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#MCBSUPERSAVERS- get additional 30% off on all MCB debit, credit cards:

‘Sales’ and ‘discounts’ are the sweetest words for dedicated online shoppers. Yayvo.com which is among the most trustworthy online shopping portals of Pakistan is always facilitating its customers in one way or another. On every occasion or festivity, they present amazing deals and discount so that customers can purchase whatever they want at low prices.

Ride hailing services push bank car financing to a record level:

Conventional and Islamic banks have cashed in on the earning opportunities through auto financing of automobiles in the prevailing low interest rate scenario as the whole banking industry managed to finance cars of more than Rs. 43 billion to consumers in 2017. Banks geared up their auto finance products on the falling interest rates and improving disposable income of the consumers, which was fueled up by the law and order situation and investment opportunities of carpooling companies.

Pakistani telcos give mixed response on health consequences of cell towers:

Telecom operators in the country have disputed the ‘environmental obligations regularity framework’, saying it will add to miseries and hinder rapid site deployments as they are already dealing with five agencies relevant to environment protection. They also recommended to reduce import taxes on greener Telco equipment including generators and implementation of investor-friendly policies so that power is easily available for healthy growth of telecom sector and to avoid CO2 emissions, official documents revealed.

Japanese crypto exchange loses $400 million in largest ever hack:

Coincheck might have been a famous in the past but currently, the Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange is in the headlines due to a recent hack, which caused it a loss of around $534 million worth of NEM tokens. The cyber attack was carried out by hackers on January 25th, 10:57pm (Pakistan Time) in which, the hackers remained undercover constantly for eight hours. A total of 523 million tokens were stolen from company’s “hot wallet.”

Zong holds its most efficacious annual business conference:

To kick off the New Year with a new confidence to make strides for the digital innovation in the industry, Zong 4G held the most successful event ever, its Annual Business Conference on January 25, 2018 in Islamabad. Rising high on the bouts of optimism, the employees and management embarked on the highest confidence to continue carrying the momentum of largest, yet most stable 4G network, for sustainable growth.

Intel to fix critical hardware defect in future chips:

Following the fallout from the Meltdown and Spectre episodes, Intel is doubling down to make sure similar incidents don’t happen in the future. During its earnings call, Intel promised to make architecture changes to all its future chips. “We’re working to incorporate silicon-based changed to future products, “Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said, “that will directly address the Spectre and Meltdown threats in hardware. And those products will begin appearing later this year.

Telenor Pakistan remains the highest tax payer:

Telenor Pakistan has remained one of the highest tax payers in the country. The operator topped the list of tax payers in telecom and technology sector with Rs. 3.7 billion in direct taxes during 2015-16, noted a report published by SDPI. Telenor claims to have contributed over Rs. 275 billion to the national exchequer in the form of direct and indirect taxes.

Average price of smartphone rises as sales fall across the globe:

Smartphones are becoming a necessity in our daily routines with companies making quite a lot of money out of this business. A sudden rise in smartphone prices was noted in the third and fourth quarter of 2017, when the figures jumped up in quick succession. GfK’s (market research company) data shows a 11% yearly increase in the revenue generated by the smartphone sector, with consumers spending almost $363 on average for a smartphone.

YAYVO’s flash sale is live for 180 minutes:

If you’ve been thinking longingly about a Samsung Galaxy S8, or dreaming about Infinix Hot 5, here’s your chance to finally pull the trigger: Yayvo’s 180 minutes flash sale is live now. Those who are looking to upgrade their mobile devices should head over to Yayvo.com immediately, as the fastest growing e-commerce store in Pakistan is slashing its price tags to provide some of the best deals we’ve seen so far in 2018.

One Plus 5T is coming to Pakistan:

The popular flagship killer – One Plus 5T is finally going on sale in Pakistan, and will be available at online stores soon. The 5T was announced 3 months ago and was available internationally shortly after its announcement. In order to meet the latest bezel-less display trends, the developers updated the older One Plus 5 with an 18:9 edge-to-edge display – other than some minor changes, the One Plus 5T is almost the same as its older sibling.

Hackers are selling $534 million of stolen cryptocurrency:

Last week saw one of the biggest thefts in cryptocurrency circles yet, after a hacking group stole around $534 million worth of XEM ($58 billion Japanese Yen) from Tokyo’s Coincheck exchange. Now, if the reports are to be believed, the hacker group is trying to offload the stolen currency on six different exchanges.

Facebook’s dedicated messenger for kids is bad for children:

Facebook’s Messenger Kids seemed destined to segregate the audience, so it is not really surprising to see it draw ire so soon after its launch. The latest disapproval comes from the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, which has written an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg.



Google’s pestering ads get ‘mute’ button:

Google will now let people “mute” advertisements that encourage them to buy products from websites they have previously visited. So-called reminder ads track which products people have looked at online and then promote them across the web.

New York investigates company accused of selling fake twitter followers:

New York’s chief prosecutor says the state is opening an investigation into a firm that allegedly sold millions of fake followers to social media users. “Impersonation and deception are illegal under New York law,” said Eric Schneiderman. The company, Devumi, stands accused of stealing real people’s identities, which it denies.

Apple’s iphone battery ‘slowdown’to be optional:

A software update will let iPhone owners switch off the “battery saver” feature that slows down some models, Apple has confirmed. The option to switch off the feature will appear on the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, SE, 6S, 6S Plus, 7 and 7 Plus models. Last month, Apple apologised after it was found to be deliberately slowing down some of its devices.

Youtubers say positive work ignored because of controversial stars:

YouTubers say controversial characters like Logan Paul detract from the good work they do online. Make-up vlogger Em Ford says she “fundamentally disagrees” with his controversial video made in Japan’s Aokigahara forest. “It’s disappointing to not see any of the good things championed,” she tells Newsbeat.

NASA is testing a plane that unfolds wings in mid-flight:

NASA is testing fold-able wing designs and materials for use in commercial airliners, that’ll give pilots better control over the planes they’re piloting. Developed as a part of the Spanwise Adaptive Wing project, the initiative was tested on a sub scale UAV model. Such mechanisms have for long existed in airspace going back to the 60s, however, until now have required the use of conventional motors and hydraulics systems.

Facebook to promote local news in drive for ‘trusted’ content:

Facebook says it is changing the way its news delivery service works by focusing on local news sources in its drive for “high quality” content. “Local news helps us understand the issues that matter in our communities,” explained chief executive Mark Zuckerberg on his page on Monday. The update will initially apply to the US before it is rolled out more widely.

TomTom ditches map updates for some sat-nav:

A number of customers with TomTom sat-navs have been told that their devices will no longer receive map updates. “Your maps will become out-of-date and as such navigation will be less accurate,” the firm told customers. “It has become clear that some of our older generation navigation devices do not have sufficient resources to run the newest maps and software.”

Youtube caught out by coin-mining adverts:

YouTube has been briefly caught out by adverts that sought to mine valuable crypto-coins using visitors’ computers. The malicious adverts were spotted by security firm Trend Micro, which watches crypto-cash malware. The adverts included computer code that helped them mine the Monero crypto-currency.

North and midlands ‘most likely to lose out to robots’:

Workers in northern England and the Midlands are most at risk of losing their jobs to robots, a report claims. The Centre for Cities estimates that by 2030 nine areas could lose more than a quarter of jobs to automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Roles in shops, administration and warehouses are the most at risk.

Fines up to £17 launched for firms with poor cyber-security:

Companies that fail to protect themselves effectively from cyber-attacks will face fines of up to £17m, the UK government has announced. Energy, transport, water and health companies are expected to have “the most robust safeguards”. Regulators will be able to inspect cyber-security at such companies, under a new government directive.

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