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Proportion Of Female CEOs Is Hugely Overestimated

by Niall McCarthy


This year, International Women’s Day is set to prove even more poignant after a year full of passionate rallies and surging support for the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. Organizers are hoping to embrace some of that progress and the 2018 theme is a push for global gender parity which is being called #PressforProgress.

To mark the occasion, Ipsos MORI has released a study spanning 27 nations which highlights global concerns about equality. The research found that sexual harassment is seen as the biggest issue facing women across the world and it also found serious misperceptions on a whole hose of other issues. One of those is women’s representation in business. Nearly all of the countries polled hugely overestimated the share of female chief executives at the world’s 500 biggest companies.

The following infographic shows a selection of the countries polled with over 20 percent of respondents in Mexico, Brazil, India, Turkey and Russia all guessing the share of female CEOs at the biggest companies is in excess of 20 percent. In actual fact, the real share is just 3 percent.


Infographic: Proportion Of Female CEOs Is Hugely Overestimated | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

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