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The impressive growth and marketing of Tapal tea

About Tapal Tea (Pvt) Limited

Trust in Each Other We believe that trust is the foundation of our business actions. We believe that honesty is absolute and that integrity cannot be compromised. All our actions are guided by fairness and sincerity of commitment. Outstanding Quality We believe in dedicating ourselves to achieving an outstanding quality in all our activities. Excellence is a journey, not a destination. Quality is a way of life for us. Passion for Creativity We are open to novel ideas in every aspect of our business of choice. We believe in providing an environment which supports individual opinion and efforts, inspires and enables everyone to use their creativity and entrepreneurial flair. Leadership We are committed to being the No.1 national company in our business of choice a role model for others to follow. We believe in empowering individuals at every level. We encourage the use of judgement and decision making with ownership and accountability. We believe empowerment creates leadership. Together, Everyone Achieves More We believe in unity and purpose of value the benefit of coordinated efforts. With a common goal and team spirit we will fulfil the needs of internal and external stakeholders.

CEO’s message

It is always an honor to receive visitors, just like you, to our website. Apart from providing our history, statistics, capabilities and products, we are offering this platform to give you an insight on how we have evolved over the years into what we are today. This website will guide you on how we translate our vision into a reality. By providing superior quality blends Tapal Tea ultimately enriches your energy and stimulates your senses. Tapal’s success has astounded many. However, no magic formula lies behind its growth other then hard work, dedication and of course, unique tea blends.

As a result, Tapal has won the hearts of countless tea lovers across the country. A company that has grown with the country, Tapal Tea look forward to even greater progress and innovation in the years to come. It remains committed to providing the people of Pakistan with only the highest quality products and improving their lives in whatever little way possible. Withstanding the above, our steadfast commitment towards the timely delivery of quality products to you from healthy and safe working environment remains resolute. Thank you for visiting us. It will be an informative and entertaining journey for you.

Pakistan Advertising Society (PAS) Award 2014- Hot Beverages Category:

Tapal Chenak Dust won the award for its breakthrough campaign ‘Pyar Karan Waaran Ji Chaah (Pyar Karne Walo Ki Chai). The 65-second ad communicated a sense of longing, represented by the wait for a loved one, as well as refreshing rain. It is this wait that makes the eventual reunion beautiful and Chenak Dust completes the moment. Difficult conditions and daily hardships make such small daily occasions even more special. It is this emotion that was communicated in the Chenak Dust ad, with its colorful visuals resonating well with target consumers.

Pakistan Advertisers Society (2012) – Hot Beverages:

In 2012, Tapal Danedar was bestowed with the prestigious award for the previous year’s recurring campaign, “Har Mizaaj se Aashna”. The core idea behind the campaign was to promote selfless acts of human kindness triggered by a hot cup of Tapal Tea.

Pakistan Advertisers Society (2011) – Campaign of the Year:

The manifesto of the prestigious PAS Awards is to acknowledge and honor ‘creativity idea and strategy that works and these were clearly the core feature of the winning Tapal Danedar campaign, “Har Mizaj se Aashna”. The campaign showed focus on four friends at a committee tea, and how Tapal Danedar played an important role in unearthing the inherent goodness of the ladies.

All Pakistan Newspaper Society (APNS) Award 2010- Best Print Advertisement:

Tapal Corporate –The APNS award for the best print advertisement for concept and copy added to Tapal’s growing list of accolades. The award winning print advertisement celebrates the spirit of the nation demonstrated in the face of the devastating 2010 floods. The Print campaign also paid rich tribute to the armed forces of the nation who played an important role in reaching out to the displaced and affected people.

Aurora Awards 2007 – Best Electronic Media, Television:

Winner Tapal Tezdum “Lagey Thaa Kar Key” and Honorable mention Tapal Family Mixture “Laagey Na Nazar”.

Aurora’s ‘Red Hot Brands’ May 2006 Issue:

Recognized Tapal Danedar as one of the fastest growing brands, which, through innovative means created a niche for itself by offering a product with a tangible benefit or dana, which no tea company had done before.


The company’s services include:

Blood Donation Drive December 2014: In December 2014, Tapal hosted a blood donation drive at the Indus Hospital in Karachi, which is a tertiary care multi-disciplinary hospital that was constructed in 2004, for a noble cause supporting those in need, which yielded a turnout of 344 people. It was heart-warming to see such a large turnout of people willfully participating in a great cause like this.

The Citizens Foundation Primary School – Tapal Campus August 2006: Tapal has been active in advocating the cause of education by establishing quality schools. With this vision in mind, Tapal joined hands with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) to build its own primary school campuses in rural Sindh to do its bit for promotion of quality education at the grassroots level in an environment that encourages intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth.

TCF, a professionally managed, not-for-profit organization set up in 1995, is one of the country’s leading organizations in the field of formal education. The first unit of TCF Primary School – Tapal Campus, Hala, Sindh was made operational in August 2006, and the second in August 2008with 31 percent of female students as TCF follows all female faculty policy, which encourages parents to send their daughters to schools.

Research and Development is at the heart of everything we do at Tapal and allows us to continuously innovate and delight our consumers. Our commitment to experiment and research until we develop the perfect blend sets Tapal Tea apart from the rest.

The Tapal Tea Lab, a room of experts, is where the core research and development activity takes place which enables our experts to create unique blends, using a combination of different tea grades. Assorted teas are masterfully mixed in a drum right before packaging to retain consistent quality, flavor, and freshness. Our tea tasters test and evaluate various blends to ensure that you get consistently superior quality, every time.

Trust: All our practices take root in trust, integrity, and commitment, none of which we will compromise.

Quality: We strive to excel in all our undertakings, and deliver excellence to our consumers too.

Creativity: We encourage lateral thinking, and are receptive to fresh concepts.

Innovation: We promote the entrepreneurial spirit, and believe the key to progress is in boldly embracing change and fearlessly introducing novel concepts.

Leadership: Not only are we determined to be the best in our industry, we support each individual at Tapal in their journey to excellence too.

Unity: We pursue a shared vision together, unifying and energizing all stakeholders.

Top brands of the Company are:-

  • Tapal Danedar (Ab Dil Ki Suno)
  • Tapal Family Mixture (Mukammal Chai, Mukammal ghar)
  • Tapal Tezdum (Har Piyali, Himmat Wali)
  • Tapal Mezban (Mezbani jo Raaz)
  • Tapal Chenak (Piyar Karun Warunjee Chah (A tea for those who love)
  • Tapal Green Tea (U need U)
  • Tapal Gulbahar Green Tea
  • Tapal Gulbahar – Kashmiri aur Sabz Chai dono banai!
  • Tapal Danedar (3 in 1 Instant Tea Your Taste on the Go)

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