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Leading and customary brands of Pakistan

Different research studies revealed that in this dynamic era of marketing revolution and impact of marketing activities on the life of a common man, citizens became more brand conscious in most of the products/commodities. Before planning to buy a product, customers associate product with some particular factor counting quality, presentation, features and at times to country of origin (COO). Studies also revealed that final buyers/consumers analyze a product with two aspects of variables, some see the integral part of product as intrinsic variables which offer basis for intangible product personality and some are the external part of product as extrinsic variables which are tangible attributes or physical properties and potential sources of information to customers as well. Here, I would like to mentioned some local but leading brands of Pakistan which have maintained global standard.

Hashmi Surma

Fascinated by the idea of alleviating the sufferings of the ailing humanity, the founder of the company launched Surma (kohl) in the sub-continent, which is a unique medicament from Eastern pharmacopoeia that has amazing curative and therapeutic characteristics for the eyes. Unique formulations exclusively prepared by their ancestors became well known all over the sub-continent for their curative and healing effect on the masses, thus the ‘HASHMI’ brand becomes a household name in the sub-continent.

Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan

Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan, is a private non-profit research laboratory famous for its Yunani (Grecian) and Ayurvedic (ancient Indian) medicine. The laboratory officials mention in the website that Hamdard has a full range of medicines for digestive disorders of stomach and intestine, abdominal cramps, hyper-acidity etc., anemia, jaundice, purification of blood from impurities, liver ailments, female ailments like leucorrhoea, menstrual irregularities and for protection of pregnancy.

Shan Food Industries

Shan Foods (Pvt) Limited is a Pakistani producer of packaged spice mixes used in Pakistani cuisine, Indian cuisine and other states of South Asia. The company’s products are exported to over 50 countries while the popularity of such products is because of the reduction in time required to make traditional meals.

Murree Brewery

Murree Brewery is a Pakistani multinational manufacturer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It is Pakistan’s largest and oldest producer of alcoholic products. During 2015, it produced 10 million litres of beer, along with hundreds of tons of single malt whisky, scotch whisky, vodka and brandy. The company has two manufacturing units placed in Punjab, Rawalpindi and Hattar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK).

National Bank Of Pakistan

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is a major Pakistani bank, offers both commercial and public sector banking services to the customers. It is a lead player in the debt equity market, corporate investment banking, retail and consumer banking, agricultural financing, treasury services.

Pakistan State Oil

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is an iconic institution of Pakistan, the number of people the company touches every day is extraordinary. With the talented people in the organization, a well-established storage and supply infrastructure and a wide-spread retail network, PSO has supported and ensured that the wheels of our nation’s economy continue to move.

Master Group Of Industries

Master has been the most trusted name in bedding, furniture and healthcare industry offering products of unmatched quality with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Innovating from a technical collaboration with Bayer (Germany), Master Molty Foam evolved as a generic name for foam. During 1997, Master introduced the American brand, Celeste that has presently become the benchmark of luxurious sleep system in the country.


Mughal Iron And Steel Industries Limited

Mughal Iron and Steel Industries Limited (MISIL) has been redefining strength in a credible way and have altered the dimensions through which steel is produced, thus contributing a lot to the national economy and modernization of Pakistan.

Pakistan Cables

In the subsequent six decades, Pakistan Cables has earned a reputation as a market leader and premier cable manufacturer in Pakistan and a company that does not compromise on quality. During 2010-17, Pakistan Cables remained an affiliate of General Cable, which is amongst the world’s largest cable firms and a worldwide presence with 57 plants in 26 states.

International Industries Limited

International Industries Limited (IIL) is the premium producer of steel tubing, galvanized iron pipes and polyethylene pipes in Pakistan. With a manufacturing facility of over 50 acres, IIL is the undisputed market leaders in all segments of pipes within the country.


ChenOne has sustained its brand image for 19 years and has achieved its enormous success. ChenOne is not only good for the business itself but it also portrays a positive image of the country. Expansion of business groups is a good omen that the country is going forward.

Gul Ahmed

With an installed capacity of more than 130,000 spindles, 300 state-of-the-art weaving machines and most modern yarn dyeing, processing & stitching units, Gul Ahmed is a composite unit – making everything from cotton yarn to finished products. Gul Ahmed has its own captive power plant comprising of gas engines, gas and steam turbines, and backup diesel engines.


No doubt, product marketing constitutes just one of the functions available to every business and it also contributes to the ability of a business to succeed. In many businesses, product marketing may be deemed of highest significance; in others, it may be relegated to a lesser role. For this reason, every business person will benefit from even basic marketing knowledge.

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