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Pakistan Cables completes the first-ever ACCC® Conductor Installation

Pakistan Cables Limited has successfully completed the installation of Pakistan’s first ever Aluminum Conductor Composite Core ACCC® in the National Transmission & Despatch Company’s (NTDC) system. As a result, the capacity of the 220 kV Double Circuit Transmission Line from Gatti Substation to Nishatabad Substation has been doubled by replacing the conventional ACSR conductor with ACCC® conductor of same diameter and lighter weight. This re-conductoring project was completed without any modifications to the existing towers and structures. The project completion costed half the amount and time that would have been required to build another transmission line.

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Anticipating the need of energy conservation and efficiency in Pakistan’s power transmission & distribution System, Pakistan Cables had launched Aluminum Conductor Composite Core ACCC®.  This is a proven innovative technology worldwide with over 50,000 KMs installed in 40 countries.   Pakistan Cables Limited has launched this product in collaboration with CTC Global Inc., USA.

Pakistan Cables Limited with technical and design support offered by its technical partners, CTC Global Inc., completed the project on a turnkey basis. The installation work was completed by M/s NETRACON Technologies (Pvt.) Limited are under the technical supervision of the CTC Global Certified Master Installer.

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With the successful implementation and operation of the first HTLS re-conductoring project in Pakistan, Pakistan Cables Limited is geared to pave way for an efficient and cost effective solution addressing various challenges confronted by the Transmission & Distribution System and to transform the power sector in Pakistan.

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