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Green Crescent Trust Undertakings For Poor Students

Facts And Figures

Greetings on behalf of Team GCT

We seek your kind approval and patronage in considering the Green Crescent Trust’s over 29 thousands deserving students as the beneficiary of your zakat, charity and donations. Green Crescent Trust is among very few credible names in Pakistan with outstanding hundreds of charitable projects (over 800 projects till now) all over the remote areas of interior Sindh and Karachi from last twenty-three (23) years. We are supporting the following noble causes:

  1. Over 800 projects
  2. Over 150 Schools/Over 29,000 Students/Employment for over 1300 Teachers
  3. Educational Research Program ( CERD ): thousands of teachers based effective learning/T&D Network
  4. Water Projects in over 600 Villages of Thar.
  5. OSP – Orphan Support Program for over 1600 children

Gct Appeals For Zakat/Donations During And Post Ramazan To Support Its Network Of 150 Plus Charitable Schools In Least Developed Areas Of Sindh

The Green Crescent Trust (GCT) has appealed to the concerned philanthropists and members of the business fraternity for extending donations and Zakat contributions during and post Ramazan to help the GCT’s drive to increase enrollment of students to 100,000 in two years in its network of 150 plus charitable schools in Sindh. “Our schools have been present and imparting quality education in such remote and rural areas of Sindh where the government’s own schooling system either don’t exist at all or is in sheer shambles,” said the Chief Executive Officer of GCT Zahid Saeed. Mr. Zahid Saeed said on the occasion that the GCT had been running water supply projects in over 600 villages of Thar covering its 20 percent area having 1,80,000 population. While plans were afoot to increase number of these projects to cover all 2,300 villages of the Tharparkar District till the end of year 2020.

He said that at present over 29,000 students were enrolled in the over 150 charitable schools of the trust as the GCT required an annual sum of minimum Rs 300 million alone to run this network, which also employs over 1,300 teachers. “Some 40 percent of our over 29,000 students are girls while 60 percent of our over 1,300 teachers are females showing well that the GCT has been campaigning hard for female literacy and women empowerment in rural and urban Sindh while we also believe in women empowerment by giving equal employment opportunities to qualified female members of the society,” he said.

GCT’s CEO said that his trust also ran a program to properly train teachers of its schools’ network, who are mostly associated with such remote areas where there has been serious dearth of qualified school teaching staff. “Academic results of students of our schools are well comparable with any of the prominent private school network in Karachi, which charges hefty tuition fee from parents. The latest instance is the outstanding performance by our students who participated in the first-ever Thar Science Festival,” Mr. Zahid Saeed said. “From the day of our inception in 1995, the GCT has been doing its schooling and other charitable projects only in Sindh as still the province has 2.9 million out-of-school children as for us this poses a herculean task,” he said.

He appealed to the concerned well-to-do citizens, philanthropists, and businessmen to come forward and generously contribute towards fundraising for the GCT during the current holy month so to enable the trust to run its charitable projects and to expand their scope in near future. “We do need your support as our revised estimates shows that the total annual budget of GCT will increase to Rs 890 million as we are planning for rapid conversion our existing over 150 schools into purpose-built schools and water supply projects. Needless to mention here that all our fundraising and expenses are duly audited every year by the renowned and well reputed top most ranked chartered accountancy firms,” he said.

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