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LIEC aiming high to make forex industry strong and effective

LIEC aiming high to make forex industry strong and effective

Head Office:
First Floor, 129 E-1, Tahawar Plaza, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan
UAN: 042-111-546-511, Toll Free: 0800-78610

Link International Exchange Company Private Limited (LIEC) is an A Category foreign exchange company, with a network of 40 operational branches nationwide and manpower consisting of 400 employees. LIEC is licensed by the State Bank of Pakistan and SECP, which allows it to provide the following products, with the highest possible quality of service.

  • Western Union transfers (Sending & Receiving)
  • Foreign Currency Exchange
  • Telegraphic Transfers
  • Demand Drafts
  • Utility bill payments via Jazz Cash

Link International Exchange Company plays a vital role in meeting the demand for US Dollars, in the local market, by exporting foreign currency to the UAE, in exchange for US Dollars, which are brought as an import into Pakistan.

We proudly present our business partners, Jazz Cash and Western Union, which empowers us with a promising opportunity to remit money on domestic and international levels, respectively. Pakistan plays a leading role, as a western union corridor, by contributing to its foreign exchange reserves, after exports, via home remittance, coming from the huge amount of overseas Pakistanis across the world.

The Strategic management behind LIEC has been a Pioneer of the Business for more than 20 years. Moreover, now with the new generation at stage, the focus is mainly to become the pioneers of quality and assurance. With desire to acquire the best possible technology in the industry, for the convenience of our customers, we also aim to be the most dynamic Foreign Exchange Company, operating nationwide. Our focus on growing across the nation, to enhance our remittance product, nationally and internationally, has a major contribution to our long lasting and profitable relationship with Western Union and Jazz Cash, which is our main source of providing our customers with the fastest possible way of sending money within the country or across the world within minutes.


LIEC continues to take care of its customers, by strengthening its relationship with the Banks in Pakistan. As a foreign exchange company, customers who share the same bank can receive the fastest possible service of currency exchange without the risk of physical cash. Furthermore, our ties with banks ensure the security of funds being transferred across the globe, by order of our clients, for medical, educational, personal and immigration purposes. Link International is well known across Pakistan for its promise towards developing the best operations system in the foreign exchange industry, following all compliance policies and procedures provided by the State Bank of Pakistan, Western Union and Federal & Local Government laws.

Our aim is to become fully compliant company and we will continue to promote legal money transfer & exchange business in Pakistan by conducting the business transparently, ethically and to the highest standards of corporate governance.

We hold strong confidence in Pakistan’s economy and believe that it is has all the potential to manage every economic, political and social challenge and through our policies & procedures we will constantly support to stabilize the FX Market of the Pakistan, within the given limitations.

We have branch at Lahore Airport providing 24 hours / 365 days services to our customers, and we have branches in Mega shopping mall of Lahore and Karachi for long working hours 7 days a week.Customer can contact us 24 hours on our UAN Number 042-111 546 511 and Toll Free Number 0800-78610.

We have all departments in our organization like Internal Audit, Compliance, Due diligence, Customer service, Training & Quality assurance, Online vigilance & Monitoring, IT & MIS, Treasury, HR, Business Development, Marketing, Accounts & Finance, Admin with the qualified staff and we have an optimistic approach towards Pakistan’s economy, we look ahead to a future that is bright for our company, for our customers, and for Pakistan.Ameen!

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