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Economic Indicator Of Pakistan

An economic indicator is a statistic about an economic activity. Economic indicators allow analysis of economic performance and predictions of future performance. Economic indicators include various indices, earnings reports, and economic summaries.

GDP Annual Growth Rate5.28 %Dec/164.58
GDP284 USD BillionDec/16271
GDP Constant Prices11777600 PKR MillionDec/1611138200
Gross National Product12465443 PKR MillionDec/1611687052
Gross Fixed Capital Formation1647268 PKR MillionDec/161558295
GDP per capita1182 USDDec/161140
GDP per capita PPP4866 USDDec/164695
GDP From Agriculture2206357 PKR MillionDec/162210647
GDP From Construction287569 PKR MillionDec/16254251
GDP From Manufacturing1513752 PKR MillionDec/161441679
GDP From Mining331853 PKR MillionDec/16310715
GDP From Services6584437 PKR MillionDec/166228669
GDP From Transport1479021 PKR MillionDec/161421265
Unemployment Rate5.9 %Dec/165.9
Employed Persons57420 ThousandDec/1556520
Unemployed Persons3620 ThousandDec/153580
Population208 MillionDec/16190
Living Wage Family28800 PKR/MonthDec/1729000
Living Wage Individual14400 PKR/MonthDec/1714500
Wages High Skilled49800 PKR/MonthDec/1741100
Wages Low Skilled20700 PKR/MonthDec/1717000
Inflation Rate4.57 %Dec/173.97
Consumer Price Index CPI220 Index PointsDec/17220
Core Inflation Rate5.2 %Nov/175.3
GDP Deflator257 Index PointsDec/16251
Producer Prices220 Index PointsNov/17219
Export Prices703 Index PointsJun/17704
Import Prices1232 Index PointsJun/171234
CPI Transportation180 Index PointsDec/17179
Food Inflation5.16 %Dec/173.44
Inflation Rate Mom-0.1 %Dec/170.37
Producer Prices Change3.39 %Dec/172.86
Interest Rate5.75 %Nov/175.75
Interbank Rate6.01 %Oct/176.01
Money Supply M04701780 PKR MillionOct/174703817
Money Supply M111909646 PKR MillionOct/1711781984
Money Supply M214427170 PKR MillionOct/1714339768
Money Supply M317927749 PKR MillionOct/1717833607
Deposit Interest Rate4.83 %Dec/166
Foreign Exchange Reserves19763 USD MillionSep/1720401
Balance of Trade-307979 PKR MillionNov/17-320278

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