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More engineering, agriculture universities will help grow human capital; CSR understandings worthless

More engineering, agriculture universities will help grow human capital; CSR understandings worthless

Interview with Mr Farooq Dadi — Revenue Analyst


Mr Farooq Dadi is a revenue analyst. He did Masters in International Relations from Karachi University in 1976-77. He is a Rotarian for last 20 years and has been serving the community projects to serve the community in terms of different projects i.e. Water and Sanitation, Health, Education and Eradication of Polio etc.

PAGE: How would you comment on the human capital of Pakistan?

FAROOQ DADI: We have hardly invested on our human capital. We need to build universities (mainly engineering and agricultural) because this will eventually lead towards growth in the manufacturing sector and take us on a growth path. Agricultural universities can teach new techniques of farming. It will help farmers to learn about new seeds, water conservation and how to increase the yield per acre, which will eventually help us to achieve higher production of every crop and increase our gross domestic product.

PAGE: Should there be proximate coordination between educational institutions and industry to bridge the chasm for the focused approach?

FAROOQ DADI: I think this is very important in terms of co ordination from both the sectors in order to promote education in Pakistan. Unfortunately, government contribution in this sector is not healthy because most of the government budget goes into corruption. CSR funds can be utilized for the promotion of literacy in this regard.


PAGE: How could we promote vocational training in Pakistan?

FAROOQ DADI: Vocational training is very important to reduce poverty and unemployment. As we all know that there aren’t enough white collar job opportunities due to less investment in the manufacturing sector so people have to learn different skills such as electrician, plumber, carpenter, welder, and mechanic etc. to earn their livelihood. There is massive demand for such jobs in foreign countries, which helps us to earn valuable foreign exchange and those people support their families back home. Apart from this, due to massive construction activity in Pakistan, demand for these jobs is increasing in our country too. It is important that the government should establish vocational training centers in every district of Pakistan (either with its own resources or through joint ventures with the private sector) so that people can become self-employed.

PAGE: What are your views on the CSR activities by various organizations to provide skills to the downtrodden?

FAROOQ DADI: Corporate Social Responsibility sector is unfortunately not that active in the society. Though many corporate sector organizations have their funds for CSR and many multi-nationals do just lip services but there is no physical contribution in this regard. There are a few organizations which are doing something worthwhile.

PAGE: Your views on overseas Pakistanis:

FAROOQ DADI: Overseas Pakistanis are the backbone of our economy and real patriotic Pakistanis. Our total economy is based on the overseas Pakistanis’ remittances, which is around $20 billion. They are supporting Pakistan economically and socially.

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