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Interview with Mr M. Ayub Khan -- a sportsman

PSL is a best source to groom cricket talent and helps grow future finance

Interview with Mr M. Ayub Khan — a sportsman

PAGE: Tell me something about yourself, please:

Ayub Khan: I graduated in 1985 from National Textile Engineering University Faisalabad. I have vast experience of textile industry as an entrepreneur. I was a very good cricket opening batsman throughout in my student life. Mostly I played cricket as captain at club level and university level. I was also a good hockey player. I was table tennis Champion in engineering university. I was president of student union in National Textile University Faisalabad. I am a regular early morning golfer in DHA Golf Club.

PAGE: Your views on Pakistan Super League:

Ayub Khan: It’s the best way to groom our youngsters to compete the international teams. It’s also the source to discover the talent for Pakistan team. It’s very positive step. But it should be done in Pakistan. We are lacking the real benefit just because of Sharjah and Dubai cricket stadiums. I feel so bad that our government is unable to conduct the tournament in Pakistan. The real crowd is unable to visit Sharjah and Dubai.

PAGE: How would you comment on the cricket talent in Pakistan?

Ayub Khan: Since we are a poor nation and our lower and middle class young generation has nothing to do in Pakistan except spending their time on the roads with one bat and one tennis ball. It’s so affordable game that they spend their whole day for it with the dream that they would become Imran Khan or Shahid Afridi or Wasim Akram etc. Our several hundred and thousands of youngsters are spoiling their lives to achieve this target. Only few get the chance to capitalize it. That is the reason that our youngsters are using their talent in this road game instead of other world famous sports which are played in the grounds.

PAGE: Give your views on the benefits of PSL:

Ayub Khan: The key benefit is that the teams are representing the provinces of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan are supporting their province teams. It’s a healthy sign politically.

PAGE: Give your comments on the branding, promotion etc of PSL:

Ayub Khan: It’s a commercial activity which would ultimately promote cricket in Pakistan. It’s the source to support the young players financially.

PAGE: Your views on cricket in Pakistan in the days to come:

Ayub Khan: As I have already discussed that it’s the game of uneducated and under matric lower and middle class youngsters of Pakistan therefore it has a great future for cricket.

As you already know that our country is suffering from poverty because of increasing population and decreasing economic activities. This increasing generation has nothing to do except to play on the roads instead of unavailable cricket grounds provision in towns by the government.

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