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Careem reduces prices for its bike and rickshaw rides:

One of the most popular ride-hailing services in the region, Careem, has slashed its prices to make rides more affordable for everyone. The company has announced discounted fares for its riders of Careem BIKE and TEZZ. The per kilometer rate and per minute charge have been updated for bike and rickshaw rides.

Jazz XLR8 sends three startups to showcase their skills at ‘4 years from now’:

In continuance with its digital agenda to empower youth through technology, Jazz has sent three of its startups from the Jazz xlr8 accelerator to ‘4 Years From Now’ (4YFN), under its ‘Make Your Mark’ (MYM) program. The annual 4YFN is one of the largest business platforms that brings together relevant stakeholders in the digital ecosystem at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Rapidcompute and VMware join hands to bring hybrid cloud setup for enterprise customers:

RapidCompute and VMware recently signed an agreement to offer VMware-based infrastructure on RapidCompute’s state of the art public cloud. VMware Cloud on RapidCompute is an on-demand service that lets you run your VMware based applications on next-generation infrastructure by seamlessly integrating their defined data center technologies with the scalability, security and cost-effectiveness of RapidCompute.

Huawei receives 2018 GSMA award for outstanding contribution to mobile industry:

GSMA has presented Huawei Technologies with the 2018 Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry. The award was presented at a special ceremony held last evening, where Huawei was recognized for decades of advocating new technology standards, driving digital transformation, and building out the digital ecosystem.

4g LTE users are vulnerable to hacks:

LTE may be among the more advanced ways of communication we have on mobile, it turns out that it is vulnerable to hacks and exploits. According to a report by scientists of Purdue University and the University of Iowa, exploits in LTE protocol can lead to ten different types of hacks.

Apple just became the new king of wearables in the world:

Smartwatches may not have received popularity experts and manufacturers hoped, but that hasn’t stopped Apple from dominating the industry. Apple Watch has outsold all the other smartwatch brands by a large margin in 2017, according to a financial report released by International Data Corporation (IDC).

Best phones and gadgets from MWC 2018:

This year’s biggest mobile industry show, ‘Mobile World Congress’ took place in Fira de Barcelona, Spain. Various companies launched their flagship products, hoping to showcase the best of their products to the world.

Porsche starts working on flying cars:

Porsche, the famous German sports car manufacturer, is making something which has been the staple of science-fiction movies and human imagination for a long time – flying cars. According to the German publication Automobilwoche, the company has already produced mockups of potential designs, which it should unveil in the near future.

Annual tech valley conference on travel, tourism and tech to take place this weekend:

Tech Valley Abbottabad is ready to launch its 3rd annual flagship Tech Valley Conference on tourism on 10th March 2018 at Jalal Baba Auditorium Abbottabad. The theme of the Tech Valley conference will be 3Ts; Travel, Tourism & Tech this year. The conference includes notable speakers and panelists from diverse backgrounds with their expertise to highlight the potential in the untapped market of tourism.

Jazz wins diversity & inclusion award at GDIC 2018:

Jazz, one of the country’s leading digital companies, was awarded the Diversity & Inclusion Award at this year’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks Conference (GDIC).

Govt suspends the process of appointing new PTA chairman:

The federal government has shelved the process for appointment of new chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), after failing to get a suitable candidate for the position, it has been learned.

AI-powered google lens camera app now available on non-pixel phones:

If you have the Google Photos app (and a flagship Android phone), you’re in line to get some cool AR features soon. Google has started the general rollout of its Lens application, which will bring AR-focused features to a larger audience than before.

Tajori.pk is offering high end watches for 55% off:

Watches can serve as a man’s ultimate fashion accessory. The watches we wear reflects our style, class and sophistication, often all at the same time. There are dozens of brands that offer amazing watches. Watch collectors are always on the lookout for another good one to add to their collection.

Blackberry is suing facebook, whatsapp and instagram:

When BlackBerry promised to focus more on software after offloading its hardware division, they clearly weren’t lying. The company is trying to reach new grounds by taking the fight to Facebook and several of its products over a number of patents.

Better logistics can help e-commerce stores reach their full potential:

Due to increased penetration of the Internet in Pakistan, the e-commerce market is growing at an exponential rate, and is expected to reach the $1 billion mark in 2020. It is estimated that the e-commerce sector may grow by 50% in the coming years. The rapid increase in the number of 3G/4G users in Pakistan is another factor that has increased Internet accessibility and is contributing to the growing trend of online shopping.


Reddit dragged into Russian propaganda row:

Russian propagandists targeted the popular news-sharing website Reddit to influence American political debate, a US website has claimed. It had been widely presumed that Reddit, a hub for campaigning, activism and often extreme views, would be a logical target for any manipulation. It has yet to publish its own investigation into Russian activity.

Angry birds maker Rovio closes London studio:

The company behind the hit mobile game Angry Birds has closed its London studio, after warning its profits were likely to fall. Rovio’s head of games, Wilhelm Taht, also resigned on Friday, leaving chief executive Kati Levoranta in charge.

Twitter boss seeks help with online abuse:

Twitter has asked for help in devising a “health check” to measure its contribution to public conversation. It said it hoped to work with “outside experts” and is inviting proposals.

Twitter users mock Trump for linking video games to gun violence:

“Video game violence and glorification must be stopped – it is creating monsters!” Six years after Donald Trump tweeted his views on video game violence, it seems he is looking to take action.

Carney calls for crackdown on crypto-currency ‘mania’:

Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin should be regulated to crack down on illegal activities and protect the financial system, Mark Carney warned. The Bank of England governor said their inherent risks meant investments in digital currencies could lose money.

Child abuse poll a ‘mistake’- facebook:

In what has become a seemingly regular occurrence, Facebook is being asked: how on earth did this happen?

On Sunday Facebook asked an unspecified number of users their thoughts on how child abuse images should be handled on the network. It gave a scenario in which an “adult man” asks a 14-year-old girl for “sexual images”, and then a list of possible answers.

Burger-flipping robot begins first shift:

Flippy, a burger-flipping robot, has begun work at a restaurant in Pasadena, Los Angeles. It is the first of dozens of locations for the system, which is destined to replace human fast-food workers.

Brands beware- youtube ads pulled from infowars:

Over the weekend there was a shock for some major brands – it turned out that they had been advertising on videos from YouTube channels dedicated to wild conspiracy theories. Media reported that it had found ads from brands including Nike, 20th Century Fox, Expedia and others running next to videos on far-right conspiracy channels run by Alex Jones.

Wind-Up Radio inventor dies aged 80:

The inventor of the wind-up radio, Trevor Baylis, has died aged 80, the manager of his company has confirmed. David Bunting said Mr Baylis from Twickenham, south-west London, died last Monday of natural causes after a long illness.

Iceland police arrest suspected bitcoin server thieves:

Police in Iceland have arrested 11 people suspected of stealing more than 600 computers that were being used to mine crypto-currencies. The computers were stolen during four raids on data centres around Iceland. The country is a popular location for data centres because almost 100% of the power generated there comes from renewable sources.

Trump to hold games violence meeting:

US President Donald Trump is to meet video games company representatives on Thursday to discuss violent content. The meeting comes in the wake of last month’s shooting at a school in Florida in which 17 people died.

Amazon promises fix for creepy Alexa laugh:

Amazon’s Alexa has been letting out an unprompted, creepy cackle – startling users of the best-selling voice assistant. The laugh, described by some as “witch like” was reported to sometimes happen without the device being “woken” up.

Youtube attacked over Neo-Nazi National Action video:

YouTube has been accused of being either incompetent or irresponsible in its handling of a video promoting a British far-right organization. The clip features a speech given by the banned Neo-Nazi group, National Action. The chair of the Home Affairs Committee, Yvette Cooper MP, said YouTube had repeatedly promised to block it, only for it to reappear on the platform.

Google tech used by pentagon ‘to analyse drone videos’:

Google has confirmed that it is allowing the Pentagon to use some of its image recognition technologies as part of a military project. The disclosure follows a report by Gizmodo, which said the artificial intelligence tech was being used to analyze drone footage.

Sony block super seducer video game on playstation:

Sony has blocked the publication of a video game designed to teach male players psychological tricks to convince women to date them. Super Seducer was scheduled for release on the PlayStation 4. The title has been criticised for being sleazy and for promoting “toxic behaviors and attitudes”.

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