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Students keep facing challenges in Pakistan

International report mentioned that yet, 263 million children and young people are out of school around the world. The very important question is, when we think of international educational systems, what types of words come to our mind? How our educational practitioners, policymakers, and leaders are thinking to enhance this system. Who is thinking about the major challenges of students in the world?
Unluckily, Pakistan is one of those very few countries where the system of education has constantly deteriorated. The situation at present is so bad that our system of education is almost near collapse as the Government of Pakistan is merely spending 2.2 percent of GDP on education sector.

In our country, students face a lot of problems during their educational career where major hurdle is power breakdowns. As the Holy month of Ramazan is in process and various universities are conducting semester examinations but very sad the hours-long unscheduled load-shedding in Pakistan still going on and increased the miseries of students. Because of electricity shortage, the valuable time of students gone wasted. Students are facing severe study problems. Their daily routine timetable is disturbed which will affect their future also. Language barrier is another challenge in the Pakistan. Our students are also subjected to very frequent changes in the medium of instruction. Most of the students were studied in Urdu in colleges and universities most subjects and books are in English. They can’t understand it easily because mostly educators don’t deliver lectures in English. As a result, this language barrier is also caused lack of confidence among students who got education in Urdu.

Rising fees in the educational institutes/universities in Pakistan also increases the financial constraints for the students and it is very expensive. Poverty is being recorded in the country and our most of the students belong to the middle class and they have very limited resources. Their parents can’t afford easily the expenses of studying. Lots of students have to work part time to pay their studies themselves. Students can cope with these crises very easily by a little effort but it affects their grade of transcript/mark sheet.

According to the course outlines which provide in our institutes/universities, students are subjected to inappropriate textbooks, which in the absence of appropriate books makes the situation worst. Mostly libraries are filled with irrelevant books or old books, which also disturb the students’ studies as well as achieving innovative goals.

Students should get basic knowledge about any profession before planning to take it as their future profession. For this purpose they can consult their teachers, parents and friends. Unluckily students when pass their matriculation examinations they face too much confusion about the selection of their additional studies. Students mostly don’t know which one study area is best for them. Most of the students also don’t know the dissimilar areas of study rather than medical and engineering because of lack of the counseling. On the other hand in our educational system educators’ insincerity is very common issue and almost all the students discuss it with each other. Educators teach about ethics but unluckily in our colleges and even universities mostly teachers doesn’t come in time and mostly classes are off because of the unavailability of teachers.


In our society teaching is not considered a good profession and people who are in this profession not sincere with it. There are no trained teachers in our educational system and it’s the prime duty of the government and also of Higher Education Commission to monitor this system in effective way. I must say that first we should effort to make our educational system best so that the education, which a student is getting gives some fruitful results. Moreover, the trend of drug addiction is growing among students as pharmaceutical drugs, gutka and naswar and other life-taking drugs are easily available in the markets.
According to National Survey 2013 conducted by Ministry of NCD and UNODC, about 6.7 million people are using hard and soft drugs in Pakistan. It is mentioned that the issue of drug usage among students and said that a comprehensive planning should be introduced about use of drugs in educational institutions.

Students usually have to study in unhealthy and non friendly environment. As sometime the fellows and teachers are very non friendly and behave rudely. Students can’t study at home because of certain causes as electricity shortfalls or have to do some local households etc. Some students who are from other cities they face lots of challenges of residence and food. On the other hand, in the country female students face very unhealthy environment as usually their family didn’t support them to study, most of girls don’t feel comfortable with co-education system, which are the big challenge faced by female students.

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