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Haphazard growth and opportunities for MBA students

Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is indeed a career in professional education. It had at one time high salary package, in the country. The number of the universities, institutes, schools, and colleges offering BBA (Hons) and MBA Programs education in the country is increasing speedily but less emphasis is given on quality of education. The standard of MBA at Institute of Business Administration (IBA) is excellent. IBA Karachi and Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) have natural favor in students and industrial environment. Strengthening the growth of domestic markets for MBA’s should be the top-most priorities in Pakistan.

No doubt MBA Program is a professional and career course education for which students must be taught that education at least from graduate level so that they can become proper business professionals like engineering and medical sciences.

The strategy to admit students in BBA (Hons) is successful because the BBA leading to MBA Graduate possess more knowledge of business education then simply MBA Graduate. No doubt other MBA universities are trying to develop academic linkages, at national level, in the field of business and computer science research.

There should be consistency in curriculum and time period required as per international standards, for award of degrees. There should be sameness in semester system rules and regulations for grading and evaluations procedure of examination, in public sector as well as in private sector MBA Universities.

There is no doubt that private institutions have developed an effective pressure on the public sector universities and institutes for improving the business education. Even then whatever critics may say MBA graduates getting more jobs in several companies.

In any case strategic efforts must be made for market-oriented curriculum in view of the local and global markets obligations.

If government interferes emphatically for the improvement of MBA education, then there will be more competitive product from every institute to take more shares in the market. This means mean more jobs for their products.


Gap between a public and private sector MBA universities is getting wider by every day, with no hope of it ever coming back on even terms. This is disturbing students the most.

Arts subjects were once considered an alternate option by those who could not get admission in engineering or medical fields, have now reached near the 80 percent marks in public sector universities with International Relations and Mass Communication disciplines leading the line.

Students who recently graduated from a seriously expensive institute in Karachi’s Korangi area said they were not satisfied with the quality of education provided under such a heavy price. They said they paid such a heavy fee and they thought it would have been better to study abroad. Some students were of the opinion that there is not much difference in the quality of education at private or public universities. The private universities justify their fee structures against the facilities they provide on the campus.

A small number of MBA student studied from a private university, sounded quite content with the fee they had to pay for the degree. At present the public-private divide is harming the education setup. The unstable economy in Pakistan, however, has failed to generate employment opportunities for the educated MBA youth, resulting in an oversupply of the MBA educated unemployed.

The MBA universities in Pakistan are not preparing the graduates for the job market. University-based career centers, where students learn interview and presentation skills, are largely missing from the public sector universities. At the same time, MBA universities do not publicly disclose the percentage of MBA graduates who secure employment within one year of graduation, making it difficult for prospective students to determine the utility of the degrees they intend to pursue.

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