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AlFarid Corporation Ltd making Pakistan’s Basmati name and increasing its fame

There are many types of rice known to the world and in this wonderful world which is full of thousands of varieties of rice, Basmati is only one superior quality of rice and is also called the prince of rice. Over half of the world’s population depends on rice consumption. It is remarkable to see that every country harvest and produces rice in their own way depending on their customs but Basmati name is well known and famous in Asia especially in Pakistan for its huge growth. Pakistan is vastly known around the world for the rice it produces, especially for the huge range of the prince of rice harvested around the year. For this leading brand of Pakistan many exporters are in business but AlFarid Corporation Limited (AFC) is leading exporter of Basmati rice kinds in the country.

Basmati rice is long and slender aromatic grain, grown mainly in the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan and India. Known for its superb fragrance it is highly demanded for its cooking properties, which after cooking gives delicious aromatic and fluffy rice. Basmati from the Himalayas is a precious grain, usually grown only once a year, which is why, AFC, selects the greatest of all rice, Basmati and carefully makes available for the consumers around the globe to feel and taste the delicacy of this one of its kind rice.

It is considered that rice cultivation began simultaneously in many countries over 6,500 years ago. At that time, two main types of rice were domesticated, Asian rice (Oryza Sativa) and African rice (Oryza Glaberrima). O. Sativa is known to have been originated around the foothills of the Himalayas with O. Sativa var. Indica from the Pak-Indian side and O. Sativa var. Japonica from the Chinese side. O. Sativa now famously known as long grain rice was adapted to farming in Pakistan and India around 800 BC. It is still the eagerly demanded type of rice around the global market.

AlFarid Corporation is the top ranked extra long grain white Basmati rice exporter in Pakistan. Rice at AFC goes under numerous quality checks, processes from the beginning which contains paddy seeds planting to the packaging and vigilantly shipping to the desired locations around the globe. The Company is the specialized Basmati rice exporter of brands that are registered with the Trademarks and Copyright offices with the Government of Pakistan.

AlFarid Corporation (AFC) is the leading exporter of rice varieties and known as the prominent Basmati rice supplier from Pakistan. With over three decades of experience, AFC has set extraordinary ways to serve its clients all over the world in exporting numerous qualities and varieties of rice in different broken percentages and has the vast experience of exporting rice as required by its clients with varieties of polishes and all grain lengths. AFC exports an array of basmati and non-basmati rice; parboiled (sella) basmati rice is also offered to be supplied in bulk quantity. AFC has made the export business versatile for the convenience of the people it works for and made friends in business.

Moreover, AFC apart of export and supply of premium best quality Basmati rice brands in Pakistan, the company is also the top supplier of the best grade 100 percent broken clean white rice, none discolored grains, fully sortexed without foreign matter such as free from millet.

The specialized basmati rice brands of AFC for export quality includes:

  • Brand ZOQ is the top notch Super Kernel Basmati Rice perfectly aged for excellent cooking results.
  • Brand ALFARID 1121 is extra long 1121 Basmati Rice and Brand ALFARID Superior Basmati Rice is the Punjab Super variety.
  • Brand MEGA and Aa’La are second-tier aged for at least one year Super Kernel Basmati Rice brands.
  • Brand ALFARID Gold is the Parboiled Super Kernel Extra Long Grain Rice, Brand 6th GOLD is the Long Grain Sella variety and Brand 9-STAR is Long Grain White Rice.


Animal Feed Rice

Al Farid Corporation supplies 100 percent broken white grain non basmati rice for animal feed including dog feed grade, beer making grade and chemical making grade like hexane-hexol.

Brand ZOQ

Unique quality and ultra superior cooking of this extra long grain super kernel basmati rice brand ZOQ is the naturally aromatic, aged to perfection best luxury anyone can have. A plate of ZOQ makes you feel like monarchs. The best of the best touch your tongue can feel, we call it ZOQ!

Brand Mega

The flabbergasting, exceptional & one of a kind Basmati rice which will purely flounce you off your feet! Mega is the name for a far-fetched variety of extra long grain aromatic basmati which formulates AFC to niche a strong stand in the ever growing marketplace.

Brand Aa’La

It is of the paramount best rice brand of AFC which makes it a pioneer in Basmati world. Supreme quality and influential basmati is what AFC calls Aa’La. Known for its slender long grain and natural aroma, Aa’La has conquered the taste buds. Greatest of the great basmati rice, a delicacy, pleasure and zest every rice aficionado desires is Aa’La.

Brand AlFarid

With its name, starts the modus operandi and for its quality known Alfarid is full with pureness and clarity. AFC brings you the one of its kind superior Basmati. Get in touch with this tremendously appreciated and naturally fragranced Super Basmati Rice we call Alfarid.

Brand AlFarid Gold

AFC never misses a rice addict. For every tongue, there is an inimitable different taste. Come and dive into Gold. Let your taste buds realize what Gold feels like. AFC presents the number one elite quality parboiled rice known to consumers. There are a whole lot of different tastes to enjoy. We urge you to enjoy Alfarid Gold because it shines.

Brand 9-Star

Building a kingdom filled with the very best varieties of rice is what AFC has been devoted to. Now, AFC gives you the elite silky polished rice every taste is talking about, 9-Star. AFC has not restricted the taste to the consumers only. Additionally it has taken it to the stars.

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