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Daraz brand fest with discounts up to 76% off launched:

Daraz. In much the same way as every group of friends has that one friend who brings them together, Daraz brings brands across the retail spectrum together. The vital link in this chain, Daraz is assembling an A-team of the most impressive, varsity brands under one roof for the 10-day long Brand Fest from the 20th of February till 1st March.

Clickmail kicks off friday super sale with mega discounts on leading brands:

Clickmall, a Pakistani ecommerce store, has announced its Friday Super Sale. Under this new promotion, online shoppers will have a chance to grab tempting deals and discounts on their favorite personal care products, home and kitchen appliances. With countless branded products up on sale, Clickmall brings an exciting sale for Pakistani consumers. Its latest collection of branded products will be displayed under one roof.

Atari making its own cryptocurrency:

While currently Atari can hardly be said to be setting the world on fire, the company is still trying its hardest to catch up with current times, after filing for bankruptcy back in 2013. The former gaming giant has unveiled plans of making a cryptocurrency under the name of “Atari Token”. The currency is an attempt to hop on the bandwagon effect of other companies such as Kodak, who have tried to get in on the trend too.

Telenor trains 630k school kids with mobile tech under its ichamp-2 program:

Telenor Pakistan launched the latest installment of its flagship program ‘iChamp’, dubbed as ‘iChamp-2’ to leverage internet as an effective learning tool for school children, besides training them on staying safe in the virtual space all the while. The latest installment saw an unprecedented upswing in scale and scope of the program. It will be broadcast on leading electronic channels for widespread awareness.

Renders for the nokia 1 and nokia 7+ leak ahead of launch:

Evan Blass, the industry famous “leaker” and authority on rumors of upcoming smartphones, has released new renders for Nokia phones. The phones include the Nokia 1, the lowest-end phone in the company’s lineup, as well as the upper mid-end Nokia 7 Plus. The Nokia 7 Plus (or 7+), decidedly the better of the two, is said to come with an 18:9 display at the front, being Nokia’s first phone to come with the wider display. It will be available in either Black/White, or a Black with Copper accent.

NADRA launches CNIC registration services in post offices:

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and the Post Office signed an agreement to better serve the needs of Pakistani citizens. As per the agreement, Post Offices around the country can now also serve as CNIC registration counters. Maulana Amir Zaman, Federal Minister for Postal Services, Nisar Mir Nadra director general and Rubina Tayyab Pakistan Post chairperson, were all present during the signing of this agreement.

This small clip-on can turn your smartphone into a microscope:

Scientists have discovered a way to turn your smartphone, any smartphone, into a microscope. What’s more, you can carry it with you wherever you go. A group of researchers at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics, Australia have created a ‘clip on’ that you can use to turn your normal smartphone camera into a microscope.

You can now make interactive 3d posts on facebook:

Facebook is often the best place for content creators to share their videos and other creativities. Being the biggest social network in the world has its benefits. In a bid to give more options to content creators, the social media giant will now let you share “high quality 3D content”.

Catch the cricket season with jazz:

Jazz has launched “Jazz Cricket” to ensure you catch the action on the go, covering all the major international and domestic matches. This Android application has a clear and simple interface and has been designed for quick access to the latest videos and match highlights. It gives the fastest scores, match schedules, a summary of match results, the latest from the world of cricket. Cricket fans are in for a treat, as player profiles, stats and exciting.

Samsung unveils the world’s largest available SSD:

Samsung has unveiled the world’s biggest commercial Solid State Drive with a huge storage capacity of 30 Terabytes. Seagate previously announced a 60 TB SSD (based on SAS technology), however, it was more of a proof of concept than an actual product. Dubbed as ‘PM1643’, Samsung’s SSD has a record-breaking capacity, aiming to cover the storage needs of enterprises and data centres.

Samsung patents a flying display you can control with your eyes:

Samsung has acquired a patent for their “flying display device”. LetsGoDigital broke the news that last week, the Korean tech giant obtained the rights for producing a drone-like device with a screen. The patent had been applied for on January 3 2016 and was approved 2 years later on February 13th this year.

You can now pre-book honor 7x and honor 9 lite in Pakistan:

One of the most popular smartphone brands in Pakistan, Huawei, has started pre-bookings for Honor 7X and Honor 9 lite. Originally sold under Huawei’s umbrella, the Chinese smartphone maker’s sub-brand Honor, will now be marketed and sold separately from Huawei’s primary phones in Pakistan.

Samsung unpacked app hacked to show the real galaxy s9 in renders:

Samsung’s upcoming flagship has been leaked in full over the past week, leaving nothing to the imagination. From press renders, to specifications, camera, price and availability, everything has been leaked about the Galaxy S9.

Mi Pakistan celebrates its birthday with sos children’s village:

What can be a better day to spread happiness than on one’s birthday. Mi Pakistan had the same idea and it did so by celebrating its first birthday at the SOS Children’s Village Pakistan. The fun-filled event was attended by children in the village, the team behind SOS, as well as officials from Mi Pakistan. Various stalls, activities and shows were arranged for the children by Mi Pakistan to make it a truly memorable day.

Redmi 5 is now available for prebooking for as low as Rs.13,577:

After the successful launch and sale of Redmi 5 Plus, Mi Pakistan has now launched Redmi 5 exclusively on Mi Pakistan’s website. Redmi 5 is purported to have attracted a lot of pre-bookings because of its extraordinary specs and amazing price. The company has also announced a Flash Sale for Redmi 5 on February 25 where it will be sold at the pre-order price of Rs 14,999.



Anger at google image search ‘peace deal’:

Google has made it more difficult for people to save pictures from its image search product, as part of a “peace deal” with photo library Getty Images. In 2017, Getty Images complained to the European Commission, accusing Google of anti-competitive practices. Google said it had removed some features from image search, including the “view image” button.

Tech Tent: two sides of the crypto-coin:

Is the whole reputation of the crypto-currency industry under threat as computers are hijacked to mine new coins? On the Tech Tent podcast this week, we ask whether a new breed of environmentally conscious blockchain entrepreneurs can demonstrate that this technology does have a sustainable future.

Facebook told to stop tracking in Belgium:

Facebook has been ordered to stop tracking people without consent, by a court in Belgium. The company has been told to delete all the data it had gathered on people who did not use Facebook. The court ruled the data was gathered illegally. Belgium’s privacy watchdog said the website had broken privacy laws by placing tracking code – known as cookies – on third-party websites.

Call for women-only uber pools for London:

Uber and other ride-sharing apps have been urged to offer women-only cars in London by the transport authority. The suggestion is outlined in a policy statement issued by Transport for London (TfL). The move could affect services such as Uber Pool, which let customers share a car with strangers.

Samsung galaxy s9 smartphone images leaked by mwc app:

Pictures of Samsung’s latest flagship phone have been disclosed by an app released by the firm itself. The images were discovered hidden via a hack of Unpacked 2018, a program that the company has asked invitees to Sunday’s launch of the handset in Barcelona to download.

Twitter bot purge prompts backlash:

The hashtag #TwitterLockout has trended after an apparent purge of suspected malicious bots on the social network. Dozens of users report having had their accounts suspended until they provided a telephone number which they then had to verify, to prove they were real. Some members have raised concerns about their amount of lost followers, and claimed discrimination against right-wing political beliefs.

Tesla investigates claims of crypto-currency hack:

Tesla has confirmed that its cloud computing platform has been compromised by hackers. RedLock, the company that alerted it to the breach, believes the attackers may have done this to mine crypto-currency — an attack known as crypto-jacking. Tesla said it had addressed the vulnerability “within hours” and that no customer data had been stolen.

Bezos-backed 10,000 year clock now unders construction:

A clock designed to run for ten millennia without human intervention is now under construction. The 10,000 Year Clock is a project of the Long Now Foundation, a non-profit organisation that wants to make “long-term thinking more common”.

AI ripe for exploitation:

Drones turned into missiles, fake videos manipulating public opinion and automated hacking are just three of the threats from artificial intelligence in the wrong hands, experts have said. The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence report warns that AI is ripe for exploitation by rogue states, criminals and terrorists. Those designing AI systems need to do more to mitigate possible misuses of their technology.

Tool ‘names and shames’ hidden drug trials:

Institutions that fail to report the results of their drug and medical trials will be named on a new website. Trials Tracker logs which clinical trials have missed deadlines for reporting their results in the US. Some pharmaceutical organisations have been accused of burying unfavourable drug and medical test results.

Facetime chat ‘saves woman’s life’:

A woman who had a stroke while on a FaceTime video call with her sister, says the technology saved her life. Opokua Kwapong, who lives alone in New York, was on a call with her sister, Adumea Sapong, in Manchester, when Mrs Sapong noticed that her elder sibling “didn’t look right”.

Young brits ‘lack cyber-security awareness’:

More than 52% of Britons aged 18-25 are using the same password for lots of online services, suggests a survey. By doing so they make it easy for hackers to hijack accounts, warned the UK government’s Cyber Aware campaign. The danger was acute because of the sensitive data people typically send via email and other accounts, it found.

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