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Economic Indicator Of Pakistan

An economic indicator is a statistic about an economic activity. Economic indicators allow analysis of economic performance and predictions of future performance. Economic indicators include various indices, earnings reports, and economic summaries.


PAKISTAN’S DEBT AND LIABILITIES (Rs in Billion: Provisional)
I. Government Domestic Debt14,746.014,849.215,375.515,437.416,074.1
II. Government External Debt5,501.55,918.76,029.86,692.57,269.6
III. Debt from IMF626.4640.8654.5690.9732.7
IV. External Liabilities1368.1373.8380.2403.3432.0
V. Private Sector External Debt1,039.51,171.21,253.71,334.71,416.2
VI. PSEs External Debt286.4285.2314.0318.1316.5
VII. PSEs Domestic Debt765.0822.8827.9888.8996.4
VIII. Commodity Operations2498.7686.5650.2671.9628.1
IX. Intercompany External Debt from Direct Investor abroad347.1361.2371.8407.0431.9
A. Total Debt and Liabilities (sum I to IX)24,178.825,109.325,857.526,844.628,297.4
B. Gross Public Debt (sum I to III)20,873.921,408.722,059.822,820.824,076.3
C. Total Debt of the Government FRDLA Definition318,894.019,635.420,194.220,879.222,059.7
D. Total External Debt & Liabilities (sum II to VI+IX)8,169.08,750.89,003.99,846.510,598.9
E. Commodity Operation and PSEs Debt (sum VI to VIII)1,550.21,794.51,792.11,878.91,941.0
Guaranteed Debt & liabilities625.6813.8796.6826.1790.0
Non-guaranteed Debt & liabilities924.6980.7995.41,052.81,151.0
Total Debt and Liabilities75.678.675.278.082.3
Gross Public Debt65.367.064.166.370.0
Total Debt of the Government FRDLA Definition59.161.458.760.764.1
Total External Debt & Liabilities25.627.426.228.630.8
Commodity Operation and PSEs Debt4.
Guaranteed Debt & liabilities2.
Non-guaranteed Debt & liabilities2.
Government Domestic Debt46.146.544.744.946.7

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