel announced its 28-core processor yesterday, however, within 24 hours the roles have seemingly reversed. And if you ask AMD, the progress was incremental, if anything. At Computex 2018, the company has unveiled Threadripper 2, the second-generation of its ultimate consumer processor lineup, with the star of the show being a 32-core processor with 64 threads.

Nayatel Offers Special Ramazan Discount On Digital Box:

Nayatel is offering its Digital Box at a special discount for the month of Ramadan. By availing Digital Box Ramadan Offer, Nayatel users can enjoy a truly digital experience with 100+ channels in just Rs. 3,850/box. The Digital Box is normally offered for Rs. 5,000, so take advantage of this offer while it lasts.



Fortnite Player First To Reach Elusive Game Island:

A Fortnite player in Croatia has completed one of the game’s hardest achievements – getting back to its starting point. YouTuber OrangeGuy posted a video showing how he managed to reach “spawn island” where players gather before each round of the survival game starts. He reached the island using a massive bridge and one of the shopping trolleys recently introduced to the game.

Copyright Law Could Put End To Net Memes:

Memes, remixes and other user-generated content could disappear online if the EU’s proposed rules on copyright become law, warn experts. Digital rights groups are campaigning against the Copyright Directive, which the European Parliament will vote on later this month. The legislation aims to protect rights-holders in the internet age.

Facebook Privacy Bug Affects 14 Million Users:

A software bug meant millions of Facebook users may have unknowingly posted private information to the public, the company has warned. The glitch set a user’s post to be shared to “everyone”, even if a user had previously chosen a more restricted option, such as “friends of friends”. “We’d like to apologise for this mistake,” said Erin Egan, Facebook’s head of privacy.

Tech Firms Hail ‘Progress’ On Blocking Terror:

A consortium of technology companies and governments says it is “far exceeding” its targets for blocking terrorist propaganda online. At a meeting on Friday, hosted by Google, the group will say that 88,000 “hashes” of terrorism-related content have been added to a shared database used by the coalition’s companies. The hashes – essentially a digital fingerprint – can be used to block material before it is posted.

Ship Hack ‘Risks Chaos In English Channel’:

A commonly used ship-tracking technology can be hacked to spoof the size and location of boats in order to trigger other vessels’ collision alarms, a researcher has discovered. Ken Munro has suggested that the vulnerability could be exploited to block the English Channel. Other experts suggest the consequences would be less serious.

Amazon $1.2m Gadget Scam Couple Jailed:

A couple who admitted stealing more than $1.2m (£900,000) worth of goods from Amazon have been sentenced to nearly six years in jail. Erin and Leah Finan had previously pleaded guilty to charges of postal fraud and money laundering. The couple exploited Amazon’s customer service policy by claiming electronics they ordered were damaged and received replacements at no charge.

Hacking ‘Hero’ Marcus Hutchins Faces More Malware Charges:

A British cyber-security researcher credited with stopping the spread of the WannaCry virus faces four more charges related to separate malware he is alleged to have created. Marcus Hutchins, who denies the charges, has asked his Twitter followers to help with his legal fees. Mr Hutchins was arrested at Las Vegas airport in August last year after he left the Black Hat conference.

Ransomware Hits Atlanta Police Dashcam Footage:

Years of video evidence gathered by police has been lost thanks to a ransomware attack on Atlanta in the US. Most of the lost evidence involves dashcam recordings, said Atlanta police chief Erika Shields in a local newspaper interview. The footage was “lost and cannot be recovered”, said Ms Shields.

Steam Games Store To ‘Allow Everything’:

The Steam video game store has changed its content policy to “allow everything”, unless it is illegal or “straight up trolling”. The shift comes after controversy surrounding games which many people considered were offensive. A school shooting simulation game was removed from the store last month.

Amazon And Ebay Pull Cloudpets Smart Toys From Sale:

Amazon and eBay are among retailers pulling a brand of cuddly smart toys from sale after warnings they pose a cyber-security threat. Concerns were raised about CloudPets products in February 2017 after it was discovered that millions of owners’ voice recordings were being stored online unprotected. Manufacturer Spiral Toys claimed to have taken “swift action”.

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