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Orix’s aspires in providing innovative value added products, services

ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited (OLP) was established in July 1986 as a joint venture between ORIX Corporation, Japan and local investors. ORIX Corporation is an integrated financial services group based in Tokyo, Japan, providing innovative value added products and services to both corporate and retail customers. It is listed on Tokyo and New York Stock Exchanges.

With operations in 26 countries and regions worldwide, ORIX’s activities include corporate financial services, such as leases and loans, as well as automobile operations, rental operations, real estate related finance, real estate development, life insurance and investment banking.

By pursuing new profit-earning opportunities through specialized leasing capabilities and broadening operational scope, ORIX has achieved sustained growth in earnings over the years. ORIX has supplemented its leasing expertise with specialized capabilities in various kinds of financial transactions as well as management of tangible assets. The Group’s fundamental strength lies in its ability to keep one step ahead of the competition by constantly seizing on new business opportunities.

  • Excellence in pioneering creative and flexible financial services for a diverse market.
  • A corporate culture and environment that attracts and fosters the best available talent, inspires trust of customers, promotes innovation in products and services, creates value for all stakeholders, and is inclusive of support to the less privileged by improving their access to finance.
  • OLP’s traditional business is equipment and vehicle leasing. While it remains the core business, other products have been added to expand the overall business and spread risk.
  • Astute savers invest in ORIX Certificates of Deposit (CODs). Service, Security and Stability are the hallmarks of ORIX CODs.
  • Competitive returns, reliable service and firm commitment provide the investors peace of mind throughout their tenure of deposits with us.
  • ORIX’s AA+ long term entity rating and A1+ short term entity rating from (updated in 23 June, 2017) is an endorsement of our financial stability.
  • ORIX CODs offer flexible investment options with maturity terms ranging from 3 months to five years and profit payments can be periodic or accumulated till maturity.
  • Innovation and value addition are regularly made to our deposit schemes to provide our investors best value for their money.
  • Another value added service provided to our investors, is complementary accidental hospitalization and accidental life insurance cover for the investors.
Corporate Lease
  • The cornerstone of ORIX business activities, the finance lease, offers one of the most cost effective tailor-made financial packages available in the market.
  • ORIX Corporate Lease Division offers lease financing options on both medium and long terms basis for plant and machinery, vehicles and office automation products.
  • The finance lease is founded on the truism that profits are earned through usage and not through the ownership of an asset. It was this very concept that fuelled modern lease financing as an alternate method of financing.
  • The corporate lease at ORIX is designed to give your business an opportunity to acquire movable and immovable assets without putting a strain on your cash flows.
  • ORIX has provided comprehensive leasing services to companies across the country for more than two decades.
  • The company offers a personal touch and customized approach placing all its patrons on even footing.
  • ORIX provides a wide range of assets together with attractive and customized repayment terms to all. This sense of fair play has been one of the foremost reasons behind ORIX’s success.
  • Our leases are priced competitively with a payment schedule designed specifically for you. We will give you the choices, convenience and value that you deserve.
Commercial Vehicle Leasing
  • As part of ORIX Corporation Japan, we have the worldwide experience combined with local expertise and the wide spread national network of ORIX branches, in most of the major cities and towns of Pakistan.
  • We offer instant access to the highly personalized service of our professionally qualified and trained staff.
  • To meet growing demands of logistics and transportation in Pakistan, ORIX has established a separate specialized Commercial Vehicle Division.
  • Our Commercial Leasing facility has set the highest standards of quality, offering easy and flexible terms that can be structured to suit specific requirements of SME’s (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership and Corporate entities).
  • We are focusing on leasing of all types of commercial vehicles and are providing growth opportunities to transport and logistics business in Pakistan.
Innovative Products Range
  • ORIX Commercial Vehicle Division is always striving hard to come up with the innovative products, which are more suited to the needs of our customers.
  • Commercial Vehicle Division is offering the following flexible leasing product range according to the need of the customers:
Consumer Auto Lease
  • ORIX Consumer Auto Division offers flexible product range tailored to suit the specific requirements and financial needs of individual customers.
  • ORIX Consumer Auto Division offers flexible product range tailored to suit the specific requirements and financial needs of individual customers.
  • We make sure that our product portfolio is in compliance with the cash flow requirements and the changing individual needs of our customers.
  • Our dedicated professional executives ensure that we not only respond quickly to our customers requirements but also provide customized innovation.
  • Our staff has absorbed the spirit of challenge and learning, a trait that contributes to our continuing leadership in this field.
  • There is a lot of wisdom in being with ORIX. Our plans are as easy to understand as road signs.
  • ORIX Consumer Auto Division offers both leasing and financing facilities of vehicles.
Operating Lease
  • ORIX Operating Lease Division offers the facility of renting the equipment for the duration it is needed.
  • ORIX Operating Lease Division offers the facility of renting the equipment for the duration it is needed.
  • The operating lease solutions provide full use of an asset while avoid many risks associated with the ownership of equipment such as depreciation, obsolescence and asset disposal.
  • An operating lease acts as a true hiring arrangement where the rental is treated as an expense and allows equipment off balance sheet for accounting purposes.
Islamic Finance
  • ORIX leasing Pakistan Limited (OLP) has established Islamic Finance Division on April 1, 2011.
  • OLP over the years has introduced a number of products that cater to almost all sectors of the economy.
  • Our vision is to provide you with the best of both worlds by offering you a full range of Islamic products designed for you “The Islamic Way”.
  • OLP’s Shariah Advisor Mufti Ibrahim Essa holds TAKHASSUS FIL FIQH qualification from Jamia Darul Uloom, Karachi, under his supervision all transactions of Islamic Division are being carried-out and he approves the entire documentation to ensure that our valued customers receive fully Shariah compliant products.


Shariah Approval Of Ijaran And Diminishing Musharakah Products

OLP Islamic Finance Division offers following Shariah Compliant Products:

  1. Ijarah
  2. Diminishing Musharkah

Corporate and Commercial customers can choose from Shariah Compliant financing solution to meet their business needs.

Ijarah: Medium to long term facility for vehicle (Corporate and Individual), plant and machinery leased out to the client on rental basis.

Diminishing Musharakah: Medium to long term facility for vehicles (Corporate and Individual), plant and machinery on joint ownership (Shirkat ul Milk) basis.

Initial Financing by OLP will be for acquiring share in the (tangible) asset not to provide a Loan.

Through periodic repayments Customer will acquire OLP’s share in asset and portion of the repayment consist of rentals for the use of asset by the Customer.

That arrangement for Diminishing Musharakah contract comprises of following:

  1. Joint ownership agreement between OLP and Customer.
  2. Ijarah Agreement between OLP and Customer.
  3. Unit Purchase Agreements between OLP and Client.
  4. Corporate Lease
Making your small business grow

ORIX provides reliable short to medium term financial products for the establishment and growth of micro businesses and enterprises. The microfinance programme is targeted to strengthen the economic base of urban and rural poor by increasing income earning members of a community.

Currently OLP offers following range of products under its microfinance programme:

Micro Leasing: Financing is provided to micro entrepreneurs on a profit-making basis all over the country. Under the micro leasing scheme for equipment and machinery, ORIX finance productive assets like generators, photocopiers, lathes etc.

Microcredit: ORIX Micro credit loans are based on group lending methodology through which peer groups of five women are self selected and incorporated into a credit council of 20 borrowers.

No physical collateral is required and access to products and services is quick and prompt.

The loan recovery is based on the premise that each council member takes on responsibility for her peers and in case of emergency or non-payment, the women who constitute the council assume responsibility for timely repayment.

The 20 members comprising a council consist of married, divorced or widowed female clients.

Divorced and widowed clients are encouraged in the group lending approach so that they can earn for themselves by starting a business or by increasing their existing businesses.

Poverty alleviation program

Innovative projects for providing soft term financing for income generation to fully recovered patients of Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre (MALC) and Pakistan Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PSRD) are implemented in financial assistance with Pakistan Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (SDC).

NGO linkage

To expand the scope of financial intervention for micro enterprises and also to contribute positively towards the millennium development goals, ORIX has started providing financing to women of the poor households.

Agri Finance
  • Corporate Lease Harvesting with modern technology.
  • It is time to cultivate your potentials and reap the harvest of your profits. With ORIX Agri Lease, mobilize the benefits of modern technology and move towards greater productivity.
  • ORIX’s Agri Lease makes tractors and harvesters affordable for farmers through easy instalments and simple paperwork.
  • At a time when increasing agricultural output is a national priority, ORIX aims to be your partner in this green revolution.

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